Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Small World

Here's a clue about the way it's all planned to help people wake up.

My oldest son Tom went to Australia recently and is now working in a remote place in South Australia. He met a guy who only spent two days there as he didn't like the work. On the night the man was leaving they went to have a drink together and Tom started to tell him a bit about me and the books I wrote in India. The other man then said, wait a minute, I know your dad, I met him in India, I bought his books look and he took my card out of his wallet to show Tom. He still has the books. It blew them both away. A reality check arranged by Ana to wake them up a bit. This is very good for my son. He's in a vulnerable place but the fact that it was necessary tells me something. God does not set these things up for no reason, those two people must have needed it.

I sent this email to Tom today after hearing about his meeting with Jarrad mentioned in the post before this one.

Hi Tom,
Ben told me about your meeting with Jarrad, pretty spooky huh!
There's a good reason for it though, Ana is helping you both with that little wake up call, Ben is pretty impressed too.
Remember the girl Helen I mentioned, you can find out why all that happened by reading The Big one on my new blog -
Doing so may save your life one day.

Ben just phoned to say he got on the train to Edinburgh and realised he had forgotten his guitar pick. He looked down at the floor and there was one lying there.

This is the Poker thing I mentioned -

Synchronicity happened with Helen that led her to send me the word Poker at the time that I was sending her some of the Pi links in the code. I immediately told her about your link to Poker playing then looked at the code and found this amazing thing for both of you -

IT'S AS HELEN I AID TOM BY POKER -3.141592653. (That's Pi to 9 decimal places.)

When I turned over the numbers I found that the letters say this - CARDS 55362 - That's a Poker hand -


Helen wa the aid because she was used to give me the key word POKER.

When you read 'The Big One' you will know why I say this next bit
- If there is a report of a big American West coast earthquake and tsunami warning on 22.11.09 get high above sea level as quick as you can because you are in a vulnerable place there.

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