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Hitler's con.

In YR 2000 synchronicity linked to two dogs named Bella and the name Abel was part of the sequence of BELL hints that led to the discovery of the Ana code.

The details about that are recorded in this book -

Yesterday a timed Ana code link to Adolf Hitler began when I saw that Hitler had a dog named Bella. It led to some startling discoveries today -

This post came up in my news feed a little while ago -

The code's symbol for it'self is O.

  • Michael Forest White Wolf 1 wounded, 20 children and six adults killed and one shooter- Adam Lanza not Ryan- and he shot mother before going to the school. This is the correct info on this story. The total is 28 not 29.
  • Ross Kelly That may be Michael but the article associates the number 29 with Sandy Hook.
  • Ross Kelly The 29 linked to Sandy Hook by the article is the timer of the 1945 boat lines.
  • Ross Kelly The code even clarifies it by giving the actual number -



    (in the code lines)

    There was one other shooting victim that survived apparently - The gunman was chillingly accurate. A spokesman for the State Police said he left only one wounded survivor at the school.

    So it looks like that makes it 29 shot and 28 dead.


  • 15.12.12.
  • Ross Kelly I see why the two subjects are connected. This shooting has triggered new calls for tighter gun control in America. Zionist Mayor Bloomberg was straight on to it, apparently Hitler forbade the Jews to own guns before he incarcerated them.

    QUOTES OF GUN CONTROL [Adolf Hitler explains why he confiscated the guns from the Jews.] ^ | Adolf Hitler 
    Posted on Wed Feb 27 2008 05:58:47 GMT+0000 (GMT) by grundle

    "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing."

    - Adolf Hitler


    German Weapons Law

    On November 11, 1938, the Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick, passed Regulations Against Jews' Possession of Weapons. This regulation effectively deprived all Jews of the right to possess firearms or other weapons.


    Code line -


    Set - Adjective
    Fixed or arranged in advance:

    From another thread today -

    David Gould's something: Hitler's bday is 420, same day as Columbine shooting.

  •  Like
  • Elaine McGuckin From Wikipedia.... 
    'While Juan Perón's Argentina allowed many Nazi criminals to take refuge in Argentina, Juan Perón's Argentina also accepted more Jewish immigrants than any other country in Latin America, which in part accounts for the fact that Arg
    entina to this day has a population of over 200,000 Jewish citizens, the largest in Latin America, the third largest in the Americas, and the sixth largest in the world.[54][55][56][57] The Jewish Virtual Library writes that while Juan Perón had sympathized with the Axis powers, "Perón also expressed sympathy for Jewish rights and established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1949. Since then, more than 45,000 Jews have immigrated to Israel from Argentina."[58]'

  • Ross Kelly From another thread today -

    David Gould's something: Hitler's bday is 420, same day as Columbine shooting.

  • Elaine McGuckin Peron's involvement with both the protection of the Nazis and the Jews only really makes sense in light of what has recently been spoken about.... how and why the Rothschild's created the state of Israel.

    Here's another very interesting Peron connecti
    on to the Vatican, they also helped the criminal Nazis get out of Germany at the end of WWII...Gelli was one of the head members of Propaganda Due, with very close ties to the Vatican and organised crime in Italy. He links all these factions together. 

    'General elections were held on March 11, 1973. Perón was banned from running, but a stand-in, Héctor Cámpora, a left-wing Peronist and his personal secretary, was elected and took office on May 25. On June 20, 1973, Perón returned from Spain to end his 18-year exile. According to Página 12 newspaper, Licio Gelli, headmaster of Propaganda Due, had provided an Alitalia plane to return Perón to his native country.[70] Gelli was part of a committee supporting Perón, along with Carlos Saúl Menem (future President of Argentina, 1989–1999).[70] The former Italian Premier Giulio Andreotti recalled an encounter between Perón, his wife Isabel Martínez and Gelli, saying that Perón knelt before Licio Gelli to salute him.'

  • Elaine McGuckin Examples of Nazis and collaborators who relocated to Argentina include Emile Dewoitine, who arrived in May 1946 and worked on the Pulqui jet, Erich Priebke, who arrived in 1947, Josef Mengele in 1949, Adolf Eichmann in 1950, his adjutant Franz Stangl, Austrian representative of Spitzy in Spain, Reinhard Spitzy, Charles Lescat, editor of Je Suis Partout in Vichy France, SS functionary Ludwig Lienhardt, German industrialist Ludwig Freude, and SS-Hauptsturmführer Klaus Barbie.

  • Elaine McGuckin That is why this little line is amazing.
    14.12.12 O CAN LINK HITLER MAY 1945 TO PERON.

  • Elaine McGuckin The last five letters in the code line just happen to say PERON....and not WTFUP.

  • Ross Kelly Today, approximately 90% of Argentinan Jews live in Buenos Aires, and the remainder are dispersed in small communities in the "Interior", like Rosario, Cordoba, and Santa Fe, with a very small population left in some of the JCA villages.

    The community comprises approximately 85% Ashkenazi Jews and 15% Sephardi Jews.

    That's interesting because the Rothschilds are Ashkenazi Jews.

    Ashkenazi Jews and Nazis have a great deal in common, they both supported Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel. They own and govern Israel but appear not to want to live there. They occupied Palestine by pushing the European Jews into going there after the Nazi holocaust persecution.
    Ashkenazi Jews are not the original jews but it appears that they like to use them to their own advantage.

  • Ross Kelly It explains the apparent paradox of Argentina protecting Nazis and Jews. They didn't, they protected Nazis and the partners of the Nazis. Evidence exists that supports the notion that Ashkenazi Jews, financed and led by the Rothschilds created the Nazis, both groups supported the immigration of European Jews into Palestine but they didn't want to go ... until the holocaust happened to them.

    There's nothing like a bit of Jack boot up the arse incentive for others to make sure you get things done!


    (N tilted = Z)

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  • Ross Kelly It all looks like a horror story ... because it is one.

    We have been trying to warn people constantly since 1996.

  • Ross Kelly 911 was their big move followed by the staged financial collapse, now it's upon us, for real. 'Hitler' lives.

  • Ross Kelly But ... SO DOES ANA.

While on the subject of Nazi connections, It's not the whole truth but it's a good start, please use the link code -


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