Monday, 30 November 2009

Synchronicity, by George!

Yesterday I made contact with a man on Yahoo Answers, after sending him my email address he sent this response. When I saw his name I knew something was afoot because the name George had recently been brought to my attention in a synchronised way. My replies to him are in black type.

George brought up the subject of Jung and synchronicity -

by the way, I'm George. I live in Miami, FL. USA.

You day someone asked on Y!A if Jung would be here what would he have thought of it, and I said. Synchronicity!0 !

Yesterday i picked up a plastic label from the floor
of my kitchen that just said George. I pointed it
out to my wife Elaine and said, that's significant.
Deny that if you will. Elaine won't.

that's crazy bro. George, oh well. that was it?

That was it.


Read about the jung synchronicity on the blog
on the 2012 page, ignore the title.

I think Jung wrote about it and you're living it. Lucky you!0!

You are living it too, you just don't fully know that
yet but, ....
18:28're right, I don't!0!

And that my friend is the necessary starting point,
no ego to get in the way, well said, best possible
answer unless you do. Take time sometime to
read the blog, watch the films and it will save you
40 years of seeking. And what a pleasure that will
be for me when it does.

you know, I recently bought a wrist watch and a ring.
The funny thing is I have never wore such things in my
whole life. It took me 40 years to catch up....
I was in the Middle East when I saw this weird ring,
I looked it up and I kinda liked what it meant, so I
bought it. Same thing with the watch.

Well, you were given a timer.

My first synchronicity tool was a digital watch
and the code that I was led to see in the timed
numbers on it. I realised they related with
precision to the things that were happening
around me. Later, it saved my life. After I met
people who already understood it, people who
worked for MI6.

Right, time's a bitch, then you die!0!

Time is now your friend, as secretly it always was,
let it use you wisely.
But you got the gender right.

I will. Thanks!18:53
You know it's weird, I always realize how things happen
just in time for me. Oh well, I guess I'm a lucky guy!0!

Luck doesn't come into it but fortunate does,
look at the jung page I mentioned.
Look at the other name that is mentioned
there beginning with G.

Yup, I did. (In response to me asking George to look at the name)

NOW GET ON WITH IT GEORGE and keep in touch, if I need to say it.

Sure thing. Thanks

Not my doing. I just added a little bit
to todays blog, thanks for you too,
sincerely felt,
more than you may ever know.

The Jung, young synchronicity on the 2012 page
all started on a journey to St Goerge,

John kennedy died then while
we stayed with another John Kennedy.
John Kennedy owned George magazine,
and now, the first man who
mentioned Jung and synchronicity since
I put that blog about it there is named


I hope he got his Eureka moment.

George read this blog then sent this reply -

yeah, I sure got it. Thanks!

By George he got it!

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