Saturday, 21 November 2009

EINSTEIN was only learning.

This morning I replied to a Yahoo Answers user email sent to me by Einstein59 and think that the content of it may be a way to assist other people to get the point that is constantly missed. I sent Einstein two emails.

This is the first one -

What do you think would be the likelihood of my being led as I was to the one combination of 34 letters out of all the billions of possible combinations that there are, to the one that I found out 7 years later, says this -

Bias to No Pi - 3.1415926535 - Archimedes 22/7.

This is the second one -

As with all codes there are a number of logical rules to the o code that I need to show you before you see the thing that comes after that.

A blank space can represent zero or the letter O.

Letters that can be tilted or inverted to show another letter eg - N-z,,,,W-M have been consistently proven to be designed to do that as part of the genius displayed in the code eg -

In India we met an American man who had a cat named Smokey that died after eating the tail of a poisonous red lizard. This is an anagram of the key -


The incomplete anagram -

NB. RED LI ARD TAIL POISONS SMOKEY THE CAT leaves the letter N, the one letter that doubles as z to complete the anagram.

We already had the key before we met the one man probably in the whole of time that had a cat named Smokey that died in this way and it happened at the time that we met him.

Bear in mind the zero rule with respect to this next line of the O code-

21.11.09 - WHO O TOLD BY PI - EINSTEIN - 3.141592653.

After sending it I realised something else. This anagram contains no blank zeros -

21.11.09 - EINSTEIN TOLD BY PI - 3.14159265358.

That's todays date, the name of the man that was told by Pi today and Pi to 11 decimal places to finalise the point all in the key that I have been demonstrating since 2002. I think that anybody who doesn't get it from that should take up knitting instead. Or spend more time thinking.

Apocalypse Now is on TV tonight. Let's hope it's a piss take!

And at the time that the warning is all about Massive flood Gordon Brown has been shown the reality of that kind of catastrophe, on a very small scale. He had to appease the people of Cockermouth in Cumbria, by attempting to show that he cares.

If the British government meant it they would tell the world the truth, and prevent it.

Gordon has been warned and not by me. By my boss, Ana..

One of my fun questions on Yahoo Answers was -

Could a philosopher baffle himself with silence?

This is my favourite answer.

Maybe...because if him don´t speak, everything that he thought can become a great labyrinth in your maid, then, him can stay crazy. If he speak, other peoples can strike that, then, he thought in anything again and other strike...and he thought again to strike that strike the other. This like they building a good thoughts...

Is he taking the piss or is he someone who should be famous?

At this point in time I feel that I have to remind followers of this information that Helen Kogan's trips are already proven to be significant. She is now in Southern India. A few days ago she was in Los Angeles.

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