Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Eureka moment.

This morning I saw that I had been awarded a best answer in Yahoo Answers when I answered this question -What would you call that "emotion" that comes from the marriage of the mysterious with true art and science ...?

My answer was 'The Eureka moment'.

I then sent an email titled Eureka to the lady who had asked the question and having done so sat down in front of the television just as Elaine, who knew nothing of my answer or my email, selected a programe called Eureka. When I checked the wording of the question I saw that it had been resolved exactly 22 hours ago, a point that only those who know the content of this blog will appreciate.

Maybe someone somewhere at that moment got the point that was made by the Archimedes Pi links in the code.... or maybe it's just time I had a bath?

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