What this blog is about.

In 1996 something extremely important (understatement of the century) happened that my partner Elaine and I were directly involved in.

The other participants in it work for government intelligence agencies.

They are keeping it a secret.

As a result of that secrecy and their negative response to what happened the people of this world are now in a state of great peril and most of them have no idea how great that peril is.

Take your time with this and treat it as priority learning or click on something else if your attention span isn't up to it, that's your choice. I hope you make the right one.

Here's a little summary of what a part of what has been hidden -

If you are at all familiar with the biblical book of Daniel,the origin of the term, 'to be shown the writing on the wall' comes from there.

The biblical account says that a miraculous hand put some writing on the wall of the Babylonian kings palace in Aramaic or Hebrew, can't remember which and that Daniel (an Israelite slave) translated it for the king.

Basically it was a warning from God to tell the king that his kingdom was about to end.

In 1996 a patient in the Gordon Hospital in London recreated a piece of writing (very much enlarged) that had no connection to her, on the wall of her room.

It was not written in her own handwriting and it amazed or at least baffled her doctors. It was a VERY unusual thing.

Word of it got to MI6 in Vauxhall just down the road and when they investigated it they knew what it was because they already had a copy of it from the Vatican who had obtained it in Fatima in 1917, written (in English) by an illiterate Portuguese boy at the time of a massive solar phenomenon.

What they didn't know is who the handwriting belonged to, until a month and a half after the London writing had appeared, when I sent a handwritten note and a document about the Sun to Camilla Parker Bowles.

Four months later just as they tracked me down knowing that the writing on the wall was my childhood handwriting and while knowing where I was I was used to speak directly to them from a location that nobody but them knew they were listening to, a Dublin guest house used as a meeting place by the IRA.

The message was a warning from God to them.

MI6 were bugging the place.

So when they got that ultimatum message, knowing that I had been identified to them in such a way that only God could have arranged they knew it was genuine.

That's how the real God gave the real governments their own real writing on the wall.

The people who received that message already knew the real Sauniere secret,(the existence of a secret anagram code that is synchronised to time in advance) when it was delivered to them in 1941 by Rudolf Hess.

After the message was given Some of them tried to kill us but were not allowed to do it. They knew that I would find the seventh seal code breaker and the proof in the code that it led me to.

If you read the Little Book Big Secret book on the link on this blog you you will find out something about TIME not mentioned in my film, explained by our unexpected trip to Billericay.

The reason why I bother to mention it is that in the book of Daniel it says that at the end time (which is now, as the writing on the wall makes certain) the 'elect' will escape by means of smoothness.

You may find that you need to understand what that means.

The July 22nd and THE REASON WHY. page will help with that (http://synchronicitywins.blogspot.com/p/july-22nd.html )

Please watch the linked films and read the book to find out more detail.

Ross Kelly.