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This enlightening thread happened yesterday and today -

Investigating the goddess in Christianity & Judaism. In fact, beyond the Gnostics, Christianity revered the goddess even through the 3rd century. What happened? Ask Miguel Conner tune into a fantastic show and self educate this is something your priest/vicar will not tell you.


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  • Ross Kelly I found this a long time after knowing the truth by direct means -

    According to Barbara Walker, editor of The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, the name appears in a great many cultures, some widely separated by time and/or space. Thus, there
     is Anna-Nin, Nana or Inanna, Queen of Heaven in Sumeria (An means Heaven in Sumerian, according to Graves), Anatha, (Syria), Anat (Canaan), Ana or Anah (Old Testament), Di-Ana (Semitic) or Dinah (from the Syriac version of the Old Testament, referring to the goddess of the Dinaite tribes in Sumeria), both uses of "Di" referring to divinity or godhead, Anna (Pelasgian Greek), Nanna (the incarnation of the Danish Goddess Freya as the mother-bride of Baldur), Anu (early Danaan Goddess in Ireland), Ana or Anan, which Robert Graves says are names for the Goddess Danu, who had two aspects, one nurturant, the other maleficent, as which she was sometimes known as Morg-ana to the Irish ("Death Ana," one third of the triple Goddess known as The Morrigan, ("Great Queen"); Anna Perenna (Roman), Black Annis of Leicester to medieval Christians, who lived on "Dane Hill" (Danaan?) and used to devour children - ending with St. Anne, mother of the virgin Mary, grandmother of God. This long history seems to me too ubiquitous to be reduced to an abstraction! It goes even further: Graves cites the view of a Mr. E.M. Parr that Athene was another Anna namely, Ath-enna, which occurs in inverted form in Libya as Anatha. Graves' verdict on the subject is "..if one needs a single, simple, inclusive name for the Great Goddess, Anna is the best choice."
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  • Elaine McGuckin In 1996 neither Ross nor myself knew anything about Goddess mythology..the proof of that is in everything that we have written since...the original'small scroll' called 'The Letter of the Law'was written from the view of God being masculine until in the Canary Isles we found out differently....it's not the myths that are important but the real living active mind of the creator of everything we know..the code further verifies it because the mind that created it knows itself as ANA or ANNA...time to grow up....but that requires a great deal of letting go of preconceived ideas, which seems to be very difficult for most people.
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  • Elaine McGuckin An example of not realising what the lines mean is this and a comment from someone who obviously has doubts...


    Today I heard on the radio that the official death toll was 27 and two people were seriously i
    njured.....but the point of the line was missed....The point being that Hitler didn't die in 1945 by suicide and that the lines did not ever say it was the death toll of the people involved in Sandy Hook....there have been three things linking the word SANDY, the hurricane, Sandy, the mysterious Sandy Island on Google and n the terrible thing that has just happened in Sandy Hook... all of which are very relevant to what's happening NOW and no one seems to get the point. God is telling us that Adolf Hitler didn't die of suicide but was protected and taken to safety by his backers ...she has timed it for now it's not just a history lesson..it's a lesson in reality.
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  • Elaine McGuckin I have found over time that the code is always right i...it may take time for the truth to be revealed but it usually is....29....it's not that complicated...the WORD...is pure logic, it's has nothing to do with belief ..it's about applying reason without prejudice.
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  • Terry Allen Being tuned into my own Gnosis I will continue to call her Sophia she is the Goddess of Wisdom and the only place to find that is by going within. Besides its my grand daughter's name and I am partial to it. Ana does not do it for me although I often wonder just how important these names are.
  • Ross Kelly They are as important as Ana needs them to be Terry. Full stop.
  • Ross Kelly She made it simple - ANA GRAM = ANA WORD.

    She made Greek too.

    And Latin.

    ARS MAGNA means GREAT ART and it is an ANA gram of .... ANAGRAMS.

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  • Ross Kelly Perhaps the great art is too great for some.
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  • Ross Kelly ..


    ^^ The great art.
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  • Elaine McGuckin Wisdom....is Ana
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  • Ross Kelly ..


    She is the god of THE LIVING.
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  • Ross Kelly ..

