Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Helen Kogan Bangkok link.

This exchange between Helen and myself took place today, April 22nd, the date that I had in an earlier blog post, as if in error connected her to Bangkok When I stated that she is flying out of India today. (see Special K)
Bangkok hit the news today because some bombs exploded there today.

The full Brett Ryan dialogue can be read on a page in the pages above the links column on the right of this page.

Helen Kogan -

Am reading up on your blog site.

...A couple of steps behind (no 'quick witted' response required)

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 7:43 PM, ross kelly

As if !!!!

Helen Kogan -

1) I never at any point told Ross that I like his sense of humour

2) After too long of travelling and yoga being the closest thing to exercise, I fear I would be an inadeqaute co-jogger on my visit to Oz. A beach speed walk with no trainers (had to ditch them - only have flip flops and hiking shoes) would be magic though.

3) Alas I don't drink coffee... but you say the word tea (chai even) and I'm there!

3) My publishers son is called Oz! I ask you who calls their son Oz. But as I was wondering if I should make the trip over - that popped into my mind. And then soon after as taxi drove through street of Kolkata, I saw a registration number plate BR 911 569 (or some other numbers that all added up to 11)

4) See point 1) again.

5) I can't work out how to add to your blog site. Like Pooh bear - I'm remain a bear of little brain. Hence email.

6) See point 1) again.


Ross Kelly -

Funny you should bring up point 1.
I just updated Brett's dialogue and as I was doing it I realised you were going to catch me out for lying because I told the man that you had a great sense of humour. You have to understand that I did this IN YOUR FAVOUR as I figured you would be missing the attentions of xxxxx by now.
I will always look after your best interests that's what friends are for.

Helen Kogan -


7) If I could get rid of my extra FB profile I would but the bl**dy system seems intent on me having two.

Did I mention point 1) ?

You are doing me no favours (not from this distance - whatever your male perception of length is).

Me and xxxxx are just friends. Long story, I have no doubt you are not interested.


ross kelly

Add to Contacts
Helen Kogan
IT'S dENIS AND I and how did you know I was referring to him?

Helen Kogan. -

Like I don't know your infamous sense of (ahem, dare I call it) humour.

Funny - he always wondered why there was only one 'n' in his name.
Thought you might like that observation.

He's a great guy. We are just in different places and having to do our own thing.*

*Just see, if you can resist commenting in anyway, shape or form, even for your pulse rate to not change with excitement and anticipation of how you could ridicule the above line.

I bet you can't resist....

Can you?

Go on....I believe you can hold back.
Yes I really believe in you....

Resist Ross! Resist!

Ross Kelly -

The thing that I reckon is funny is that I sent all this to Brett and that in turn means ... you and xxxxxx... are famous!

From: Helen Kogan
Sent: Thu, 22 April, 2010 16:45:24
Subject: Re: Important points to note

I knew you couldn't resist.

(you adding that to the blog too? - are you? are you? Mr (Oh so funny) Ross (playing with my scrabble letters and numbers) Kelly

And you adding in the above?
I dare ya!

Ross Kelly -

Yep, it's all there and that will be there too, meanwhile, are you in Bangkok yet?

H.K -

Highly commendable. well done.
Meanwhile - Good grief man, don't you read your own blog! I only just arrived in Kolkata today!
K - 22nd.
26th April to Bangkok.
Not sure from there.
More Thailand? Laos/Cambodia? Oz? Other. Of course I will keep you informed.

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 9:34 PM, ross kelly wrote -

Big trouble in Bangkok today and it looks like it's about to get worse,

martial law with bullets flying maybe.

rom: Helen Kogan
To: ross kelly
Sent: Thu, 22 April, 2010 17:06:23

Subject: Re: Important points to note

Oh yeah - I heard that was looming.


On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 9:40 PM, ross kelly


Keep your eye on the news from there girl it could get nasty.

