Monday, 27 March 2017

Bowen rings the bell again.

Updated March 28


Ross Kelly This is very interesting timing Pete, here's why I think so -

Last night Elaine and I were watching the second best Marigold hotel film on Netflix and in it there are several sequences involving a rickshaw driver with an eye patch and a big scorpion 
design painted on his rickshaw.

When Elaine saw it she said 'that's weird, the eye patch and the scorpion being together in India again!'

The reason for her observation is related to something that happened in India in 2005.

Synchronicity at that time had led us to expect a catastrophic earthquake on a scale close to the magnitude of the 2004 Tsunami quake in the same region and initially the signs pointed to the timing being on March 26.

When the 26th came we were waiting to see if it was going to happen or not.

Elaine had to go on a train trip to Trivandrum with Shirley leaving Richard and I in the house in Varkala that we were staying in.

In the afternoon after hearing no reports of any significant event having taken place on the radio news I was wondering what was going on when I spotted a very big scorpion on the kitchen floor and was given the thought that it was to do with the sting in the tail, meaning that the quake was going to happen a little later than expected, in the next few days.

When Elaine arrived back from her trip I was still thinking about the sign that the scorpion had been used to indicate but before I had said anything to Elaine about it she told me that something a bit strange had happened to her on the journey home.

On the train she was made to feel very aware of a man with an eye patch who appeared to be giving her a lot of visual attention and she felt that there was something more to it than just curiosity on the part of the man.

When Elaine got off the train the man also got off and she watched him as he walked hurriedly towards a bus that was about to leave.
Next to the bus the man had to pass a parked car that was decorated with a big and very well painted scorpion and she realised that the reason she had been made aware of the man with the eye patch was so that she would be made to see the scorpion on the car, she rightly felt that it was relevant somehow.

It was confirmation that the significance of the scorpion in the house that day was real.

Two days later on March 28th a massive 8.7 earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra and killed about a thousand people on Nias island.

Since then the significance of the scorpion sign has always had the meaning 'Two days later'.

After watching the film last night we went to bed thinking about the signs that were repeated in it, the eye patch and the scorpion art on an Indian vehicle and on remembering what it had all been about in 2005 a sudden realization struck me.....

The scorpion clues in 2005 had happened on March 26.

Last night's date!

The cyclone forecast track appears to show Bowen being in the thick of it on March 28.
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Pete Connor How's that
For synchronicity.

Expected to hit land today.
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Ross Kelly That forecast was issued at 5.32 PM on March 26.

2 , 5 and 3 are the B E L numbers that led us to the code (Anna's Bell) in Queensland in yr 2000.
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Ross Kelly I did a search for Marigold connections to March 2005 and found that a film of that name was released on March 23 2005 which kind of links up to the post presently below this one (the Moser 23 post)
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Ross Kelly The link won't open for me, it says 'content not found'.
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Pete Connor Coming straight for her.
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Ross Kelly

Chorale was a loving, beautiful young lady who took on the domestic responsibilities of managing the ranch.…
Ross Kelly ^^

Written by DEBBIE Lacy.
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Elaine McGuckin Cyclone Debbie made landfall between Bowen and Airlie Beach in Queensland as a category four storm, whipping up gusts of 263km/h (163 mph).
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Elaine McGuckin Went back to look for the latest up dates on Cyclone Debbie and found this in the Guardian web page...just at the point where the video had 325 views. The Bell numbers. This is the screen shot of the page.
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Ross Kelly When we were staying at Bowen's El Pedro caravan site in 1999 we met and 'friended'' a young lady named Debbie.
I mention this because a few years later I found out that El Pedro means The Rock.
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Ross Kelly This video shows scenes of Bowen getting hit.
The yacht being shoved against the rocks is at Abell point and at 4 .46 Secs she says but there is still a sting in it's tail!

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Ross Kelly The eye and the sting in it's tail!

Ross Kelly Tropical cyclones and the " sting in the tail" is not an uncommon connection!
IT was early in my teaching career, in the late 1960s, in teaching meteorology to senior students at a Nautical…