Wednesday, 21 April 2010

22 Won't go away.

From the start of this blog in November 2009 it has all been connected to the number 22 as an important date link. I just sent this email to Max Igan. He is in Australia, it's the 22nd there.

Take a look at this Max, My lovely friend Sam replied to an old Stockwell email and I sent her your Sheepie pit video in return. Sam is the Lady that the whole 22 link has been connected to since 2006. Links to her started it.

It is the 21st here. I did not notice the date that yahoo allocated to the Sheepie email until sam sent me the Ewe are Joking reply !

Ewe are joking!
Just went to get nappy change water and Saj and his friend started to watch journey to the centre of the earth, Sini is wearing a sleep suit with sheep on it and it says baa baa baby.
Interesting a cobra meeting was held on 19Th.
Interesting the packs went out by ship as no flight zone came in. All US mail had the required custom C22 stickers on.
Our virgin media connection went down last night and we are area 22.
Just seen an email about my 22 week old.
22 active volcanoes in Iceland - that's incredible.

--- On Thu, 22/4/10, ross kelly  wrote:

From: ross kelly
Subject: Re: Stockwell
To: "konju sajeev"
Date: Thursday, 22 April, 2010, 12:00 AM

Don't fall into the Sheepie pit!

From: konju sajeev
To: ross kelly
Sent: Wed, 21 April, 2010 19:17:02
Subject: Re: Stockwell

Something to take stock of well...

--- On Sat, 3/4/10, ross kelly  wrote:

From: ross kelly
Subject: Stockwell
Date: Saturday, 3 April, 2010, 2:34 AM

A little while ago, a week or two, my attention was drawn to the word STOCKWELL.
Simon Stockton played a part in it. At the time the code related to him Elaine argued that his name was Stockwell.
She was confused about it because of something else she read at the time.
Then my mother died and the subject of the secret my cousin Fiona Simpson was told by my mother came up. In 1996 she told me she would tell me that secret at my mothers funeral.
I told my brother to ask her to write and tell me the secret as I did not attend the funeral. My brother then told me that Fiona denied that she had said that on the telephone, as if I was nuts for telling my brother what she had promised in 1996,
As a child Fiona lived at Stockwell Hall near Billericay. I actually met her and her sister there without knowing who they were. Stockwell Hall is also known as Clock House.
Aweek or so ago Elaine told me about a news report about people who had just been arrested for insider ctrading. The following day I googled the name Simon Stockwell and found that he is part of the same group to which the arrested traders belong. I do not know if he was one of them.
What it showed me is that the timed STOCKWELL link is real and therefore important.
Two days ago I watched Terrorstorm on YouTube and noticed that Stockwell station was involved in 77 and was the station in which the Brazilian man Menendes was shot.
The date he died was July 22nd 2005.

Stockwell shows us a familiar date.

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