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In response to the paranoid man who wrote to me after he contacted me via Yahoo Answers -

You really looked at it with attention then mate. What are you on about you Idiot? Prior to writing the title of this note I have not mentioned 2012., not once.

You who deny that an end to the world could happen because you are obviously terrified by the prospect need to wake up. It's already happening and has been for quite some time. Don't you watch the news? This world is dying. That's a fact. Ask the scientists.

Or do you think they, like Al Gore, are schizophrenic too? Take a chill pill.

You obviously never read the book Synchronicity by Jung - the psychiatrist!!

Now that's another story -

Some years ago while in Australia I met a man known to his friends as Canoe John.
I told him all about the writing on the wall in London in 1996 and all the synchronicity that preceeded it and followed it. He did not quite know what to make of this.

Shortly after that he had to go to britain because his mother had died then he took a break in France.

One day while out walking he got the urge to head into the cornfields and keep walking to see where he ended up.

His apparently random path led him to a village. There was a man there across the road from him that John felt an urge to speak to. He crossed the road and to strike a conversation with the stranger he asked him what his thoughts on synchronicity were, the man replyed by reaching in his pocket and taking out a book. "This must be for you" he said and promptly handed John Jung's book. It was John's confirmation that synchronicity is real.

At that time we were living in a zany community called Star Earth on Young road not far from Nimbin, another zany place.

We had to leave there in the Toyota coaster bus to go to find some work and were directed to go to St George in Queensland to work in the cotton fields.

The timing chain in the bus engine broke in the 'middle of nowhere' and shattered some pistons, so that was that. We could not afford to buy a new engine.
We pushed the bus into a layby and a few minutes a man who had spotted us through his binoculars from a farm house a quarter mile away turned up and towed us to his farm. His name was John Kennedy. Over the next ten days John replaced our engine by his own labour and at his own expense.
While we were there John Kennedy son of JFK died when his plane from Manhattan crashed into the sea. John Kennedy was the owner of George magazine.
When the bus was fixed we had to abandon our plan to go to St George and headed instead to Young in NSW, we had heard there might be cherry picking work there. On the way we stopped off at Canoe Johns place. He wasn't in but there in his living room lay that book by jung - Synchronicity.

Note the three phonetic young links, on that journey from Young road to Young.

Some further synchronicity on the road to Young

Work wise things had not been going well for us and as we were forced by lack of funds to make a long journey in search of work that we might not find. I was a little worried that we might not be doing the right thing and could end up in a bad situation.We were heading for the town of Young in New South Wales in the hope of finding cherry picking work before moving on to Cobram.

As I was sitting in our Toyota Coaster bus pondering the question of whether or not we were still on a meaningful path, a stupid question really! I noticed that we passed a road sign that pointed down a farm track. The name ANDERSON was on that sign in capital letters

When I saw it it brought to mind old Mr's Anderson who ran a general store from the corner of an old barn on her property in Billericay when I was a child.

At the entrance to her land, to the left of the gateway there was a big stand of exotic looking Pampas grass that always caught my eye and my imagination as a child. It was to me a symbol of far exciting faraway places.

When my chain of thought on the bus took me to the word Pampas by that old memory I wondered why. I realised that my question at the time that it occurred had been about whether we were on the right track or not so I came to the conclusion that if I was shown the word Pampas on another sign while on that journey I would have the answer.

The following morning while thinking about other things I glanced out of the bus window and caught sight of a sign on an old white painted wooden building that bore the words PAMPAS MEMORIAL HALL. Ha! there it is I thought Pampas, my confirmation that thigs were as God intended them to be.

Excitedly I looked around me to notice that we were passing through a small settlement of farming people just before seeing the back of a big sign fast approaching us on the far side of the road.

As we passed the sign I looked back at it to see the single word PAMPAS written on it as probably the biggest village name sign that I had ever seen.

As we continued further along on the journey to Young I was contemplating ways that I may provide proof of our whole story to my Brother Gavin back in England who had maintained a total lack of response to letters that I had sent to him to try to alert him to the truth.

I wondered if synchronicity could supply me with some knowledge that he knew I could not know about by any other means. A personal secret of his or something of that kind.

The name of a secret lover for instance. I thought, what if Gavin, a married man, had a mistress.

Just as I was thinking this the bus stopped, part of a row of vehicles held up by a red traffic light. Next to the bus there was a lingerie boutique with the name of the shop diplayed all over it. That name was LISA.

When I saw this I wondered if my question had been answered. Was Lisa the name of Gavin's lover?

As the bus moved on toward the junction at the lights a car came round the corner. The personalized number plate it bore contained one word and no numbers. LISA.

This left me with a perplexing problem. What if I was wrong?

I knew that I would really mess things up with Gavin if he had no lover of that name.

Later that day we arrived in Young and stopped at a park area in the town near to some public toilets. The letter F of the word FEMALE was obscured from my view by the corner of a wall and I read it as a message that said E MAIL.

At that time I had an email address connected to a little web page that a helpful man had set up for me. I had never used email before so I asked Nick to come with me to check it out.

We were told that there was internet access at the public library.

When Nick accessed my email there was a message from Gavin's email address in my inbox.

I was surprised by this because not knowing his email address I had never emailed him before and I had never sent him my own address.

Excitedly I asked Nick to open the letter.

The message was not from my brother, it was from a friend of his, she was asking if I was the Ross Kelly that had a brother named Gavin and if so was I in Australia. The note was signed - Lisa.

When I wrote back to her to ask her who she was she replied by telling me that Gavin had left his wife and that she was his new live in partner!

I could no longer use the LISA synchronicity as proof for Gavin so I realised that it had happened for another reason. To show me something. - That I could trust the messages I was being given on our journeys in Australia.


While looking at code links to Kennedy and Teach today (see, The Big one?) I just found this -


Lima Peru is where my pianist friend Carter Beale will be on that day. There was a big earthquake there in 2007.

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