From: Helen Kogan
To: ross kelly
Sent: Thu, 22 April, 2010 17:15:04
Subject: Re: Important points to note

Will do Pops.



ross kelly

Helen Kogan

The Bangkok thing is on the news now, they are advising only essential flights.


Looks like it may have to have a blog page ALL OF IT'S OWN... TOOTS.


Helen Kogan

ross kelly

Aw shucks!!!

I'm humbled.

no, really. I am.

From: Helen Kogan
To: ross kelly
Sent: Thu, 22 April, 2010 17:37:15
Subject: Re: Important points to note

Thanks for letting me know - I'll see where it's all at in a couple of days.
in fact I might send a mail to travel agents now to see what they advise.

Thanks again

Ross kelly -

6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes Samoa
Washington Post
AP The quake struck 123 miles (198 kilometers) from the Samoa islands at a depth of 19 miles (32 kilometers). Police in the Samoan capital, Apia, ..

I wondered why it was you today!

In THE BIG ONE? post on this blog Helen and her father SAM were linked in a synchronised way to the American Samoan earthquake last November.)

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 10:11 PM, ross kelly

The interesting thing is that Ana had me link you to Bangkok on today's date by having me make that 'error. It's on the blog.


Helen Kogan

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ross kelly

So is the time and date of your email below.

I also wondered ealier today if there is a significance in me coming from BANGalore and going to BANGkok.
Thanks to you both for the warning


ross kelly

Helen Kogan

That 'error' connecting you to Bangkok today was put on the blog a week or two ago.

Interesting, the two BANGS because there was a bombing in BANGalore at the weekend, where you came from a little while ago.

Rosss Kelly April 22 at 8:07pm

Notice how yesterday's Sheepie link on the day of that quake was linked to SAM and that it was dated by today's date by Yahoo..

UPDATE: 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Samoa
USGS reports that a 8.1 magnitude earthquake killed at least 149 people killed in Samoa, 34 people in American Samoa and nine people killed and four injured on Niuatoputapu, Tonga.

Note that it says American Samoa, The place that was first linked to Sam and Helen last year,the odd thing is I can't find it on the BBC news.

Here's where the report is -

If it's an error it's a bloody well timed one just like Helen's 'flight to Bangkok'.

The main point in all this is that it links to two topical subjects Earthquakes and Martial law.


April 23 at 4:01pm
Helen -

Thought this morning I'd like to go and see Max (after seeing his films, my experiences in Kolkata and questions arising).
The day was then inundated with crows. One almost flew into me and one flew alongside my cab. And a whole gaggle/pride/bunch of them in front of me as I drank my tea.

Travel agent say to avoid Bangkok so now to Oz on the 26th
(BTW opened up Skype today and the call phone section was set on the Oz dialling code - last person I spoke to on Skype was in US)

As the travel agent told me where I could travel in Oz he pointed out a place where 'if I was interested in those sort of things' Mad Max was filmed.

Second quake shakes Samoa and Tonga

Posted at 21:06 on 22 April, 2010 UTC

A second earthquake shook Samoa and Tonga this evening, about 11 hours after residents were awoken by a mild tremor in the morning.

The United States Geological Survey said the evening quake had a magnitude of 5.2 and was centered just over 100 kilometres north northeast of Hihifo, Tonga and 220 kilometres southwest of Apia, the capital of Samoa.

Shortly after the evening quake, a small bridge in Leone village in American Samoa collapsed.

April 23 at 5:23pm

This one just has to be recorded for posterity -

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 8:08 PM, ross kelly wrote: (to H.K.)

Brett sent me this before you told me about your change of plan. -

Brett Austin Ryan April 23 at 1:50am

Hey mate, facebook was down for maintance last night.. I ANA PIN BRETT'S CROW S.O.S LADY - HELEN.

Is this meaning what may take place in bangkok and that cause I sent an email maybe its a sign for helen to head here instead.. Thanks for the 1 -9..

Helen Kogan -

Smart chap.

Was taught well.

(yes, I actually just wrote that)


It's pathetic isn't it. The things some people will do for a cup of tea!!

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