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Power Play.

Updated Nov 12. - Carlton.

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  • Danielle Anstee Anyone reading this book??

  • Ross Kelly Not me.

  • Joanne Shaw I skimmed it.

  • Ross Kelly The mystery was solved by Tanu -

    Tanushree Nadir hi ross, actually it was me that posted it, a while back from your laptop. I was logged into scribd and it automatically connects with facebook and your page must still have been open while i was uploading/downloading it ;)
    Note, Tanu did this a couple of years ago but it came to light just at the time of the Tory Paedophile scandal.

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  • Danielle Anstee Ssshh...I'm nearly finished. Very interesting given the code lines of late!!!
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  • Ross Kelly How so?

  • Joanne Shaw I only skimmed it and I can see the links to what Danielle is talking about. It does fit the Code lines. But then daughter called me 'the bunny with the watch' the other day as I was taking her to school. She was referring to the 'White Rabbit" from Alice in and Wabbit Holes.
  • Danielle Anstee Well I'm going down this rabbit hole lol....It's got a lot of references to what I'm guessing the author must have some knowledge of (well der, but you know what I mean)...about pedophilia and rape etc that goes on at these colleges that the super super rich kids go to and how that, added to their inbreeding shapes their futures and fuels corruption.
  • Ross Kelly Really? Well that's very interesting timing then.

  • Danielle Anstee There was the Tory party mentioned and I'm guessing there is some truth to this fiction.
  • Danielle Anstee It was also a very good read!! Timing indeed!

Tanu's explanation -

  • Tanushree Nadir hi ross, actually it was me that posted it, a while back from your laptop. I was logged into scribd and it automatically connects with facebook and your page must still have been open while i was uploading/downloading it ;)
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  • Tanushree Nadir But the strange thing is...I was sitting at your house, on your couch, on your laptop

Danielle is referring to the timed connection between the content of the book and the subject matter in the previous blog post.

The title  Power play is particularly interesting in light of what's been happening lately.

I'm beginning to think that there may be something a bit 'fishy' about all that. Suddenly after all these years and after all his allegations that he made in private against Lord McAlpine (and has now admitted to doing) he claims to have been shown a photo of McAlpine and now realises he was not the man who abused him. Surely he would have looked at photos of McAlpine BEFORE making his accusations? He's certainly had a long time to do so.

It makes me wonder if it is possible that in the wake of the Savile revelations someone set this one up to nip the reopening of the investigations of senior Tories in the bud because it was pretty obvious that that was where it was all heading.

Interestingly Clarke was the minister for employment, the same ministry that are now in charge of the employment of ATOS in Britain and the Cameron pi link started with that.

The video was off the net for a number of years and has come to light again now along with a number of reports about ex Tory PM Ted Heath and his purported associations with young boys.

The Ana O code says -



Nov 12. Carlton.

Yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table and the word CARLTON was noticeably sitting on a box in front of me, I knew that it was somehow related to the paedophile scandal but didn't know why.

This article has just appeared on my news feed, please read it right to the end where a connection to The Carlton club is mentioned for the second time.

Lord McAlpine stated that he had oly ever once gone to Wrexham. Strange when so many of his close relatives live or did live there.

Copied from The Slog -

The two authors of one of yesterday’s Mail pieces, David Rose and Bob Woffingden, were both called to
 give evidence to a May 2002 Home Affairs Committee report on child abuse allegations – chaired by Chris Mullin, and joined by one David Cameron.

Bob Woffingden is a member of the British False Memory Syndrome group: their evidence has been used to take children from their parents in the Secret Family Courts, and dismiss evidence against paedophile social workers.

David Rose is a former member of MI5.

So then….not just objective MoS hacks.

They appeared in their 2002 evidence to be claiming that the paedophile perpetrators in question had suffered a gross miscarriage of justice. The Dept Of Health Bryn Estyn report (only 2 years later) shamed both their testimonies. Perhaps they’re still feeling sore. Or perhaps they have another agenda? I think we should be told.

Right then detractors, is this non-innuendo enough for you? No?

Fine, what about this:

The Waterhouse report contains Steven Messham’s statement to the police. In it, Steven testified that his abuser “had several cars and a chauffeur.”
The abusers would wait for Steven Messham at the bottom of a lane near Bryn Estyn children’s home when Steven had a late pass from the home. Messham was then abused in the car in a lay-by, and at the Crest Hotel in Wrexham.

Local Welsh councillor Keith Gregory has tesified that boys from Bryn Estyn would be taken to the homes of two McAlpine family members in the area – Gerwyn Hall and Marchwiel Hall, both a few miles from Wrexham town centre. Gerwyn Hall was occupied by Jimmie McAlpine, who died in 1991. Marchwiel Hall was the home of Jimmie’s sister. Their son, John Bell, lived at Marchwiel Hall at the time. He now lives in Thailand.

Jimmie McAlpine’s ID fits to the letter with his chauffeurs, his massive car collection, the house where he lived, the hotel he frequented, and the golf club membership he shared at the time with the two leaders at Bryn Estyn….both of whom went to jail on multiple charges of buggery.

Here’s my take on this last part: it is NOT innuendo, it is very powerful and consistent circumstantial evidence. At the time it should have been more than enough to put Jimmie McAlpine into a police HQ for questioning. But that didn’t happen.

There is an overpowering smell of rotting flesh in all this, but as the huge injustice done by the depraved of our nation goes out of focus, the main media of our Septic Isle are concerned with….revolving doors at the BBC.


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