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Crombie's challenge

    • Updated June 25

      ANYONE WANTING TO SEE HOW THIS MATH PROVIDES AN INFINITE No OF LETTER COMBINATIONS should take time to read this note. There are TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS so Ross or anyone can write almost ANYTHING THEY WANT as long as the letters support those words
      Wednesday at 01:13 ·  ·  · 
        • Neil Ashton Is that it Rob? Nothing more to say? Are you just a servant of the system? All I know of you is that YOU are a liar.
          Wednesday at 01:27 · 
        • Rob Crombie on the phone....have plenty to say...brb
          Wednesday at 02:13 · 
        • Rob Crombie I am not a LIAR, but I will admit that I sent false info or LIES to Ross because i wanted to expose him and his silly code as nothing more than a manipulation of the weak minded peopel who believe it is a conduit to God
          Wednesday at 02:25 · 
        • Rob Crombie If you have read the note you will have seen from the basic math explanation that there are TRILLIONS.....TRILLIONS....TRILLIONS of computations. This means if you sat a monkey down on a bench with a paper and pencil and you gave him an infinte amount of time, even the monkey could produce a line of code that fits in with Ross's 34 letters
          Wednesday at 02:27 · 
        • Rob Crombie 
          Ross VALIDATED MY LINES OF CODE AS BEING GENUINE CODE... he did not ever say that I was liar or that he knew he was being fed false info.... but as soon as I threw a verbal brick through his window, he soon got the message.... then out itcame.... streams of LIES saying he knew he was being given false info ... HOW (CON)VIENIENT of him to be able to produce times and date stamps with the words LIES or LIAR and I said, anyone can do that, they just need a game called scrabble, get the 34 tiles and start writing your own code
          Wednesday at 02:31 · 
        • Neil Ashton I read the note. It did not impress me or tell me anything new. So you say you are not a liar but sent false info. Hmm sounds like a politician to me. A politician who lies.
          Wednesday at 02:43 · 
        • Neil Ashton By the way Rob from the beginning I felt that you were not the real deal. You are not genuine and thank you for the message and I am willing to discuss anything you like on here not through a private message.
          Wednesday at 02:46 · 
        • Ross Kelly 
          Read again what I said about your code line I said it was valid in the sense that Ana had you come up with it and that the reason why is because the code then went on to prove that even that garbled attempt at it was predetermined.

          You have successfully achieved the opposite of what you claim you set out to do, to expose me as the liar to Kellie, you have shown her the true Rob Crombie and you have done it in a rapid way, it may otherwise have taken her years to discover your true nature.
          Whether you choose to believe it or not I really did find the line that verified my suspicion about your false information on the day that you started sending it to me but decided to wait and see because I know what's behind everything including that decision. Had I said something then we would not have found out what kind of an arse hole you really are although having said that that was apparent first time round.
          Wednesday at 02:51 · 
        • Ross Kelly 
          In number form there are possibly trillions of combinations to 34 numbers in sentence form there are not. In letter form there are possibly trillions of combinations but 99.99% of them do not make any sense at all. The ones that do are synchronised perfectly to the plan including the plan of your story. You are not as bright as you think you are Mr Crombie, you are what they term here as a man who his UP HIMSELF. You are a phony, you only care about one thing and that thing is Rob Crombie. I have come across a few arseholes on FB in my time but never one who is so proud of himself as you are, you don't cross the Crombie man, we don't need to, you are making a perfectly adequate job of that yourself.
          Wednesday at 03:04 ·  ·  2 people
        • Ross Kelly A few days ago before the part of the thread involving his information started he sent me a message and in it made a point of calling me "my friend" I thought it rather unconvincing at the time given what had passed between us before. Not a liar? Now that statement is just the latest one.
          Wednesday at 03:10 · 
        • Rob Crombie 
          Your Math is your weakness. You state there are "possiblly trillions" of combinations which means you are not sure. I have shown proof that the number is closer to infinity than my calculator can explore. For you to state that 99.9% of them make no sense at all, you are now exploring the possibilities that there could be a lot of jibber jabber which makes no or little sense. However I think your approximation is a little "off target" When you consider a little flexibilty, such as inverting T to give additional i's and inverted A to give U and V and same for N and Z, not to mention sounding J as an i to give a value of 1 instead of 9. Then this is called manipulation, not exact code. Usaing manipulation or "interpretation" and phonetics, I think you'd find that your approximation would be closer to 70% than 99.9%. I'm not going to waset time with complicated math or writing a computer program to display those results to me, why should I. My 20 or 30 lines of "CODE" do exactly what that computer program would show. You can almost write anything you want. You know this, because you spend most of your day playing with your tiles to re-affirm what you believe. This isnt rocket science, far from it.... give this code to children and they'd be writing code within no time at all. Please do not quote figures like 99.9% when you have little concept of complicatyed maths, the only PURE CODE there is. It does not LIE, the maths speaks for itself
          Wednesday at 03:17 · 
        • Ross Kelly AAA B C DD EEE H III K LL M NNN OOO P RR SSS TTT Y.

