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    Don't worry about it, you live in the mind of God and the everyday light you see is that intellect shining.
  • It shines thought too and it hides it'self behind the facade of the idea of science and is the master in being able to make ideas so well she makes them look so ordinary that we are fooled into not seeing the light for what it is.

  • She even includes the faults to add further doubt to the story so you'd think 'their can't be a God ... because.

  • The perfect imperfet.

    Everything is synchronised in such a way that once in a while things appear with succh perfect timing that they prove it.

    Look for them.

    Do you remember a day in your childhood when you looked up and saw the Sun? .........Well who provided that light and just now the memory of that light from her own memory and showed you that too.?

    The light, the actual real every day light,the light that you see by as you read this, is your connection to God.Its been shining you every day of your life and the time to recognise it is now.

    God uses religion and it's writings to pass on certain bits of information such as the writing on the wall from the book of Daniel* but She is not religion She is life and doesn't need to be worshipped like some tyranical narcisist.

    See her as a friend. A very bright one!

    * To understand why read Little Book Big Secret. It's here -

    Also video -

Monday, 29 July 2019

Ricky's question.

  • Ross Kelly It gives me hope for the younger generations.

  • Ricky Ford Ross Kelly we are always learning and the minute I'm trying to figure out why I keep seeing double and triple numbers all the time and even stranger not only five minutes ago I thought about you and checked to see if you were still on facebook and then I posted this and the first and only thing you post in the number 66 which is crazy I added you on here I don't know how many years ago now after watching times final rose I do believe it was called

  • Ross Kelly Well there you go.

  • Ross Kelly The film is called Five days in Varkala but I also wrote the book you named.

  • Ricky Ford even stranger I was just about to message to ask if you had removed the video but I was searching for the book, not the video i am fascinated with numbers i would like to learn how to do what you do is it some form of numerology?

  • Ross Kelly You can find the film on youtube and a condensed version of the book can be read at little book big secret blogspot .com
    Understanding why I have the code is actually more important than trying to use it, but you are free to try if you like.

  • Ricky Ford Ross Kelly I have nothing to lose by trying and you posted this 23:23 by my computers clock I better order a copy of your book

  • Ross Kelly You don't have to do that, you can read it at the address I just gave you.

  • Welcome to Little Book Big Secret - Part 1
    Welcome to Little Book Big Secret - Part 1
    Welcome to Little Book Big Secret - Part 1

  • Ricky Ford A book physical book is more personal and easier to read than on a computer screen not only that I believe you should get something for it

  • Ross Kelly You have obviously just been set up by the same intelligence that caused the happenings in that book to occur and also created the code.
    The book is not available in print, only 1000 copies were ever made.

  • Ricky Ford I found one on but it is $51 lol
  • AbeBooks | Shop for Books, Art & Collectibles
    AbeBooks | Shop for Books, Art & Collectibles
    AbeBooks | Shop for Books, Art & Collectibles

  • 9781904929352: Times Final Rose - AbeBooks - Kelly Ross: 1904929354
    9781904929352: Times Final Rose - AbeBooks - Kelly Ross:…
    9781904929352: Times Final Rose - AbeBooks - Kelly Ross: 1904929354

  • Ross Kelly That's amazing, there were only 15 copies of that printed.

  • Ross Kelly Unless somebody made copies.

  • Ross Kelly It says it's not available.

  • Ricky Ford Ross Kelly the last link I posted won't be available now either as i just purchased it for £45 including delivery

  • Ross Kelly Well I suppose that if the truth about all this ever comes out you just made yourself a very sound investment, that's for sure!

  • Ricky Ford you can't put a price on the truth

    On the 25th Ricky sent me a video of the book he received showing that a cut out code card came with it.

    no sound for some reason but it has arrived and is in mintish condition with the code included im assuming im one of if not the only person in the world with this book in this condition which i find fascinating

    I had forgotten about that version of the book when I last spoke to you. We had those ones done at a print shop in Leicster, can't remember how many but not a lot of them.
    They were done in 2003.
    I'm not sure that the binding was very well done so be careful how you handle it.

    Correct the binding is not great to be fair but now I'll have to make some time to read it

    What you have there is proof that I used the same code that says the lines I am about to show you in 2003. In 2017 my son Ben met his partner Marta, she is an illustrator and does a lot of her work by pen. The code's symbol for it'self is O. Marta's trade name as an artist is Marta Es. You can find her on FB. These are two anagrams of the code on that card -



    (ID'S = Identifies and Identities)
    You should keep the card intact and use scrabble letters.

    I was going to do that I didnt want to destroy it as there are very few about I just have to learn how to use and understand the code
    Remember the 23 23 timing? The date of it was the 23rd.
    What happened to that post? I can't find it.

