Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Remembering Waco.

Updated April 23.

Kellie put this extremely timely post on the Ana code wall today -

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 2011 Waco Memorial Service 18th Anniversary Remembrance Tuesday, April 19th 2011, 10AM - 2PM Country Inn & Suites 1502 Interstate 35 N, Bellmead, TX (254) 799-1766

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly The post below this one is all about the massive 227 Pi No earthquake warning. Here the code once again confirms God's time plan. There have been many code lines about the Waco murders in the past.

      DIRE 227 PLAN THEN 19.4.2011 O RE-LINKS WACO.

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      This is very interesting timing Kellie because last year at the precise time that Helen Kogan met Max Igan's friend Eloise (who has the 22.7 birthday) with Max in Byron bay accompanied by Brett Ryan,(B.RYAN) I was watching a documentary about Waco. Then I discovered the fact that there is a town called Eloise about 40 k's from Waco and a town called Bryan 40 k'S from Eloise all in a straight line.
      This morning as I got out of bed a school bus run by a company called Bryan's passed by my front garden.

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Yesterday Kellie and I had the misfortune to be involved in a 'discussion' with Max Igan on a post on his wall that he deleted because it showed him something he does not want to see, namely the content of the post below this one. The synchronicity that happened in Byron bay last year caused Max to include a mention about the code and the possible importance of the 22.7.2010 date in his next radio broadcast but because it appeared to him that nothing of note was connected to that date he backed away from all of it and saw me as his despised enemy. Now that I have the proof that shows him that he was wrong he just can't deal with it.

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly The really interesting thing about it is that Pi is all about circles, a circle appears to have been partially completed and it is leading back to Pi day this year.


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    • Elaine Ross Kelly What a pity it is that Mr Igan's ignorance seems to have caused him to have missed this incredibly brilliant plan.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      This was put on my blog at the time -

      Friday, 30 April 2010


      A quick recap on that -

      On her flight to Sydney to see Brett Ryan Helen watched the film Love happens. The two principal characters are Eloise and Burk Ryan.

      Note the two B.Ryan's.

      When Brett Ryan and Helen visited Max Igan (the man the code names as the Crow because his website is thecrowhouse) in Byron Bay Max's friend Eloise turned up and her birthday is July 22nd. The same date the code has warned about for several months now,
      Pi Day and Mary Magdalene's feast day.

      When I Googled the name Eloise I found that it is the name of a song by Barry Ryan.

      That's three B.Ryan's directly connected to Eloise and one of them is the man Helen went with to meet Eloise.

      Then the code I have had since 2002 confirms the fact that it was all set up to show that the 22.7.10 is the reason why -




      At the very least it was set up to prove to Max and co that the same planner that planned time itself planned the code that was given to me to demonstrate and prove it. - God.

      At the time that I got Helen's email about Max and Eloise I sent her this reply -

      After the Bees I went on to look at Waco and connected videos, it was a very important timer in the whole thing.
      Alex Jones organised the rebuilding of the Davidian church, all done by volunteers with donated money materials and labour, there is a very moving documentary about that at http://www.apfn.org/old/wacopg.htm (Wake up or Waco)
      I don't know how much you know about the truth about Waco but you should take the time to look into it one day. The code uses Koresh's name to isolate the date of the Waco gassings and fire, the day Koresh died.


      That was before finding the multiple B.Ryan Eloise connections.

      Later I found the real stunner,there is a a town called BRYAN 80 miles from Waco,if you take an almost straight line from BRYAN to Waco the town of Eloise is just about exactly half way along that line.

      All three places are close to Austin where Alex Jones, the man who made the Waco film I sent to Helen lives.

      Austin is Brett Ryan's middle name.

      See the Waco Eloise Bryan page or the full Brett Ryan dialogue in the pages section of this blog.

      This appears to be the important reason for the amazing sequence that happened-


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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Today's date is 4.19 and the circle has brought us back to Waco Eloise Bryan, this is why -

      4.19 WACO ELOISE BRYAN LINK ID's THE Nos 227.

      This, according to Max Igan, is crap.

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Last year the reason for the key words Waco Eloise Bryan in the code proved to be this -


      Now we know why - see The great 2010 Pi day warning below.

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    • Kellie CosmicLove 
      Couldnt have said it better myself. ;-)
      I've been having Waco synchronicity all week, and then to have that joyful encounter (Not) with Max yesterday. I knew it was all tied in somehow. I dont think Mad Max missed anything, he knows the 22/7 Pi warning doesnt happen by chance...he just cant face the fact that Ana's in charge. Max Igan doesnt like wht Love is..Ana doesnt fit into his ideals. ......& that's just MENTAL! It was 'that' radio program and his mention of 22/7 that sent me searching. ....& wht did I find..
      ..O Ana. ♥

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly In that case maybe that was the whole reason for it. It's certainly a good enough one.
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    • Kellie CosmicLove I was thinking the same. He came and he went ... full circle.
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    • Shirley Kobiela I've just noticed that by me changing my profile picture we're all black & white, even Sajeevs profile picture - bit of alchemy afoot...
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Last year when I found the code lines that code named Max Igan as Crow I did not know this -

      Max Igan Well... Ive always seemed to have a connection to crows in some way, For example Often when I visit people they tell me they knew I was coming because there were crows hanging around their house and they would say ah, max must be coming to visit today, and it very often still happens to this day.

