July 22nd and THE REASON WHY.

The first part of this page was posted prior to July 22nd 2010 and the answer to the riddle was added in April 2011 when it came to light.

Dan Green, the man mentioned in the Blue Apples blog post first came in to contact with me on the first anniversary of his grandson's death. The boy's surname was Kelly.

He has a grand daughter too, her surname is Martin and her birthday is July 22nd.

I did not know either of those facts when we first made contact.

When he asked me all about the July 22nd Pi day code alert and it's possible meaning I told him this -

 It's a tricky question, best answered by my note about it from my blog, (see below) certainly the synchronicity linking to St Mary Magdalene, Pi and the way the code proves the links by constant identification of the Pi date this year linked to St Mary all in connection to the already established catastrophic warning this whole thing has always been partly about it would not be at all surprising if one of the events already identified happens on that date but as the plan is not mine I cannot say that with absolute certainty. I do know that the date will be a cause of great worry to the people who are hiding this.

So far the Pi connection has linked as confirmation of the Oban and Bowen signal, it has been used to warn Israel and America that attacking Iran is not a good idea, but the whole 22 date chain is also connected to the warning about a massive earthquake on the west coast of both Americas causing a tsunami that will at the very least devastate the east coast of Australia.
There is a VERY strong connection to the East coast of Oz (where Bowen is) and Byron Bay. (See the Delhi street to Sam's place blog post)

Two other links I forgot to mention to Dan are an escalation of the linked BP oil problem in the gulf that was linked to the timing of the Byron bay Eloise link and also, it has linked to a warning about Iceland's Katla volcano.

It is a certainty that the 22 date sequence will end with the timing of one or all of these events but I cannot say for sure yet whether the Pi day is the end of the chain. It's all leading up to the time the bible calls the great and terrible day, but as that book states, not even the Lamb is allowed to KNOW that date.

 This is how I put it in the blog  -

With regard to the possible reasons for the synchronised code links to Mary Magdalene's July 22nd feast day this year, a day that is also known as Pi day - 

It could 'simply' be that the numbers in the date are a key sequence in the code that isolate the relevant warning messages and confirm the whole code warning that relates in detail to a number of separate future catastrophic events already covered in earlier code links.

The two recent Oban Pi posts on the blog will clearly demonstrate at least one reason for the 22.7.10 date synchronicity.

When you see how the 22 numbers in the Pi sequence + that Pi day date verify the Oban warning mentioned in the Varkala film you will get what I mean.

On the other hand the date itself may be the date of one or all of the warnings coming to their conclusion.

The date is like a focal point that adds urgency to the message while at the same time proving that the Pi math relationship to the code is intelligently planned.

The thing that Max Igan never understood before making his radio broadcast is that the synchronised code links involving his friend Eloise (who has the July 22nd birthday) and all that happened in Byron bay at that time consistantly linked to that date. The point being that before the Max situation arose the code had already linked to Pi and that date and so had all the Magdalene synchronicity with Sam.
Instead of grasping the fact that it was an obvious demonstration of planned synchronicity he just clung to the date and hinged it all around that so he missed the entire point of it all and will continue to miss it if it turns out that the date itself was only used as a means to get people to understand.

It was pursuit of the Pi links motivated by that date link that led me to discover the biggest code discovery of all, the 100% Pi key discovery that recently happened (see the Ana post in the June 2010 blog list.

That. in all reality, is bigger than a nuclear bomb striking London but for the moment at least, few there are that can grasp it.

I know that Max is being precisely what God intends Max to be and I also know that there are others who do know what the code is, the intelligence people who got the code from Hess via Sauniere who will be motivated to do what they will do because of the potential importance of that date.
For instance if they are really worried that it may be the timing of the Oban Rock, it may cause them to create a big diversion, a war for example, a strike on Iran.

The use of the code is an active motivator not just a passive record but fear thee not God knows what she's doing.

Really the biggest thing that date and the synchronicity that was so consistent that brought it to light in the code could do is wake people up to the REALITY of the coder.

It's not my plan, I , like you, will have to wait and see.

See the Big Pi key discovery page for further Pi proof in the code.

April 2011 - The reason why.

People who are familiar with the whole content of the synchronicitywins blog will know that from it's first post in November 2009 'THE BIG ONE?', synchronicity and related code links led to the start of a warning that was all related to the number 22 and linked dates on the 22nd of numerous months. 
The 22 link sequence as it was happening appeared to be leading to the timing of a massive earthquake.
Following two quakes that happened in Chile on 22nd dates the big Chile earthquake happened, The code had warned that one was coming but I realised that it was not "the big one" that the sequence was warning about because it happened on Feb 27th and not the 22nd.

After that happened further synchronicity and related code lines kept bringing to light the date 22.7.2010.

July 22nd is known as Pi day because Archimedes' approximation of Pi is 22/7.

The synchronised links that kept happening prior to the date consistently indicated that there was something extremely important about it in connection to the massive earthquake warning that was first indicated by the continuing 22 link but as I was not certain that it would actually be the date of such an event I pointed out on the July 22nd PAGE on my blog (see pages not posts) that there may be more to it, something of a more cryptic nature connected to the date itself but still to do with 'The big one'.

Now look at that date again - 227 (Pi) 2010.

This month, April 2011, after recent warning links have again connected to Pi day this year, either as a reminder because of the discovery that has just been made or because this year's Pi day is important too, we found out why that 2010 227 warning is so important.

The discovery is the fact that in 2010, 22 earthquakes over magnitude 7 happened (22 over 7 is Pi) and that 227,000 people died in them.

So it was not a single big 2010 quake that the Pi day warning turned out to be, IT WAS ALL 22 BIG ONES.

The code it'self confirms it -



With the blank space as zero rule in the code it says -





The entire synchronicitywins blog exists as the proof that the links that have led to this discovery now happened when they did,with the all important 22 link that proved by what's just been discovered starting before 2010 had begun, that the synchronicity that provided the proof had a real purpose. I have only just noticed a previously unseen clue in the Chile earthquake date (American style) - 2.27.

Now please consider this question - If 22 earthquakes over magnitude 7 and the deaths of 227,000 people were required to provide this warning.... 


227, 000 people died in the 2004 tsunami.

TSUNAMI = 2135149 = 3.141592 = Pi.