Monday, 30 November 2009

Synchronicity, by George!

Yesterday I made contact with a man on Yahoo Answers, after sending him my email address he sent this response. When I saw his name I knew something was afoot because the name George had recently been brought to my attention in a synchronised way. My replies to him are in black type.

George brought up the subject of Jung and synchronicity -

by the way, I'm George. I live in Miami, FL. USA.

You day someone asked on Y!A if Jung would be here what would he have thought of it, and I said. Synchronicity!0 !

Yesterday i picked up a plastic label from the floor
of my kitchen that just said George. I pointed it
out to my wife Elaine and said, that's significant.
Deny that if you will. Elaine won't.

that's crazy bro. George, oh well. that was it?

That was it.


Read about the jung synchronicity on the blog
on the 2012 page, ignore the title.

I think Jung wrote about it and you're living it. Lucky you!0!

You are living it too, you just don't fully know that
yet but, ....
18:28're right, I don't!0!

And that my friend is the necessary starting point,
no ego to get in the way, well said, best possible
answer unless you do. Take time sometime to
read the blog, watch the films and it will save you
40 years of seeking. And what a pleasure that will
be for me when it does.

you know, I recently bought a wrist watch and a ring.
The funny thing is I have never wore such things in my
whole life. It took me 40 years to catch up....
I was in the Middle East when I saw this weird ring,
I looked it up and I kinda liked what it meant, so I
bought it. Same thing with the watch.

Well, you were given a timer.

My first synchronicity tool was a digital watch
and the code that I was led to see in the timed
numbers on it. I realised they related with
precision to the things that were happening
around me. Later, it saved my life. After I met
people who already understood it, people who
worked for MI6.

Right, time's a bitch, then you die!0!

Time is now your friend, as secretly it always was,
let it use you wisely.
But you got the gender right.

I will. Thanks!18:53
You know it's weird, I always realize how things happen
just in time for me. Oh well, I guess I'm a lucky guy!0!

Luck doesn't come into it but fortunate does,
look at the jung page I mentioned.
Look at the other name that is mentioned
there beginning with G.

Yup, I did. (In response to me asking George to look at the name)

NOW GET ON WITH IT GEORGE and keep in touch, if I need to say it.

Sure thing. Thanks

Not my doing. I just added a little bit
to todays blog, thanks for you too,
sincerely felt,
more than you may ever know.

The Jung, young synchronicity on the 2012 page
all started on a journey to St Goerge,

John kennedy died then while
we stayed with another John Kennedy.
John Kennedy owned George magazine,
and now, the first man who
mentioned Jung and synchronicity since
I put that blog about it there is named


I hope he got his Eureka moment.

George read this blog then sent this reply -

yeah, I sure got it. Thanks!

By George he got it!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Eureka today


Your's today, mine yesterday George.

Eureka by George, see tomorrow's blog, I am too tired and too pleased to add it now.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Eureka moment.

This morning I saw that I had been awarded a best answer in Yahoo Answers when I answered this question -What would you call that "emotion" that comes from the marriage of the mysterious with true art and science ...?

My answer was 'The Eureka moment'.

I then sent an email titled Eureka to the lady who had asked the question and having done so sat down in front of the television just as Elaine, who knew nothing of my answer or my email, selected a programe called Eureka. When I checked the wording of the question I saw that it had been resolved exactly 22 hours ago, a point that only those who know the content of this blog will appreciate.

Maybe someone somewhere at that moment got the point that was made by the Archimedes Pi links in the code.... or maybe it's just time I had a bath?

Friday, 27 November 2009

Who's the boss?

Today I put this question into Yahoo Answers, the first answer I received is a very apt reply. -If Justin did but know it.

Your Open Question

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Who really runs the internet?

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Answers (5)

  • No one really "runs" the internet. But if you want to know who manages the standards and IP schemes that are used on the internet, it would be IANA (responsible for developing IP schemes), ARIN, RIPE NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, and AfriNIC.

    Basically it's just regional companies that work with IANA (the big one) to manage IP schemes globally and make sure things stay standardized. But none of them "run" the internet. They just provide a means of connecting and communicating across it.


    I have alphabet soup.
    • 2 minutes ago

    Now go to the first blog in the list, THE BIG ONE? -

    (Note that's what my unsuspecting friend put in brackets)

    To see the real reason why I was sent the right answer - I ANA.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The mark of sacrifice

Yesterday's blog shows the fact that some little birds had to pay with their lives to help a message to be delivered to the world. Some people won't like the picture of the Pigeon's mark because it's real. The code even points that out -


The first bird collision happened just after it was found that this line from Sauniere's parchment in Rennes Le Chateau -


says this -


That's what will probably happen after the big one if people like this man continue to lie to the world, that's why it is 'his' asteroid.


Then the key locates the bird's oily mark -


This is a window that can help you to see.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The 22 link.

Anyone who has the fortitude and attention span required to follow the whole content of this blog will have realised that the purpose of it is to draw the reader's attention to the importance of the warning it contains and the proven link to the continuation of the 22 date link. Before the 22.11.09 I had stated that I would expect to see a related signal on that day, like a Los Angeles quake or an eruption of Mt Etna or something of that nature that the code fully corroborated as the signal.

The relevance of the two earthquakes that happened before the day was finished here in the UK, the one near Los Angeles reported in the Los Angeles times and the one off the coast of Chile in the place that The Big one warned about in connection to that day, are jointly corroborated by the code in no uncertain terms. I got my signal.

This means the next 22 date link is important.

Yesterday I found this in the code -


That means one of two things, or both.

Either it refers to the purpose of the 22 link so far or it is one important purpose of the entire plan. The other being to prove that the coder is God and thereby, that God is real.

Again, as before, time will tell.

A little bird.

