Sunday, 7 March 2010

Archimedes does it again.

Last night I was involved in a 'discussion' on a discussion board (if you could call it that) with Stephen Walls the man who was mentioned in yesterday's post.

During the discussion, a few minutes prior to the subject of India coming up when Stephen mentioned that his wife had just made him a curry Elaine drew my attention to a video posted on the BBC news page yesterday, of the Solar eclipse that took place in the sky over Varanasi India on July 22nd 2009. You can watch it via the link below.

July 22nd is Pi day so called because Archimedes calculated Pi to be 22/7.

The subject of Pi day was mentioned and recorded on this blog a couple of posts ago in connection to the possible future timing of a very major new Chile and Oregon earthquake.

When Stephen asked me if i was on about Pythagoras I replied No, Archimedes the man who said Eureka and then proceeded to show him that an earthquake had been felt in Eureka California yesterday.

The synchronised links to Eureka on previous posts in this blog are very significant.

When Stephen mentioned the curry I knew it was my prompt to post a link to the Indian eclipse film that Elaine had just shown me.

This morning I discovered an amazing timing proof coded in the key.

In previous posts as a response to Stephen's inane insults I pointed out that Stephen Walls is an anagram of Stan Hellspew and declared that from now on I would be calling him Stan (see yesterdays post)

This is an extract from the discussion board -

  • Stephen Steff Walls Mmmm, my wife has made a lovely chicken curry.
    Yesterday at 11:15pm · Report
  • Elaine Kelly Thoughts of India well timed -

    Look at what I last said to Julie on my blog about Pi Day. July 22nd, Mary Magdalene's feast day.

    This happened last year on that day, timing is your clue Stephen, Elaine just led me to this before I saw your curry post, enjoy it -
    Yesterday at 11:19pm · Delete Post
  • Elaine Kelly Note the 22 link and Chile, note the appreciation of the light and it's awesome reality, only realised when it is taken away. The whole 22 link started on that date in 2008. When I arrived from India to her house in London..
    Yesterday at 11:22pm · Delete Post

    • Elaine Kelly Sam's house. Anagram Sam.
      Yesterday at 11:23pm · Delete Post
    • Elaine Kelly It's Pi day because Archimedes calculated Pi AS 22/7. Mathematicians celebrate it, they also, in America do the same on March 14th because Pi is 3.14.

      These dates this year may be very important, particularly the July one.
      Synchronicity that occurred during the links to Julie, Ju lie, certainly indicate that.
      Yesterday at 11:40pm · Delete Post
    • Stephen Steff Walls No Kelly you are wrong again, its telegram sam.
      Yesterday at 11:41pm · Report
    • Elaine Kelly It may be the reason why the whole code plan was based around the mathematics of Pi.

      BIAS TO No PI - 3.1415926353 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.
      Yesterday at 11:47pm · Delete Post
    • tephen Steff Walls are you on about pythagoris
      Yesterday at 11:50pm · Report
    • Elaine Kelly Do yourself a favour Stan, shut up and listen, your life and the lives of your family may depend on whether you do or you don't.
      Yesterday at 11:51pm · Delete Post
    • Elaine Kelly No Archimedes, the man who said Eureka, there was an earthquake today that was felt in Eureka California -

      4.6-magnitude earthquake rattles Northern California
      From the Associated Press
      March 6, 2010 | 3:00 a.m.
      Text Size

      An earthquake rumbled early Saturday off the northern California coast and dozens of people in Humboldt County reported feeling it, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

      The 4.6-magnitude temblor hit at 12:46 a.m. and was centered in the Pacific Ocean about 30 miles west of Ferndale.

      USGS geophysicist Randy Baldwin said the temblor was lightly felt in area cities such as Eureka and Ferndale but wasn't strong enough to cause damage.
      Yesterday at 11:53pm · Delete Post
    • Elaine Kelly That earthquake may be just for you.
      Yesterday at 11:55pm · Delete Post
    • Stephen Steff Walls They get them everyday in Calafornia, dont they.So do Norway & Russia, its just that they dont advertise it because to them its a way life.
      14 hours ago · Report
    • Elaine Kelly Not so. Look at my blog posts about Eureka.
      Eureka and Chile LOOK Stan..... or don't.
      13 hours ago · Delete Post
      13 hours ago · Report
    • Elaine Kelly OK, That's about as much time as I am prepared to spend on teaching you, have it your own way, Stan Hellspew.
      13 hours ago · Delete Post
    • 13 hours ago · Report

      Elaine Kelly You see that film of the solar eclipse taken from an Indian town I sent you last night a few posts above this one?

      Well, the same code that says -

          Also says this, I found it this morning -


          See if you can figure out what that means to a thinker Stan.
          2 hours ago · Delete Post

          I received the reply at the top of this email in response to the eclipse film and code line then found that the code also says the second line and I sent it to her and my son Tom in Australia.
          Then I found the third line and sent it to both of them -

          ross kelly
          Add to Contacts
          To:Tom Kelly

          Helen Kogan
          View Contact
          To:ross kelly


          On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 4:30 AM, ross kelly <> wrote:

          And this code line -


          AND NOW INDIA'S 22.7.2009 ECLIPSE ALERTS H.K!


          Then this happened on the Arrest Blair for crimes against peace forum - The first bit is Dennis Martin's post that followed Isma's posts, he was the very next person to add a post

          Dennis Martin Having Seen The Chilkot Farse On Friday - Needs To Be Said - G.Brown Was Right - ts Nothing To do With Him - Thats T.Blair's Doing And He Did Not Defend Him On Bit - It All Came Out - So Whats Europe ICC Waiting For?