          What does that say?
          Wednesday at 03:22 · 
        • Rob Crombie It can say TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS UPON TRIILIONS of words, based upon math, not upon ability to "see" patterns such as words. These arethe 34 letters you use to make up all your words and convenient numbers, spin them around and they'll make up almost any message. It aint from GOD, its from having way too much free time and nothing else to do
          Wednesday at 03:25 · 
        • Neil Ashton How should FREE time be used Rob? Serving the SYSTEM maybe?
          Wednesday at 03:27 · 
        • Rob Crombie I do not serve the system. I spend my time revealing govt and banking corruption and helping people fight the system. I'm not part of it. I'm no slave to anyone and I'd fight to the death to reveal the NWO and bankster fraud, as for the politicians, they need an island of their won where they can do no harm to others
          Wednesday at 03:31 · 
        • Ross Kelly 
          A mathematician worked out the odds against picking 34 letters at random and then discovering that as numerological code they say -

          BIAS TO No PI 3.1415926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.

          He calculated the odds against it happening were virtually infinite yet that's the key.

          In India I demonstrated the code to European mathematics professors who saw what it is straight away, they bought my books on disk, they were blown away by it, really shocked.
          In Villawood detention centre I became friendly with DIMIA'S head of psychiatry. Whenever he was not busy with troublesome detainees he used to come to visit me to find out more, he made a point of telling other people that his interest in me had nothing to do with his position there, he too was amazed at what he saw. He said to me, here no one will listen to you, in India you will find that they will.
          Wednesday at 03:32 · 
        • Shirley Kobiela 
're not a liar, but you admit to telling it just me or can everyone else see that there is something fundamentally wrong with that thinking...
          Do you know what's really sad Rob, is that everything that you say against the ...See more
          Wednesday at 03:34 · 
        • Neil Ashton So Rob since we have discovered that you are a liar and deceiver why should we believe a single word you say. Fight to the death would you.....more programming there I see. Surely if you go looking for a fight you are more likely to find one, so why not look for peace instead?
          Wednesday at 03:36 · 
        • Ross Kelly Well you just tried to mock the biggest secret that the people you claim to be exposing have and you are so fucking stupid that you can't see why.
          Wednesday at 03:37 · 
        • Rob Crombie 
          umble pie was the "inners" of animals that were given to the poor servants. To give it any flavour they boiled it up with some odd potato or carrot, anything to give it flavour. Thus eating umble pie is to eat that which others discard or throw away. from that we have evolved "humble" and to eat humble pie"mis to acknowledge one's position. I am not a LIAR, but I had tro use LIES in order to reveal the truth. Now the truth is exposed, you'll not find any lies coming from me, no need to, the code if it exists has already done that for me
          Wednesday at 03:38 · 
        • Rob Crombie OBAN KELY TILES DREAM THIS Pi O 3.14159265 (O is ANA or GOD or CODE)
          Wednesday at 03:39 · 
        • Ross Kelly You Rob Crombie are at the moment what they would consider to be their greatest ally. You are serving the demons, because that's what they amount to being and the more people you convince with your ill thought out crap the more you will be serving them and that's the truth, you idiot.
          Wednesday at 03:40 · 
        • Rob Crombie TIME IS UP! OBAN ROSS KELLY 2 HIDE 3.14159265 (! Commas full-stops allowed, to make easy reading 2 =TO)
          Wednesday at 03:40 · 
        • Neil Ashton You don't get it do you Rob. The thing with liars is they don't know when to stop and you are proof of this. "I am not a LIAR, but I had tro use LIES in order to reveal the truth." There is your proof.
          Wednesday at 03:41 · 
        • Ross Kelly What is that supposed to mean Rob? It is nonsensical.
          Wednesday at 03:41 · 
        • Rob Crombie ROS KELY AND THE O Pi MIND BAIT 3.1415926535 (Mind Bait, is my FALSE INFO which he then created into CODE)
          Wednesday at 03:42 · 
          Wednesday at 03:43 · 
        • Rob Crombie TOSS OBAN R.KELY Pi CODE 2 THE DRAIN 3.14159 (TOSS = THROW, R.KELY = ROSS.KELLY ......[2] TO THE DRAIN)
          Wednesday at 03:44 · 
        • Neil Ashton Because Rob liars tell lies.
          Wednesday at 03:44 · 