Today I received an email from Susan B in response to my reply to her first email to me yesterday. She had said that she loved the blog at first impression.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The 22 link.

Hi Ross,
Thanks for the email.
I'm finding the information very interesting, but must confess to a little scepticism.
In the past I've found it far too easy to confuse simplex, complex and multiplex phenomena, ascribing the qualities of the latter to the former, which has led me from what I consider to be my right path.
I'm beginning to enjoy the dance again now though.
To answer your question with regards to location - I'm in Wester Ross, so not a million miles from you geographically speaking.
22 does have particular significance to me personally - but would prefer not to go into it at this current moment.
I shall look forward to seeing more of your blog, and questions on YA

Scepticism is a very healthy thing provided it is the real thing and not the kind that prevents further thought. I had a feeling that 22 would have a meaning to you, it was just a hunch but they come from the same source as everything else so yes, go by your feelings. Did you see todays blog? Here it is if not -

An hour later I sent her this -

This just happened. I signed out of Yahoo mail and then remembered why I had that hunch. at the time of your contact I had 22 messages in my inbox. When I just opened Yahoo mail again to tell you this - there were 22 messages in my inbox, and it was you who used 22 as the subject of your mail, and all on the day that my blog is called the 22 link.

22, that'll do hope it did the same for you.

Hi Ross,
What it does for me is tell me I'm looking in the right direction.
Hopefully I am not like the chaffinch that crashed into my living room window the other day.
I think it broke its neck.
Its head was pointing over its back, its feet thought it was travelling in the direction of its vision - but in fact it was going in the opposite direction.
It was a very sad sight.
And possibly a warning not to take everything at face value.
Best Wishes

Or something more. Last month a Pigeon crashed into my kitchen window killing itself and leaving a clear imprint of the impact, by the lanolin on it's feathers. I was sitting in front of the window looking at it at the time.
It had a timed purpose as it was a collision that timed a code line that Elaine had found shortly before it happened, a line about another kind of collision.

Three weeks later the same thing happened again, the mark of the first Pigeon was still on the window and the second imprint partially overlapped it.

Elaine , my son Michael and I were sitting there when it happened. Both birds bodies landed in exactly the same spot in a gutter on a little roof below the window. I know that everything is timed and has meaning.
I knew then that something is coming that involves a double event. One that will cause death.
They were very shocking very sad incidents.

A little bird told me, may have more meaning than you think.

The Pigeon's mark


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Twin timing is everything.

The last note on yesterday's synchronicity twins page showed the precision timing of the link to the San Bernardino LA cops and the twin tornadoes in Derby.

When I isolated today's date in the code I found this -


Another link to todays date says this -


This is one definition of a Pleb that I found in a dictionary in Google.

one who's inferior intelligence results in them making a complete titface out of themselves in public

Then I posed this question in the mathematics section of Yahoo Answers and immediately found the man -

What would be the mathematical odds against this happening?

A person selects 34 letters from a scrabble set in an apparently random way. Applying single digit numerology to the alphabet, A =1 B= 2 etc start again at 1 after No 9 so every letter is numbered by a single digit. Then later discovering that they say this -

BIAS TO No Pi - 3.1415926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.
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Answers (1)

  • LMAO damn i feel bad for you!
    • 2 minutes ago

However there are some real thinkers out there. This is the reply from Mr Frost, the second man to answer the question after I emailed him and asked him to put the number in layman's terms. The email was titled Pi Math.

From: J. Frost

Subject: Re: Pi math

Message: Well,

It is a sequence of 50 zeros, followed by a 3. One billionth is a sequence of 8 zeros, followed by a one. There is no words for something this tiny. Even 'one quadrillionth' is only 24 zeros. This number is unbelieveably tiny, in Physics, there is a quantity called the 'planck lenght' this is the smallest meaningful length in the universe: anything smaller and the laws of physics and quantum mechanics cannot describe anything. One planck legth is about 10^-35 meters, again, this number isnt anywhere as small as the probability I gave you! No one can even begin to grasp it.

Then Mr Frost sent me this -

Message: Hi Ross,

Unfortunately, I cant say I agree with you're blog, but not to worry. I've found through my interest in science and mathematics, that 'random' things can infact occur naturally, and very simple mathematical processes can form quite extrodinary 'patterns' and relations. When you realise this, you'll see that co-incidences arent at all rare and extraodinary events (i.e. very low probability) happen VERY VERY frequently; they only have meaning because we appply meaning to them. They are infact quite natural. But beutiful nontheless. Consider putting the numbers 1 to 10 billion on 10 billion pieces of paper and mixing them up, then selecting one at random. Say you picked 10856. What were the odds of that! There was only a chance of 1 in 10 billion that you could have picked that number! Yet, it happened... and even more 'improbable events' will continue to happen if you pick more numbers! When you pick a sequence of scrabble letters, that sequence is just as likely as any other. The only reason it seems amazing is that you apply meaning to it. All 34 letter sequences are equally likely, and since you are going to pick one, then its hardly surprising that one of them occurs!



Thanks, just one last thing, another anagram of the same formula -

10856 SENT BY EMAIL 24.11.09 Pi LINK TRACED.

Or -


Mind you, the same mathematician said this in his reply on Yahoo Answers -

Well, this is a string of 35 characters. That they have meaning is mereley a consequence of our language. To the mathematics, its just another 35 character string.

There are 34 letters in the key. I think I see a connection to the two mathematicians, another twin thing.

But I like him anyway. Not everyone can count.

I just changed the name of the title of this page from Timing is everything to Twin timing is everything after finding the next code line shown below..

The first notes about the major twin link that happened yesterday were already posted before I put that question to the Maths geniuses.

R.KELLY CAN PIN 10856, TWINS DATE IT - 24.11.09.

Personal message to Susan B, I had that feeling too.