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Belling the Cat.

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        • hmmmmm...........

          A few weeks ago, a disturbing story broke that Morgan Freeman was maintaining a 10-year relationship with his step-granddaughter with whom he had a questionable sexual encounter when she was young. Yes, they are not related through blood, but Freeman is 72 and E'Dena Hines is now 27, which means she
          · · · · 16 February at 09:32 ·
            • Ashleigh Keeling Gross!
              16 February at 09:34 ·
            • Meatloaf OntheRadio Don't care, I still love him.
              16 February at 09:36 · · 1
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen WTF!?!
              my faith in men gets smaller each day.....i USED to like this guy!
              16 February at 09:37 · · 3
            • Belle Gibson ‎:D
              16 February at 09:38 ·
            • Belle Gibson im loving these comments!
              16 February at 09:38 · · 1
            • Meatloaf OntheRadio Where I come from a 17 year old can date a 90 year old if they wanted as they are considered a consenting adult, and seeing as how they aren't blood related I don't see it to be a big deal.

              Well, aside from him cheating on his wife, that's pretty sleazy.. but every time I hear his voice, I just melt into a gooey pile of meatloaf and I forgive him.
              16 February at 09:40 · · 1
            • Kirsty Leaver His voice & acting is clearly better than his morals :-/
              16 February at 09:42 · · 2
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen he was inside her grandmother.....(feeling compelled to scream ewww)
              this isnt about biology, its about violating a role he was priveliged enough to hold.
              he was her grandfather.....blood didn't have to make that so....he chose to have a sexual relationship with her over being her grandfather.....that's just dick thinkin' at its finest!
              16 February at 09:52 · · 3
            • Ross Kelly Did it occur to any of you that they might love each other?

              Why are you all so freaked out by age as if it's some kind of disease?

              What those two PEOPLE do has bugger all do do with any of us. I hope they are truly happy.
              16 February at 09:58 · · 2
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen its not about me a 27yo and another in their 50s and i will say go for it!
              its the role he already had in her life as a grandparent.
              he violated that.
              16 February at 10:01 · · 1
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen ‎70s**
              16 February at 10:02 ·
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen for the record, my son's father is 21 yrs my senior, i'm far from being an ageist.
              16 February at 10:02 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly How did he violate anything... he fell in love with her and it would appear she with him. Why use the word Grandparent (when he wasn't one) just to take out your own hate on him?
              16 February at 10:05 · · 1
            • Meatloaf OntheRadio sometimes, love supersedes labels. sometimes love is all that is needed.

              goodnight kids, have fun arguing and judging other people!
              16 February at 10:07 · · 3
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen ahhh married to her grandmother makes him the girls grandfather.

              by your theory, all adoptive parents never truly have children.....and their children never truly have parents.....biology is for scientists, not for REAL life.

              again, he violated his role as a grandparent and slept with his grandchild.
              16 February at 10:10 · · 1
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen love was all that was needed, not his penis.
              16 February at 10:11 ·
            • Ross Kelly Do you live your life conforming to ideas of Roles?
              16 February at 10:12 · · 2
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen you tell me!
              then get back to the story.
              16 February at 10:15 ·
            • Ross Kelly Whos ideas? Someone else that has a closed confined and shallow understanding?

              It is never wrong to LOVE and sex is not dirty ... except in the minds of those who like to think it is.
              16 February at 10:15 · · 2
            • NatalieThe RantingLittle Red-Hen sex with a grandchild is not dirty....are you for real??
              16 February at 10:16 ·
            • Meatloaf OntheRadio Who ever you are Ross Kelly. I give you my patented awesome person internet award for just being so spectacular. Hold onto it, it might not be worth something someday.
              16 February at 10:18 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly I'm 59 years old and a thought criminal - Isn't she lovely!

              It's okay guys, I'll steal robes from all the other rooms and you can all preten...See more
              photos to induce envy :-)
              16 February at 10:27 · · 2 ·
            • Emma Cooper I would bang Morgan Freeman if I was 17 and he was 62. Just sayin'.
              16 February at 10:27 · · 3
            • Ross Kelly Really serious real violations of human rights take place on this lovely planet every day. The Bankers steal the world, their lackeys in government blow up innocent men , boys, women and people's real grand daughters shattering whole races as they go ... and an older man loving a young lady is what some of us find to get upset about!

              Jeez .. who has the problem?
              16 February at 11:10 · · 2
            • Belle Gibson ROSS!!!!!! what the hell?

              also looking forward to reading these comments in the morning.
              16 February at 11:16 · · 3
            • Belle Gibson
              You're all incredible!

