The divine plan.

We are here on the receiving end of things to serve a purpose for the projector of those things. Without minds that that see nothing can be seen to be. Nothing is the only thing that could be realised by that which knows everything. We are the negative pole of creation, like a battery the spark of light that we know as life exists as a connection between two poles. The positive pole sometimes referred to as God needs us so that every experience can be seen to be in an overall balanced sane and meaningful way. Eternity alone would be a terrible reality, so, really we just help to pass the time in an interesting and totally creative genius way. All life belongs to the source of the light and ultimately all experience belongs there too, so although it may seem from an unenlightened point of view that some things are unfair the reality is that that is not the case at all.

As Einstein's maths showed him time is already complete. It is in fact already a completed circle.
Time is not separate from life. (That means that every thought you will ever have is already decided.)

God is a God of the living, there is not anything that is outside of life. Every living moment in the time circle is eternally happening, that's why this moment is happening to you now, it has always been happening and always will be. Yet it only happens once because it is always the first time. There is no repeat until we get it right, we are not responsible for it, God is and God did it all perfectly. There is nothing to change but what happens in the time story matters.
At this point in the circle the outcome is not fully known to us and what we do decides the outcome even though God already knows what it is because to God it is as if it all happened a very long time ago yet that time is now.

Each solar system is set up to be a self governing system, the whole story of life on earth is programmed in the nucleus,the Sun.
Once God's work with our system was completed by the completion of the never ending circle she moved on and made another one. If you consider the number of stars that we can see it will give you some idea of 'how long' she has been at it. God is not confined to the time circles but we as the receivers of the story are.
The codes demonstrated in my films and on my blog fit the precise time plan because God first worked out the code of each time circle story then gave it life by making it visible in the light. As the bible says, in the beginning was the WORD and the word was with God and the word was God.

God, the creative love,the positive polarity, had to figure out how she could love her own opposite, the only thing that she really has available to love, without letting the negative destroy the light because there is an inherent problem with the physics of that.

We are that opposite polarity, we are not the generator of the light we are the receiver of it, the darkness that comprehendeth it not. We are ignorance, we are not love, God is.

In order to demonstrate that love to us she had to incorporate the idea of freedom in our lives as an expression of that love. The problem with that is that because we are the negative pole the logic of what that means makes it a certainty that our activity will end up destroying the creation that she provides for us to experience, the world, as we call it unless we can, despite our negative nature, be educated to understand and correct the negative imbalance that we would otherwise inevitable 'cause' to occur.
If all life on Earth dies the sun goes out because without the eyes to see the light there is no light.
 So by loving us with that God given expression of our negative freedom it means that God would end up negating her own creation and there would be no light. Darkness and ignorance would be the only eternal truth.
Yet love has to allow us to be what we are otherwise love becomes the dictator that is not expressing love, again a denial of the light.

In order to truly be love God has to allow the negative to have what it wants or rather, to be itself, she has to let it have what it wants otherwise it is a denial of the right to be what it is, the opposite to God.
So the ultimate expression of God's love is the allowing of the destruction of the creation, it is the final proof that God really is love.
Life is the chess game between the two polarities, the eternal struggle of evil to overcome good and God being love must love that evil too.
What we do here affects the polarity of the source (See as Sun) because the more love loves evil the more evil it becomes and the more negative it gets the more the opposite to creation, destruction, is expressed by it until the point of absolute negative is reached then the light goes out and God has to allow it.
IF LOVE LOVES EVIL IT BECOMES EVIL. So when more evil than good is expressed in the world story the lover becomes more the lover of evil than of good. Evil cannot create good.
The negative expression caused by the negativisation of the solar nucleus takes the form of everything negative, War, Catastrophe, Famine, Insanity etc. Every time negative is expressed, say for instance the Haiti earthquake, the loving source has to love it thus becoming more 'evil' and thus making it inevitable that greater catastrophe will follow until it reaches the absolute point of total negativity and the end catastrophe occurs.
That's where the solution to the problem comes in. It had to be a solution that does not compromise the love otherwise none of it could ever be.
The fact that we can see that it is being (by virtue of the light) shows that the solution was achieved. Time to God being instantaneous.

At the point just before the final destruction occurs the people that the bible calls the elect will be time shifted back, or forward, however you want to see it, to the beginning of the circle thus becoming our own ancestors and thereby completing a continuous circle of life that ensures that the light shines forever despite the fact that outside of the circle the negative gets to be the uncreated darkness that it is.
That way everyone that ever lived lives forever in that circle and there is no judgement in the sense of punishment the nice people and the evil people all are equally given their day forever.