        • Rob Crombie You are all brainwashed. there is little hope for you if you still follow this man as he leads you down the sewer
          Wednesday at 03:45 · 
        • Rob Crombie I'm out of here...write all you want... my job is done, things to do and I'm talking to a bunch of brain washed converts
          Wednesday at 03:45 · 
        • Ross Kelly They are not following me Rob, they are thinking for themselves.
          Wednesday at 03:46 · 
        • Neil Ashton Your job is done. You have been exposed as a liar.
          Wednesday at 03:48 · 
        • Rob Crombie Are they Ross?..... that's a statement and a half. Are they truly thinking?.... or arevtheyn just wanting to believe they are thinking for themselves. Besides, if they are believers in you, how can they be thinking for themselves when ANA, according to you has already laid out their lives like a pre-programmed robot. They have no WILL, they only have the WILL of ANA ....via none other than ROSS KELLY
          Wednesday at 03:49 · 
        • Rob Crombie 
          I'm out of here...taslk among yourselves, play with your silly letter tiles all you want.... it isnt going to change ntyhe oputcome of anything, especially if as you say, ANA has already laid out the map and we will just be doing what she has already planned for us. makes this discussion a mute point when u think of it that way. Why bother reading, why bother learning, the outcome will be the same...ANA will show you what need sdoing..according to an insane OBAN guy called Ross klelly
          Wednesday at 03:52 · 
        • Neil Ashton Bye Rob :-)
          Wednesday at 03:56 · 
        • Ross Kelly 
          What I mean by that is that I am not telling them what to think I am showing them what I have to show to them knowing that they will either see what it means or they won't. I don't know what you think I would be doing this for if I was a fraud. I never asked anyone for anything, I give the books away freely and am selling nothing.
          You haven't got a clue about my life Rob, what I feel about carrying this burden or why I know how important it is that I continue to do so despite having to put up with morons like you who do not make it any easier. You know sod all about any of it. You are doing this because your last tangle with me hurt your insane and ugly pride and that's it.
          Go enjoy yourself, find a mirror and see your favourite thing.
          You are certainly not mine.
          Wednesday at 04:04 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly ‎4 am here. I'm off too. Cheers Neil.
          Wednesday at 04:06 ·  ·  1 person
        • Shirley Kobiela 
          Yes they are thinking for themselves Rob, youll catch on one day ! - You know when I came in from work today and started reading the post, I was actually excited for you, thinking wow, what a turn around, and as I read further down the post, it was like what, what is he saying, I looked at my code board next to me and the only word was CAD, your very own pi lie - 3.14 Rob...totally working for the ones you say you want to sad, yet another mind twisted beyond recognition by their indoctrination.
          I've known Ross & Elaine for over 15 years and I thank God for every bit of time I ever spent with them over these years, they are the most honest, patient, joking, fag smoking loving pair that I know and at least we know why we put up with zombies like you - I really do hope you get to know what love is Rob, it's the only thing that can save you from this - LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER = REAL HONESTY WINS LOVE = REAL LOVE WINS HONESTY
          Wednesday at 04:32 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly 
          Quote from Rob's ridiculous statement "as long as the letters support those words' can make it say anything you want...Duh!
          He left out PRECISELY.
          There are 34 letters in the code he's on about, that's not very many, one short sentence. I have provided him with a 45 letter key and asked him to make a coherent relevant line from them, one that fits the constant subject of the code. I have shown him 3 lines that not only relate to him but also date the link to today - see the latest on the Sparey post.
          Wednesday at 19:59 · 
        • Ross Kelly With 45 letters according to Rob's ill thought out theory that should give him trillions more opportunities to do it, match my 3 lines with three completely different but relevant ones of your own Mr Smart Ass.
          Wednesday at 20:05 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly Here's my 4th line of the Rennes Le Chateau key. Today before I looked at this ancient key and after many months of not doing so I told Rob about the ET IN ARCADIA EGO code being used as a marker for secret Ana code inscriptions on tombstones.