              I still dont know what to think about this... A big part of me does think he violated his role as a relative and it doesn't seem very morally acceptable...

              Then again I'm trying not to be a traditionalist and conform to roles and labeling. He wasn't a genuine grandparent. Related by paper not blood. I also don't see age an issue. If it works, let it work ♥
              16 February at 21:39 ·
            • Meatloaf OntheRadio I figure, we aren't in his shoes, or her shoes, we don't know how they feel about each other and what their relationship is like.

              “Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.”

              What ever it appears to be, there is obviously something beyond those appearances and that's why he feels it's ok to do this. There is no room for judgement in this world. I love and accept him just as much as I did before and I give him credit for doing what's in his heart.
              16 February at 21:46 · · 1
            • Meatloaf OntheRadio How awesome is it to sit upon an internet soap box and declare yourself better than people you don't know, because you read a news story about them. It may be how some people work, but it definitely is not how I work.
              16 February at 21:47 · · 1
            • Belle Gibson Yes. My perception of him hasn't changed. But I enjoyed self discussing this with no judgement. :-)
              16 February at 21:49 · · 1
            • Isaac Shepherd Just because he married her grandmother doesn't mean he was in a grandparents roll or that they ever thought of each other like that. In the end they are 2 consenting adults so let them be happy, or as i always say "be a libertarian, not a dick"
              16 February at 22:30 · · 2
            • Kirsty Leaver Meatloaf OntheRadio .... would you mind if I used your quote:

              "Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances"

              as a sign-off thought for my blog?
              16 February at 22:33 · · 1
            • Sharnti Hindmarsh you cant help who you fall in love with... if they arent hurting anyone then where is the problem?? i say go for it. if she is truly in love with him (no gold digger lol) then good on him!!! if im that old and can pull a youngen id be freakin proud hahahahah
              16 February at 22:40 · · 2
            • Belle Gibson If I was that young and could pull someone that old, I'd also be be freaking proud! Hahaha :p
              16 February at 22:42 · · 2
            • Meatloaf OntheRadio it's not my quote kirsty, its a quote by wayne dyer
              16 February at 23:16 · · 2
            • Meatloaf OntheRadio can you imagine ... morgan freeman pillow talking you? thats exciting no matter how old you are... or even what gender.

              16 February at 23:19 · · 2
            • Belle Gibson I was waiting for you to take credit! :) beautiful honest man!
              16 February at 23:19 · · 1
            • Belle Gibson oh my god yes! id take him and and and..... shhhh now
              16 February at 23:29 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly
              ‎"If I was that young and could pull someone that old, I'd also be be freaking proud! Hahaha :p"

              That's very good thinking Belle, you got it the right way round.

              It's about wisdom really... how much more reason to appreciate the meaning
              of love does an older person have? ... A whole lifetime's more reason. A deep reason that you can not fully know until you are old enough to know it. Only ignorance, mostly in the young, makes light of that fact.
              Life is the only teacher, the longer you are in the school the more you grasp the lesson.

              Older people understand the real value of love more than young people do. That's easy to understand, if it wasn't.....what the f@ck are you all looking forward to?

              Getting old and understanding less?
              16 February at 23:39 · · 2
            • Belle Gibson I'm getting old(er) and understanding more.... you're just THAT old, you've lost your point :p
              16 February at 23:54 ·
            • Belle Gibson haha im kidding. so many people i know <25 are terrified of love, i think once you get a little older, a little more experience, a little less self absorbed - you're ready to open up and expose yourself completely. you can't always do that with someone thats on the same plane as you.
              16 February at 23:55 ·
            • Ross Kelly Love is the thing that most people are most afraid of.