      Blind Crow might have been even more suitable!

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Or ...Scaredycrow.
      Yesterday at 11:50 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      As a bit of a laugh and also, having been blocked from Max's wall I used an old joke FB profile that had been set up a long time ago to take the piss out of another less than bright individual. The FB name is Hans Zebein, it's an anagram of Heinz beans and is the only fake FB profile I have ever set up.
      This is the full sequence from Max's wall -

      Mark Saltzer
      Why Scarecrow and The Crowhouse? I've always wondered why you used these words.
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      Max Igan Well... Ive always seemed to have a connection to crows in some way, For example Often when I visit people they tell me they knew I was coming because there were crows hanging around their house and they would say ah, max must be coming to visit today, and it very often still happens to this day... but anyway... thats just as a side note... How the name came about was like this.

      My son used to live with his mother and I only got to see him on the weekends so he joined a game clan and wanted me to join as well and I did. The idea was so we could play with each other when we were apart. My sons favorite author is an australia author by the name of Matthew Riley and his favorite Matthew Riley stories concern a Character called Scarecrow who is a special ops agent. Scarecrows greatest friend in the tales is a man called Black Knight so my son decided he was Black Knight and I was Scarecrow. He figured I was tall and lanky so it suited me... Eventually I ended up making forum signatures and textures and a lot of artwork for the clan so I opened up the Crowhouse as a place to store/display the clan art I had done, and that was the entire purpose of the website.

      One day I made a clip for the clan of various members gameplay called gaming can be fun (it was actually my first attempt at video editing) and needed a place to upload it so in Feb 2008 I opened the aodscarecrow youtube channel to upload the clip and never went back to the channel. It wasnt until around July 2008 when I first saw a slide show a guy had put together on the Bali bombings and I thought... I can do that... I know all this stuff Ive been trying to tell people by spamming news forums for months on end just in an effort to get people to wake up, but I had never thought of youtube as before I saw the Bali bombing clip I never knew there was an active truth or alternate media movement on YT at all, I had always thought it was just a place for gamers and school kids to upload cool clips. So I thought Id give it a shot, though I didnt really expect anyone to actually watch my stuff as there was so much other stuff for them to choose from.

      I wanted to keep everything I did available for free and when I started uploading stuff I almost considered creating a new channel and website for it all but then I thought about the clan name... AOD (Alliance Of Defiance) and it fitted well with my message of non compliance, and I considered the real role of a scarecrow which, rather than being something malign, is actually one of protection, then I remembered the affinity I had always seemed to have with Crows.Then it also occurred to me that Non Compliance is truly the only workable way humanity will ever be able to extricate itself from this system and you dont really even need a brain to figure it out and I instantly thought of the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz and it was the clincher, so I thought I'd keep the name and so here I am. It was just where the synchronicity led me

      My son and his friends and any old clan members I run into still call me crow.

      So that is the story behind ScaReCRoW and the Crowhouse.

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      Mark Saltzer Thank You! In Lakesh!
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      Hans Zebein OMG! I'm shaking, this is really weird. When I saw the bit about it all being synchronicity I was not sure what you meant exactly so I did a couple of searches and ended up on a blog about Waco but then when I read it , shit, you must see this!!!! And the Crow is a portent of death! http://synchronicitywins.blogspot.com/

      As expected Max realised that Hans was me and he sent me this message before blocking Hans -

      Max Igan11:42am Apr 20th
      Subject: nice try ross
      theres something extremely interesting about people who open multiple accounts in order to feed their lust for vengeance... vengeance is truly the damaging emotion to reality a person can have and very unbecoming for someone such as you who believes they are gods messenger.

      Ah, the Scarecrow...If he only had a brain.

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly or -


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    • Elaine Ross Kelly As I discovered recently while involved in comments with Michael in America who also has the bird code name Crow, the Crow Indians lived in the Yellowstone river valley. There's not much difference between a yellow stone and a yellow brick. The Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz was on the Yellow brick road.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Remember Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz Movie? Remember it was the tornado that took Dorthy and Toto from black&white to COLOR!.

      Time to go over the rainbow?

      7 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..
      THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD.. anagram of


      7 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly As 'Hans' said to Max, the Crow is a portent of death.

      THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD also says -


      .See the previous blog post..... and the next one and the one after that on the same page.

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