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  • Terry Allenhttp://www.screencast.com/users/AeonByte/folders/AEON+BYTE/media/b1fe0bc0-0652-4dc1-a385-e02323a21ea5 This show resonates with what you are showing us with the Ana code. Its fascinating I have been fascinated by eschatology for years since 1990. Are you au fait with the Malachi prophesies Ross?
  • Elaine McGuckin The Divine Intelligence that governs all wants to be known as ANA or ANNA. I for one am not going to argue with her.. reason dictates that it would be entirely foolish on my part to do so. 

    Today is Eric Anfield's 57 birthday....happy birthday ERIC...
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  • Terry Allen How about if I call her Mater 

  • Elaine McGuckin Doesn't really mater what you call her...except for the fact that SHE know's herself...lol
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  • Terry Allen If it does not matter to Mater it does not matter to me.
  • Terry Allen I wonder what Miguel makes of all of this LOL
  • Elaine McGuckin But it appears to matter to Mater that you know the difference Terry...
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  • Ross Kelly Today I received this email from a man I have not seen for 45 years -

    Steven Copper
    Hello Ross,
    this is Steve Copper. Just to make sure I'm not making a mistake, you are the Ross Kelly that worked at the Red Lion part time, went to Fryerns School, wen
    t on "swimming trips" to Chelmsford with me and Alan Fisher and some other friends. You have an older brotheer called Gavin right? I was also great friends with Bernie Cooper. We are still in touch - he's in California. I am in Italy. A lot has happened over the last 45 years. It would be nice to catch up. I have just joined facebook but for the sole purpose of finding people.

    And guess what .. ANA'S code says -


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  • Ross Kelly And -

    MON 17.12.12 O LINK ID'S 2 LADS - COPPER - BERNIE.

    We were all lads when we last saw each other in Billericay.
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  • Elaine McGuckin What most Gnostic s and theologians don't seem to realise s the fact that there is a living knowing intelligence that can show itself to you.....for real.They built up theories and thesis around it without ever fully understanding the reality.
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  • Ross Kelly Ana is the only Sophia you will ever know about Terry including your granddaughter that SHE named.
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  • Elaine McGuckin Big one on Eric's birthday. S. Copper...I mean.
  • Ross Kelly The last time I was in the Red Lion in Billericay was in 1996 WITH ERIC.
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  • Terry Allen I disagree Elaine Gnostics know God because they have experienced God. In my case I saw a Being of Light after it woke me up one night and my wife also saw it.
  • Elaine McGuckin They don't tell it as it is though...they all want it to be about them somehow and not about God....perhaps we know different gnostics....lol
  • Ross Kelly That wasn't God, it was a picture like all the others she shows you, just like your computer screen or the BBC news .. or your breakfast.
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  • Elaine McGuckin @Terry...What was it...the light being I mean?
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  • Danielle Anstee sophia simply means knowledge terry....and if you understand real sophia you know it is Anna.
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  • Terry Allen Nope Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom which is why the word Philisophy is made up from the prefix Philo meaning lover and the suffix Sophia meaning wisdom. A philosopher then is a Lover of Wisdom 
  • Ross Kelly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophia_(wisdom)

    Sophia (Σοφíα, Greek for "wisdom") is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy a
    nd religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, Orthodox Christianity, Esoteric Christianity, as well as Christian mysticism. Sophiology is a philosophical concept regarding wisdom, as well as a theological concept regarding the wis...
  • Ross Kelly ..

  • Danielle Anstee yes i have read all about the sophia mythology Terry and am up to date on most writings about it...ie i know what i am talking about.
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  • Terry Allen Well I beg to differ you just wrongly claimed Sophia meant knowledge nope that would be Gnosis. 
  • Danielle Anstee wisdom knowledge it really os all the the se if you are wise and in the know.
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  • Danielle Anstee haha is and same imeant..stupid phone
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  • Terry Allen One can have knowledge and completely lack wisdom.
  • Ross Kelly ^^ Ana's Sophia.

  • Ross Kelly Stock is 2.6 miles from Billericay.

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  • Joanne Shaw l0l Wanna know something funny...yesterday, when Ross was posting about Cooper and Copper, ( <<< aside from his posts)...those 2 names came up in oodles of unrelated posts from ALL over the place for me, in the form of unrelated articles...author's names...heck, there was even one about how copper is the 'NEW' Gold, from Zer0hedge. I find it for lack of a better term, 'entertainingly-enlightening'. I guess I just S33 what R0ss is pointing out.
  • Ross Kelly ..

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  • Ross Kelly ..


    Danielle is known to her friends as DAN.


    All names on this thread.