              Pity, because if that was not the case we would all be free.
              16 February at 23:59 ·
            • Belle Gibson nothing to be afraid of, intimidated maybe...
              Friday at 00:05 ·
            • Ross Kelly That's nice.
              Friday at 00:06 · · 1
            • Belle Gibson love is whats nice. ♥
              Friday at 00:07 ·
            • Ross Kelly Being here to know about it is pretty nice too.
              Friday at 00:09 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly Being here to know about it is love's gift.
              Friday at 00:10 ·
            • Belle Gibson making me smile over here, mister kelly. I'm with you on that!
              Friday at 00:11 ·
            • Ross Kelly That's nice.
              Friday at 00:12 ·
            • Belle Gibson haha
              Friday at 00:12 ·
            • Belle Gibson ‎:)
              Friday at 00:13 ·
            • Ross Kelly You are making me smile too.
              Friday at 00:13 ·
            • Belle Gibson
              Friday at 00:14 ·
            • Ross Kelly I'll be very happy to leave it at that... A day worth living.
              Friday at 00:15 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly Thanks.
              Friday at 00:18 · · 1
            • Belle Gibson SHHH ROSS, you were meant to leave it at that! :p
              Friday at 00:19 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly I couldn't, trust me, I tried but ...shhhit.
              Friday at 00:21 ·
            • Ross Kelly Listen here you Belle Gibson and listen good. You are like a flower and your radience has shone in the minds of lots of other people, for real, it has, I am just very pleased to be one of them.
              Friday at 00:30 · · 1
            • Belle Gibson ross, you've made my day. i dont know what euphemism i can use that'll trump that, but I'm glad you're all the water that makes me flourish. you know its a honour to know you ♥
              Friday at 00:40 ·
            • Ross Kelly I think the honour is all mine.
              Friday at 00:41 ·
            • Ross Kelly Some of the pleasure certainly is.
              Friday at 00:45 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly Bed time. Shine on Belle, you are truly good at it.
              Friday at 00:50 · · 1
            • Belle Gibson sounds like a great idea! sleep beautifully ♥
              Friday at 00:52 ·
            • Belle Gibson What's really weird, Ross... Is that when you said "shine on" and I read it - in another room "we all shine on" by Lennon came on on my iPod. ;-)
              Friday at 01:03 ·
            • Ross Kelly ‎;-)
              Friday at 09:14 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly The real meaning of the word weird is ... wise ... and among other a perfect timer of reality ... she really is.

              She uses reality to tell you because there is nothing else that could. xxxxx.
              Friday at 20:57 · · 1
            • Belle Gibson Ross......... Wow ♥
              Don't we just love Ana today ;-)
              Friday at 21:08 ·
            • Ross Kelly This word combination is in the code, it should give you a further clue about the timing of that song. It's not random -

              ROSS' ANA WORD KIT -PI 22/7 - 3.14....SHINE ON BELLE.
              Saturday at 10:16 ·
            • Belle Gibson Wow, I'm kind of drunk, so this is even more significant. Amazing stuff, ross
              Saturday at 10:59 ·
            • Ross Kelly Chocolate and wine huh!
              Saturday at 11:51 · · 1
            • Ross Kelly ‎..


              Image Detail for -

              Saturday at 12:01 · ·
            • Ross Kelly As you know Belle, the code is O and it is Ana's PR tool, it says ...

              BELLE, R.K'S 18.2.12 O PR CAN ID ... IS ON WINE TODAY.
              Saturday at 12:57 ·
            • Ross Kelly Enjoy the wine, think about it tomorrow!
              Saturday at 12:59 ·
            • Ross Kelly ‎..

              I ID RK'S O PR ON BELLE'S WINE DAY ON 18.2.12 .... CAT.
              Saturday at 13:13 ·
            • Ross Kelly Notice how it's formulated to link to the previous Cat bike theme.
              Saturday at 13:22 ·
            • Ross Kelly ‎...and how the words shine on Belle were designed to make the link.
              Saturday at 13:23 ·
            • Ross Kelly Ana is teaching you that she's your teacher and your whole life is your lesson ... and it's totally direct.
              Saturday at 13:25 ·
            • Ross Kelly It should also help others to see who it is that made the love happen between Morgan Freeman and the girl and at least one good reason why.

              So that the code lines in this thread got shown.
              Saturday at 13:33 ·
            • Ross Kelly

              "The story gives rise to the idiom to bell the cat, which means to attempt, or agree to perform, an impossibly difficult task."

              Tell me about it!
              Belling the Cat is a fable also known under the titles The Bell and the Cat and ...See more
              Saturday at 14:37 · ·
            • Ross Kelly
              I hope you slept soundly, softly and serenely Belle.

              Don't even consider thinking about the above until 3 pm.

              Then think about it for a time until you know you have grasped it ... then open the next bottle of wine because you can be pretty sure that if you have you are ...out on a limb.

              I understand that you must feel that way anyway but want you to know that you are not alone.

              xxxxxxx. ...See more
              Saturday at 21:13 ·
            • Ross Kelly
              On thinking back on this I realise that you may have found it a bit confusing and not see the point because we all have different 'programmed' memory associations, (each of us have a different knowledge bank.)

              Maybe some clarification would help otherwise you may take it that you are somehow being referred to as a Cat!

              ....When I looked at the code for the second time to see what 'shine on Belle' links to I found the Cat link ..


