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Mr Kremer's Pi hit.

This is an old screenshot.

This is part of a thread in yet another Atheist Theist argument group.

Jason Stephan Wales I think it's religious belief that is closer to the pathology of mental illness and mass delusion...can't really see how not believe something that has no proof attached is indicative of mental actuality it's almost the opposite of most...
Sean Kremer I don't think of it a delusion but I do think they need to get educated.
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Jason Stephan Wales And the ones that are educated but continue to believe...a lot of cultural and societal pressure..familial pressure...indoctrination at a young age ..brainwashing..what's your thinking there...surely some delusional process involved...
Ross Kelly It's the same on both sides of the argument, neither side actually knows so why do you think there is any point in the slanging match?

You are 'both' delusional.

Jason Stephan Wales Wrong Ross is not believing something that has no evidence in anyway delusional..if you believe that your delusional...AMD your theory then extends to anything which can't be known...or has two opinions..which in a non verifiable external objective world would be most things and subjectively everything so everyone is delusional...bit as some things are testable and get the same results repeatedly and someone still doesn't agree or believe on that thing it doesn't mean both are delusional
Ross Kelly Yes it does because I know for certain that everything is generated by divine intelligence.

Why do you assume that just because YOU don't know nobody else does either?...See more

Sean Kremer What evidence do you have of your god?
Ross Kelly None of your business.
Sean Kremer So, none. Thanks
Ross Kelly None for you and you are welcome.

Anybody who can not understand that any real God is everybody's God and purposely uses the word YOUR in the way that you just did can , as far as I am concerned, spend a lot more time thinking....See more

Sean Kremer Ok so you have no evidence. And I really don't care because if you did tell me, based on previous debates and knowledge I can pretty well guess that it wouldn't be evidence and might even be self refuting just like this conversation. Also, not sure why...See more
Ross Kelly Guess what you like.

That's all you can do.


Ross Kelly Other than opening your eyes and seeing what you actually see and understanding what that SEEING is.
Ross Kelly Understand WHAT is seeing.
Sean Kremer Actually no. You are going on blind faith.

I go where the evidence and science tells me.

Ross Kelly You are totally wrong about that mate, you are actually just guessing again.
Sean Kremer Nope I am not but to can have your beliefs if you want.
Ross Kelly I don't do 'belief'. and you are.
Ross Kelly You don't know that you are but then again you don't actually know very much at all other than the fact that you are here.

Wherever here is!

Ross Kelly Neither do scientists.

They are guessing too, or rather, believing the appearance of things and convincing other idiots that they understand stuff when actually only a few of them do....See more

Ross Kelly And they think that they are smart but guess what..

There are people who work for world governments who are keeping secret the fact that they know that the so called scientists are mostly idiots who understand nothing about reality.

Those people and their employers want it to remain that way because if the world knew the truth about that those people would have to hide from the anger of the newly awakened people they have purposely deceived.

They like to keep you ignorant.

They already have the proof that God is real, but they would prefer that you either believe religious bollocks or atheist bollocks, both belief systems keep you all well away from understanding what those people really represent.

Ross Kelly That's how they control you.

By using you to control yourselves for them because you are ignorant of the truth.

Ross Kelly Perhaps I was a bit hard on you, it's just that I am justifiably sick of the same old shit from you people who think you can argue against the existence of God when the real truth is that you could not argue against ANYTHING if it wasn't for God having...See more

Sean Kremer Ok so you are delusional then

Science is not some kind of conspiracy. For someone who is anti science you use the products of science every day. So you literally have no idea what you are talking about and have no sense of reality. I recommend (in all honesty, not trying to insult) you seek professional help because I think you aren't living in reality.

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Ross Kelly You THINK a lot of things Sean but you KNOW very little, you haven't got a clue really except the one I just gave you.

Not your fault, it's just the way you are being used in the great plan of life.

Sean Kremer Like I said you're anti science and yet you use the products of science every day. You are extremely uneducated and completely ignorant.
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Ross Kelly Blah blah blah..
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Ross Kelly I'm not anti science, how could I be, I'm typing this on a computer.

Did you read the blog post properly?

If you did you will have seen that one of the things it shows you is a demonstration of the time synchronised little anagram code that you can see in my profile picture that I was led to complete in 2002 and you will have read the simple description explaining how the letters in the code correspond to single digit numbers. A=1 etc.

The code's symbol for it'self is O.

You should, if you were paying attention with regard to the blog post also have seen that last week an Estonian man named Kalle who was born on 4.12.1984 in the city of Paide came to my attention when he commented on my post.

This is a perfect anagram of the little O code -


This is another -


This is another -

BIAS TO No PI - 3.1415926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.

(No is number)

THINK about THAT for a while.

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Ross Kelly And this -


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Ross Kelly ..

KREMER'S HIT BY PI -3.141592. ..NELSON TOO .. 3.141.

        Alivia Nelson is Sean Kremer's girl friend's name.

Sean Kremer Umm good for you? Not sure what that had to do with anything.

You're a special kind of special. You understand that the computer you're using is science based but you think science is just guessing when you are a computer that works. It's not guessing it might work, it works. And yet you believe in something without any evidence to support it. Doesn't make sense.

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Ross Kelly I just showed you the evidence numb skull, I also recommended that you actually think about it.

I already suspected that it would prove to be the case that you are unable to actually do that but, I live in hope that sometimes I am wrong in my judgements', sadly I tend not to be.

You are way out of your depth here.

I suggest you get back to me when you actually understand what I just showed you or don't bother when you do.

I really don't need to know when you do and maybe you just don't need to know anyway.

Meanwhile you have helped me to possibly help others to see what it is that just went over your head so dramatically.

You are the proverbial innocence abroad, how can I not like that?

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Ross Kelly I say again.. THINK about what I just told you and showed you, do it FOR yourself.

Sean Kremer So ignoring to dumb ad hominem attacks, your evidence for your god is pi? Please tell me I got that wrong.
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Ross Kelly You got that wrong.
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Ross Kelly What we are really seeing here is Kremer vs Kremer.

Sean Kremer You're just not making sense all together. I'm done. Have a nice day.
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Ross Kelly Thanks, I did. Hope you have one too.


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