          Wednesday at 20:17 ·  ·  1 person
        • Colleen Clawson PRECISLEY TO THE DATE
          Thursday at 08:04 ·  ·  2 people
        • Ross Kelly 
          This is the post from yesterday about Rennes Le Chateau.
          I am moving it to here to make sure Rob sees it, I know he has a tendency to skip things and MISS OUT.

          First I will address Bruce. Where is the love?
          Then I will expend a bit more of it in another 'vain' attempt to help you people understand what the code proves even though I know that for Rob at least it's a waste of time, I am no longer doing it for him but for other people that he may have succeeded in confusing (if they are somewhere near as dim as he is)
          You can't just take the code key and make it say what you want it to say, Rob tried that and it doesn't work.
          If you do as I have suggested to Rob several times and go back to the beginning and look at it all again with no prejudice (not that I can see how you could possibly do that) ...See what it is actually demonstrating. It's about related word combinations and the way it demonstrates over and over again that they are not random and that they are synchronised to real time and a continuous plan that is and has been happening for the same reason in the case of the Iron Rod key for the last 9 years.
          I don't know how much either of you have read about the subject that Dan Brown based his DaVinci code NOVEL on, the so called mystery of Rennes Le Chateau.
          If you have read about it in books like the holy blood and the holy grail and the Templar revelation you will know that the secret is somehow connected to tombstone and monument inscriptions and a code that French speaking people used in English. And that Sauniere tried to stop other people from seeing the inscription on a particular tombstone by chiselling away some of the letters on it. The reason he did that is that the French inscription on the phony grave was An Ana code key that works in English. There was also another stone on the grave bearing the Latin words Et In Arcadia Ego. Those words are on all the Ana code stones, even the Shugborough monument on the Lichfield estate grounds in Staffordshire.
          When I was first led directly to a completely independent discovery of the code in yr 2000 I discovered clues that taught me all the symbols in the code like TT as Pi for example. I discovered that the code called itself The II Ana code and that the two I's represent I God and I man, the two polar ego's and that the II symbolises God and man together.
          I did not know at the time that I had discovered the same secret that was hidden in Rennes Le Chateau. It was not until late 2002 after the key was complete that I was given a copy of the Templar revelation book in Villawood detention centre and looked at the words ET IN ARCADIA EGO. It's an ANA gram of GREAT II ANA CODE, that's why it was used as the marker to enable initiates who knew the code to find the keys on the tombstones. The code was kept secret prior to Sauniere's discovery of it because the Vatican ruled the world and it threatened them. So, what then about the Iron Rod Key, how does it demonstrate the tombstone inscription connection? By showing you this -

          Thursday at 08:17 · 
        • Colleen Clawson TOTALLY AMAZING IT IS.
          Thursday at 08:26 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly This is not about me Rob, it's about whether Ana and HER code are real. Adolf Hitler used the codes.It wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference to the truth of it's reality if I was the most evil man the world had ever known. It would simply mean that God used the Devil to enlighten the world. As she does.
          Thursday at 10:02 · 
        • Ross Kelly Bible - "Satan, Satan where hast thou been?" Answer - "Walking to and fro upon the surface of the Earth"

          SAT AN - Sanskrit - True man.

          Mankind is the only thing that denies God.
          Thursday at 10:10 · 
        • Ross Kelly Mankind is God's 'dose of the Crombies'.
          Thursday at 10:12 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly 
          When I was in India I met a Christian fundamentalist woman and told her about the writing on the wall and showed her the code, a woman who thought herself to be a devout believer in God.
          She was visibly shaken by the code, she could see what...See more
          Thursday at 10:32 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly You only have to look at the argument in the Sparey post and see which side used all the lies, HATRED and profanity to know the truth.
          Unless of course, someone deletes them.
          Thursday at 10:53 · 
        • Ross Kelly On my blog in older posts you can see that the Rennes key consistently uses the trio test to confirm the validity of the design in the code, see -

          Today is June 23

          Thursday at 11:20 · 
        • Ross Kelly 
          The line above has a blank space O in it so for the benefit of people who think that might be cheating -


          Definition of Tri
          Babylon English
          three, triple, composed of three.
          Thursday at 11:24 · 
        • Ross Kelly ‎..

