Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The 22 link.

Anyone who has the fortitude and attention span required to follow the whole content of this blog will have realised that the purpose of it is to draw the reader's attention to the importance of the warning it contains and the proven link to the continuation of the 22 date link. Before the 22.11.09 I had stated that I would expect to see a related signal on that day, like a Los Angeles quake or an eruption of Mt Etna or something of that nature that the code fully corroborated as the signal.

The relevance of the two earthquakes that happened before the day was finished here in the UK, the one near Los Angeles reported in the Los Angeles times and the one off the coast of Chile in the place that The Big one warned about in connection to that day, are jointly corroborated by the code in no uncertain terms. I got my signal.

This means the next 22 date link is important.

Yesterday I found this in the code -


That means one of two things, or both.

Either it refers to the purpose of the 22 link so far or it is one important purpose of the entire plan. The other being to prove that the coder is God and thereby, that God is real.

Again, as before, time will tell.

A little bird.

Today I received an email from Susan B in response to my reply to her first email to me yesterday. She had said that she loved the blog at first impression.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The 22 link.

Hi Ross,
Thanks for the email.
I'm finding the information very interesting, but must confess to a little scepticism.
In the past I've found it far too easy to confuse simplex, complex and multiplex phenomena, ascribing the qualities of the latter to the former, which has led me from what I consider to be my right path.
I'm beginning to enjoy the dance again now though.
To answer your question with regards to location - I'm in Wester Ross, so not a million miles from you geographically speaking.
22 does have particular significance to me personally - but would prefer not to go into it at this current moment.
I shall look forward to seeing more of your blog, and questions on YA

Scepticism is a very healthy thing provided it is the real thing and not the kind that prevents further thought. I had a feeling that 22 would have a meaning to you, it was just a hunch but they come from the same source as everything else so yes, go by your feelings. Did you see todays blog? Here it is if not -

An hour later I sent her this -

This just happened. I signed out of Yahoo mail and then remembered why I had that hunch. at the time of your contact I had 22 messages in my inbox. When I just opened Yahoo mail again to tell you this - there were 22 messages in my inbox, and it was you who used 22 as the subject of your mail, and all on the day that my blog is called the 22 link.

22, that'll do hope it did the same for you.

Hi Ross,
What it does for me is tell me I'm looking in the right direction.
Hopefully I am not like the chaffinch that crashed into my living room window the other day.
I think it broke its neck.
Its head was pointing over its back, its feet thought it was travelling in the direction of its vision - but in fact it was going in the opposite direction.
It was a very sad sight.
And possibly a warning not to take everything at face value.
Best Wishes

Or something more. Last month a Pigeon crashed into my kitchen window killing itself and leaving a clear imprint of the impact, by the lanolin on it's feathers. I was sitting in front of the window looking at it at the time.
It had a timed purpose as it was a collision that timed a code line that Elaine had found shortly before it happened, a line about another kind of collision.

Three weeks later the same thing happened again, the mark of the first Pigeon was still on the window and the second imprint partially overlapped it.

Elaine , my son Michael and I were sitting there when it happened. Both birds bodies landed in exactly the same spot in a gutter on a little roof below the window. I know that everything is timed and has meaning.
I knew then that something is coming that involves a double event. One that will cause death.
They were very shocking very sad incidents.

A little bird told me, may have more meaning than you think.

The Pigeon's mark


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