    I set it just to me to see it I'll have it back to public
    Set it back to public so it should be visible now

    Me -
    I have a copy of it already but thanks, it may make someone think.
    This is another anagram of the code. It uses the single digit numerological alphabet to provide the numbers and O represents zero -


    The number 23 is a very important number I do believe even more so when it comes in 3s
    Me -
    Sorry, I missed out AD on the end of the date.
    ( Anno Domini)

    Well that's strange I just typed Marta d's into Facebook search and at the top is a woman called Marta es and she is from Northampton where I live lol
    Marta es not ds

    That's why she had me show you the Marta Es line, It was sitting on my code board beside me.

    But what is the connection we have no mutual friends and she is from poland originaly and i dont recognise her I found your sons partner further down as you are a mutual friend

    The connection is the location of the other Marta Es. Ben's Marta is Polish too.

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    Code anagram -

    I will be showing them this. Remember. O is the code

    I do love art do my own art which is quieter crazy stuff all digital mine though I need to read the book to understand the code

    The code lines are all perfect anagrams of the letters on your code card.

    Me and my friend experienced synchronicity today he is a window cleaner he use pure water so we went a place to buy some filters and in the reception was a motorbike that that derek Redmond the Olympic sprinter raced professionally the funny thing was after getting the filters we had to go to Derek Redmond house to price up a job

    This is why the Redmond synchronicity happened today, it's to help to further prove the planning behind the code


    im just watching 5 days in varkala and omething stood out to me in a big way when i was younger about 15 which would have been 1996 we used to go around this mans house called bob deacon as he was into his music and he used to show my friend some guitar techniques and he used to tell us how amazing acid was and that he and his friend had connecfted one evening whilst on acid in a lightning storm and they was throwing lightning bolts to each other and catching them and throwing them back to one another which sounded amazing but i was not into those kind of drugs just hash at the time.But to the pointone summers afternoon in 1996 we went around his house and he gave me and my friend a can of fosters we both happily drank the lager but after awhile i came over feeling very different the guitar amp was a peavey amp and i became fixated on the peavey writing and at some point it started to zoom in and out of my vision seemingly flying towards me and then returning thinking i was loosing the plot i asked my friend who was also fixated on the guitar if he could see what i was seeingto which he replied what are you seeing and i explained the peavey logo was flying towards me he said his was also happening mind blown!! the day seeming strange we both proceeded to leave bobs with laughing for no reason at all and proceeded to walk to the garden area of the flats where he lived and hung around there for a shortwhile UNTIL from what i believe i saw happened we both stared towards the sun and at that point is when he most unexplainable bizare events of my life ever happened the sun appeared to spiral or dance and rthen return back to where it was originaly and i dont remember anything more of that day or how long i was there but it seemed a very long time and to this day i was convinced bob had put acid in my drink to which he denied as the cans were sealed when he gave them to us im not sure if i was aware of fatima at this time or i had just dreamt it up or did i have what you call a solar experience but in my case the sun didnt go blue

    ive considered going to someone for regresion to see if i was loopy or not because not long after that i was diagnosed with something called benign intercranial hypertension mass build up of fluid on my brain which caused pressure which effected my vision which was how it was discovered by an aoptician looking into the back of my eyes with ome machine and i was admitted to hospital imeddiatley that day and they had no idea so a specialist from america was flown in and he was familiar with thisvery rare case i had a lumberpuntcure nd to this day it has never returned

    However it may appear to have been caused it happened to show you what you saw, maybe to help you to understand that our connection to the Sun is a much greater thing than most people ever realise.

    The thing you need to understand about the code is that it is not randomly formulated, as the lines above and this one should help you to see.-


    I was first notified that we are friends on FB at the very top of this thread. It is timed as 10.11.2016 at 23.32. The 23 and 32 caught my eye so I looked to see if the code links to it and found that it says this -

    ANA, HER O PINNED RICKY TIMED - 10.11.2016 - 23.32.

    That's crazy to think I believe there is a divine plan for us all maybe we shall do something amazing for humanity combined
    Your not born on the 10th of December by any chance I went to a clairvoyant and she said I would do something with some one born on that date
    Because I don't know anyone directly born on that date

    17th September.

    This code line should be of interest to you -

    THE O DATA NOTES A PRIME No RICKY, 314159 - 23.
    314159, the first six digits of decimal Pi add up to 23.
    THE O DATA NOTES I NAME RICKY, PI-6, 314159, 23.
    Try to fathom the incredible genius behind the creation of the code and the order of the letters in the alphabet that gives them their numbers to enable the code to show you that.
    THE PI O DATA -3.1415926535 IS TO NAME RICKY.
    The code isolates the name Ricky by using the first 11 digits of Pi and indicates that it does so intentionally.
    THE PI TO 11'S NOT RANDOM RICKY - 3.1415926535.
    I still need to read the book to figure out how you get these codes been busy working I mist make time


    Every single one of the code lines uses the exact same 34 letters as the ones on your card each line arranged in a different order. Two of the lines include a blank space as zero in the date. Every letter corresponds to a single digit number, A=1, B -2 etc, as does the numerological alphabet