          Can Sumone Plz Tell Me What The F##K As Army Funding Got To Do With Chilcot And Blair - That P###K Head...

          See More

          Note the Leopard icon on Isma's post.

          Isma Khan
          Please join the following group:

          Islam is totally AGAINST the use of Nuclear weapons

          Yesterday at 7:36pm · · · Report
          Stephen Steff Walls
          Yesterday at 8:49pm · Report
          Isma Khan
          Isma Khan
          Erm yes, but a Muslim country (Iran) is being accused of developing nuclear weapons...
          Yesterday at 9:22pm · Report
          Stephen Steff Walls
          Stephen Steff Walls
          Do you live in Iran Isma, do you have a face we can relate to.
          Yesterday at 9:37pm · Report
          Shirley Kobiela
          Shirley Kobiela
          It seems that it's ok for UK, USA and 'their' so-called allies to proliferate weapons of mass destruction, but when other not 'so-called' allies want to protect themselves against the only nation to have ever used nuclear against another nation they are deemed terrorists........
          Yes they are very good at accusing and pointing the finger and pulling the trigger........but they think the price was worth it...

          Stephen you have a different face everyday.
          Yesterday at 9:57pm · Report
          Stephen Steff Walls
          Stephen Steff Walls
          I run a daily Quiz on my homepage Shirley.
          Yesterday at 10:07pm · Report
          Shirley Kobiela
          Shirley Kobiela
          So don't dig at somebody else Stephen
          Yesterday at 10:13pm · Report
          Shirley Kobiela
          Shirley Kobiela
          At least you got my name right, it's spelt SHIRLEY not SLAPPER ok.
          Yesterday at 10:14pm · Report
          Shirley Kobiela
          Shirley Kobiela
          You're casting aspersions because his name is Isma, so what if he lives in Iran, Gloucester, Scotland or Portugal for that matter, he's a human being just like the other 6 billion +, who probably wants to wake up in the morning and not be faced with more and more negativity that is rapidly destroying this planet and the minds of the people in it...
          There is Isma something very real that the establishments are hiding from the people, something so big that they will go to war and destroy nations in order to keep it know what that is go to this blog..

          and use the links on the's all free, just your time and mind that's needed.
          Yesterday at 10:31pm · Report
          Stephen Steff Walls
          Stephen Steff Walls
          IRA Sympathiser.
          Yesterday at 11:09pm · Report
          Stephen Steff Walls
          Stephen Steff Walls
          Manbitch, your at it again.
          Yesterday at 11:11pm · Report
          Isma Khan
          Isma Khan
          Aw thank you Shirley :) I am female, living in Britain actually and I totally agree with what you're saying! Thank you for the link - someone has already recommended it to me and so far I have found it to be very interesting...
          Stephen I do have face thank you, but I prefer the picture of the leopard :)
          Yesterday at 11:15pm · Report
          Stephen Steff Walls
          Stephen Steff Walls
          your getting more embbarasing by the minute shemale
          Yesterday at 11:21pm · Report
          Isma Khan
          Isma Khan
          Stephen who are you referring to?!
          Yesterday at 11:58pm · Report
          Shirley Kobiela
          Shirley Kobiela
          For God's sake Stephen, keep yourself together, there are actually people with minds here you know, you're starting to sound a bit off the wall there.....Are you going to accuse everyone on FB of being Ross......Stephen get a life mate.
          18 hours ago · Report
          Isma Khan
          Isma Khan
          Thanks for clearing that up Shirley! Why would Stephen accuse people of being Ross though?!
          18 hours ago · Report
          Shirley Kobiela
          Shirley Kobiela
          He has lost all sense of reason has absolutely no compassion his mouth and mind are foul and sorry to have to say this Stephen and really I am, but you sound like a totally racist bigot.
          And Stephen YOU'RE getting more embarrassing by the minute, you really are.
          Is the picture of Jack Nicholson a clue Stephen, is your brain fried?
          17 hours ago · Report
          Shirley Kobiela
          Shirley Kobiela
          Stephen accuses others of being Ross because he can't cope with the fact that God's real and Ross was the person that was given the code that proves that, time and time again.

          It's ok for the Bletchley Park people or Sauniere or DaVinci or Hittler or Hess or any of the other people that talk of codes and use them, oh yes that's alright, but not if your name is Ross Kelly....nope, that's a no no....I mean surely God would have gone directly to Rome or the wailing Wall or anyone of those 'founded' religions, I mean we all know how honest and trustworthy those groups are......They all adhere to Gods shalt not kill......we just missed the bit that said 'Thou shalt not kill, (unless in army fatigues or have had weapons blessed)...
          maybe Stephen was bullied at school by a boy called Ross and he never got over it.
          And yes Stephen I do sympathise with the people of Ireland, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Angola, Liberia and the list goes on........just more acts of mindless violence so that certain individuals can get what they what cost....See More
          16 hours ago · Report
          Elaine Kelly
          Elaine Kelly
          Speaking of which, the code key has a message from it's creator who's correct title is the old feminine term Lord, it's a personal test of the origin of the code for Isma Khan -

          about an hour ago ·
          Elaine Kelly
          Elaine Kelly
          The next person to make a post after Isma was Dennis Martin, the code uses that fact and gives him his own big cat code proof -

          about an hour ago ·
          Elaine Kelly
          Elaine Kelly

          about an hour ago ·
          Elaine Kelly
          Elaine Kelly
          Why is this relevant? Because the British Government have been hiding knowledge of the code from the people for a long time in order to try to maintain their power, by hiding God's authority. Arms dealing war monger killers are not really the righteous type so they don't want knowledge of the real truth to spoil their party.
          They hid the writing on the wall in 1996 too.
          54 minutes ago · .

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