To the really negative minded people who deny God in order to behave as if they are God, people like your presidents and Tony Blair for example, their tactic of inducing fear is an attempt to increase the negativity of the Sun in order to give their cause more power, they know it generates the scene in which their atrocities can occur without opposition.This time of great ignorance is their heaven although it is insane, inevitably it will end up as their Hell when they discover that the negative power they worship and promote has no love for them The final irony is that it can only, by it's nature take everything away from them in worldly terms in a destruction brought about by the logical conclusion of their own negative ways, everything, that is, except the life that love ensures they have and the love that they will never know. As a wise man once said "forgive them for they know not what they do".

The heaven on earth for the people who do appreciate the reality of good occurs in the first half of the time circle, the 'Eden' time, the Golden age of mankind and in alternate solar ages that begin and end in catastrophe.
The positive ages balance the negative ages in the completed circle in which the meaning of both polarites is equally expressed.l
The ones who will be shifted to the beginning of that time will be truly enlightened by the experience of being shifted (you cannot go through such a thing without it giving you a total understanding of who is in control because when such a thing occurs it is more than obvious that it is not done by the power of our own will) and will carry the understanding about what caused it to be necessary. They will remember how it was before the shift, how mankind's ignorance brought about the end and that knowledge will prevent it from happening then for a very very long time until something happens, probably an asteroid collision or the flood that brings fear back to the minds of the survivors the offspring of whom lose the memory of what life was like before before and the negative part of the circle comes again, the time that led us to today.

Our time shift trip to Billericay station described in my book happened for a number of extremely important reasons. One of them is so that we can be certain that God really can employ the time shift solution. Another was to make sure that the deeply negative people also know that.
As God is non judgemental love the 1996 intervention and the continuous code warning since then happened in order to express the truth of that fact, she warned them and warned them but still, true to the meaning of their God given role, they did not listen.


It is still possible that the situation can be rectified and a new enlightened age be brought about without the occurrence of a final destruction at this point although that seems to be unlikely.Stranger things have happened! There may be a surprise in store in that respect but I wouldn't 'bank' on it because the circle has to be made sometime and it has been made to appear at least, that this is the final negative age, the end point in the story, the Omega point, as the symbol itself expresses, the point of the uncompleted circle is the point just before the bridge to 'Alpha' occurs.

The circle itself contains a perfect expression of an equal balance of the two polarities, terrible things happen and good things happen, they give each other meaning but remember, no matter how bad those terrible things appear to be and to feel, no life is ever lost because the only life there is belongs to God and it is eternal.

The thing that we call experience is in reality the knowledge that belongs to god being constantly known to be reality. It is a living knowledge, there is no other kind.

The ultimate purpose is to keep the light shining forever and it does. We could not read this if it didn't. The words are in the real active living light and the negative polarity could not prevent them from being here.

Do we have free will?

The answer is very simple, if you limit God's intelligence you can not see it. God is the thing that knows EVERYTHING including how each individual will react in any given situation, what apparent 'choice' they would make given all of their stimuli. We live our lives according to that knowledge.what we will do is predetermined, you cannot change the future any more than you can the past.
The plan is so perfect that we live EXACTLY as we would if the will was our own.

The Bible Plan.

It's definately a God made sheme, it is as God intended it to be, but not in the way so called Christians think. Christianity is a manipulative tool set up by corrupt and power hungry men like Constantine but without it the story of Jesus the man and other very important prophecies contained in the bible would not have been carried foreward to the present day. The Bible is the book that exposes the corruption of the very people who tried to use the spreading of it to maintain their own power. Such is the wisdom of God that they were given to promote the seeds of their own destruction, it is the Bible that warns about the Beast nations and the Harlot dressed in Scarlet robes that sits on seven hills. The day is coming soon when their exposure and downfall will occur because those same people now know all this but continue to try to hide their true nature along with other really big secrets about things that happened very recently that they are not telling the people. They will be caught out for that and at that point people will start to really understand what God is and religion and corruption will be no more.

The role of Jesus was to do exactly what he did so that they would use him to base the false beliefs that became known as Christianity around. Without that happening the Old Testament books would have remained only as part of Jewish tradition and the scene would not have been set on pretty much a global scale in readiness for that downfall the book of Revelation for example would not exist, there would be no best selling Bible and no familiarity with the meanings contained in it outside of Judaism.
The Old Testament prophesied the coming of the man that would be used to spread RELIGION to the Gentiles, it didn't say truth, it said religion. The Christian religion was not promoted by Jesus. Jesus never was a Christian and he was against the hypocrisy and corruption of the religion of his day.

Heres a little clue about why OBAN is called OBAN in Ana's scheme of things.

The word OB means reversal (so does Ana) AN is Sanskrit and means people.

It's about a reversal of people's mental condition from negative to positive.

911 was used by the negative side to try to do the opposite and keep people in fear, it worked.
If things get so dire that the Oban Rock is required to bring the truth back to the world it will be mankind's last opportunity to take the hint and correct our otherwise irreversible slide toward the final destruction.

In Ana speak an OB AN Rock is any event or bit of information that serves the reversal purpose, the code itself is an OBAN Rock.