Saturday, 5 March 2011

Harrit's the man.

Updated March 6th.

Elaine Ross Kelly The Ana code uses the name of Dr Niels Harrit to date WTC7 by 911 -

"... there is no way around this conclusion." States Dr. Niels Harrit referring to World Trade Center Building 7. Dr. Niels Harrit (retired associate professor of chemistry) and his team at the University of Copenhagen published a paper in The Open...
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly The same code says -

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly It also describes the main part of this film perfectly -

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Hey, maybe I forgot to mention that he's Danish, er... that means he's a Dane. The Dane that made a load of videos about WTC7 and 911.

      What have we really got here on this supposed 'group'?

      With a couple of exceptions, a bunch of fucking non thinking idiots?
      That's what it looks like to me. I'm just being honest, I would really love to be proved wrong but the REALLY sad thing is that I think I have a genuinely sound reason to think that it's not going to happen.

      God help you all. Nothing else is going to.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Sometimes frustration gets the better of me! I know most people miss the point. The point is that Niels Harrit from Denmark is the man who gives lectures about the collapse of WTC7 on September 11th 2001 and yesterday I found that the sameanagram code that you'll see demonstrated in most of the other posts not only names him, it tells you his nationality and identifies him as the man who looks at the WTC7 collapse on 911.

      How much more proof does it take to get people to understand that they are looking at something that answers the greatest question mankind has ever asked...Is there a God?

      If you still can't see how that question is answered by the code but would like to know spend some time to think about it.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      I bet hundreds of thousands of people follow up on this advert -

      Will You Get MARRIED?

      So accurate, it's scary! Get your free psychic reading now sent to your email address.

      But they just can't spot something real when it's right in front of their eyes. Not if they have to THINK about it anyway... that's what's SCARY!
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly That's why the scumbags that pulled off 911 can do it right in front of the eyes of the world and get away with it.
      Even Niels Harrit said he had to think about WTC7 for a couple of weeks before the obvious became obvious.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Think about this for example. I have had the anagram code that says -
      WTC7 ON 911 LOOKED AT BY DANE NIELS HARRIT. since 2002.
      Niels Harrit didn't start to get interested about the collapse of WTC7 until four years ago.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly The code links to Harrit and the post about him happened yesterday (5.3.11) Here the O code uses WTC7 to isolate the Niels Harrit link date -

      NIELS HARRIT'S DATED IN O BY WTC7 - ON 5.3.2011.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..

      O LINKED 911 WTC7 BY DANE HARRIT ON 5.3.2011.
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