              ... to me it was just another hint about the fact that what this is about is a warning to the world about impending CATastrophe if we don't change course. I also realized that it was connected to the previous CAT bike warning sequence connected to Bowen and to you because you used to live there.

              Some years ago I had realised that the old term to 'bell the cat' has a dual meaning one being performing a hard or dangerous task and the other being the using of Ana's Bell (the code) to warn about the catastrophic consequence of human kind in 'high places' continuing to both hide and act in defiance of all that took place in and since 1996 that was designed to show them reason before it's too late.

              So when I saw the Cat linked to what had just happened to you and the shine on synchronicity I searched Belle the Cat to see what would come up and found that lots of Belle Cat pictures and connections exist.

              At first I refrained from posting the line and the link to the Belle the Cat photo because I thought you might not get the point but then you told me that you were a bit drunk so I posted it thinking it was just a bit of fun, I did not realise that there was much more to it until I later found the lines that time your wine day to the subject of the Cat.

              Then I knew it had been set up to help you and other readers of this to see that every detail of it all was planned and that the reason for it is still the same ... The Belling of the Cat!

              On the night that those code lines happened something else happened here that was very connected to the previous post that started with you posting the stolen bike poster.

              Shirley's brother Leon borrowed one of our bikes to go home on (a Townsend) and it got stolen.

              Richard and Shirley's brother Leon were busking in Glasgow a few days ago. They were interviewed by a reporter from the Sunday Post and their photo appeared in that paper yesterday in a full page article on page 23.

              23 is the number that has been very strongly linked in recent months to the timing of something big ( perhaps the Bowen and Oban thing but maybe something else) and the clues all appear to be about the 23rd of May.

              The day after the bike was stolen Shirley did a search for LEON BIKE and sure enough,,,there is one...

              This all seems to me to be more verification of the link between a 23 day and a very big Cat. And in this thread Ana has used you as her help to Bell it.
              『Leon Bike』は旧sunn(※サン)、旧commencal(※コメンサル)に代わって、ヨーロッパの正統とエスプリを受け継ぐ、シンプル&スタンダードを極めたハイエンドバイクです。
              7 hours ago · ·
            • Ross Kelly The name that the Busking duo gave the newspaper as a name for their 'band' is The Lionhearts.

              LION is Ana's code name for an event like an earthquake or asteroid impact, I am sure they were not thinking about that when they gave the reporter the name but it certainly makes sense in this context.
              7 hours ago ·
            • Ross Kelly Morgan Freeman played the part of God in Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey playing Bruce. Carrey starred in the film 23.

              And the picture of Cat outside Bowen was taken on the Bruce highway.

              Cats stepfather (or if unmarried, her mothers partner) is named Bruce.
              6 hours ago ·

    • Inci Samiye Hamit What a genius display using bikes... who would have thought we'd be talking in cycles..she did, brilliant.
      Yesterday at 14:54 ·
    • Ross Kelly An interesting point about the Leon link is that a few days ago he borrowed one of our bikes (a Townsend) to go home on and somebody nicked it. So there was already a direct connection.
      Yesterday at 15:04 ·
    • Ross Kelly I have a feeling that Joe Bloggs would find it very hard to understand what Cat's on football grounds and words on bicycles have to do with God.

      'He'would find it very difficult to see the direct connection between God and the entirety of reality the Church Minister who said that God has nothing to do with who wins the lottery.
      10 hours ago ·
    • Ross Kelly ‎'He' would find it equally difficult to accept the fact that God arranged the location of Oban cycles in Anfield Liverpool just at the end of Townsend avenue in 1917 in order to enable me to try to get through to Eric Anfield in Oban in 2012 who had his Townsend bike in his hallway, the one I pointed out to him when I went to warn him about the end of Oban in 1996.

      Or that the timing of the celebrity of the Cat on the Anfield pitch at the time that I was engaged in commenting on a post about bicycles posted by Cat Emberton did not occur by chance.

      It's too silly to think that God controls cats and 'Joe Bloggs' knows that.
      8 hours ago ·
    • Ross Kelly ‎....and people like Dick Cheney know that he does.

      After writing that I searched Dick Cheney because I couldn't remember the correct spelling of his name, and saw this ...

      The Dick Cheney hunting incident occurred on February 11, 2006, when then U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington, a 78-year-old Texas attorney.

      Dick Whittington had a CAT.
      Dick Whittington and His Cat is an English folk tale that has often been used as...See more
      8 hours ago · ·
    • Ross Kelly Dick Whittington's cat caught Rats.

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