          Thursday at 11:27 · 
        • Ross Kelly Iron Rod key -

          I CODED 111 TO LINK WITH 23.6.11 RENNES PR BY.
          Thursday at 14:25 · 
        • Ross Kelly 
          Rennes code -


          The two trio's shown in the two codes are III and 111.

          Colleen is a better timer of that because she is alive and God is a God of the living.
          Thursday at 14:41 · 
        • Ross Kelly The Christian woman that I met in India is named Claire, the proof of that is in LBBS book 2. The Rennes key uses the timing of the post about her as a proof too -

          Thursday at 14:52 · 
        • Ross Kelly Ana calls her key's seals, they are sealed codes until they are discovered and opened -

          Thursday at 15:32 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly ‎..

          Thursday at 15:34 ·  ·  2 people
        • Ross Kelly ‎..

          Thursday at 17:27 ·  ·  2 people
        • Ross Kelly ‎..

          SEE I GREAT CREATOR ANA TIMED ROB'S O LETTER - 23.6.2011 - 111.
          Thursday at 17:39 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly 
          Sauniere, a Roman Catholic priest, built a temple to ISIS at his domain.
          Isis was the Goddess name that he knew Ana by.
          The letter T is the symbol for BALANCE in the code. Here the code uses the negative elite as the isolator that identifies mankind's liberator.
          The trio of T's seal the line, see the balance, the irony that those who have hidden her are being used to identify her

          Thursday at 18:29 ·  ·  2 people
        • Ross Kelly ‎..

          Thursday at 18:49 ·  ·  3 people
        • Ross Kelly Read this post Rob.
          Thursday at 19:17 · 
        • Ross Kelly You are talking total crap with your maths it's nonsense, sure you can put loads of unrelated words together in meaningless gibberish lines.
          Thursday at 19:24 · 
        • Ross Kelly By your reckoning the 45 letter key should make it even easier to do that, trillions of times easier so do it.
          Thursday at 19:25 · 
        • Ross Kelly But first please take the time to read this post carefully.
          Thursday at 19:29 · 
        • Raymond LaFay Rolley good observation Rob. thanx 4 good inputs. loluck
          Thursday at 19:38 via  · 
        • Ross Kelly Read the comments Raymond.
          Thursday at 19:39 · 
        • Ross Kelly Remind me, you had to say. That says it all. You don't pay attention. You are on a one sided crusade, always have been and it is blinding you Rob.
          Thursday at 19:44 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly Please actually read all this and look at the related blog post in the link posted earlier re the trio test.
          Thursday at 19:49 · 
        • Ross Kelly For God's sake rob did you read that bullshit 'fatima' letter? Are you not familiar with the language of Vatican bollocks, immaculate hearts and all that crap. It's written by the Vatican to keep Catholics (and Rob) stupid.
          Thursday at 19:58 ·  ·  2 people
        • Ross Kelly What next? post a video of Bush blaming Bin Laden for 911 and that's the proof he did it? You certainly know how to rub salt into your own wound don't you.
          Thursday at 20:01 ·  ·  1 person
        • Ross Kelly And by the way, if there were trillions of words a dictionary wold fill ten libraries.
          Thursday at 20:03 ·  ·  2 people
        • Raymond LaFay Rolley 
          u are correct Elaine, i did not read the whole post-stream. excuse me. and while encouraging Rob in his critical thinking, i also know that u and u'r system focussed on chainey when have have a focus on
          THAT ball, and there have been other things that have shown a knowledge code beyond personal pretence&fabrication...and i know too, that it must be conceded in time that the Fundamental Vessel is Feminine...but fact is, i hadn't seen u'r posts for a while, and took to complimenting Rob's free thinking...he will continue his researches and arrive at the truth for him i would think, in time. lol
          Yesterday at 02:38 via  · 
        • Ross Kelly Rob Crombie
          "If you have read the note you will have seen from the basic math explanation that there are TRILLIONS.....TRILLIONS....TRILLIONS of computations. This means if you sat a monkey down on a bench with a paper and pencil and you gave him an infinte amount of time, even the monkey could produce a line of code that fits in with Ross's 34 letters"

          So, Rob concedes that it would require an infinite amount of time for the monkey to select the same 34 letters that I was led to, (the formula that proves that time is preordained)
          Because there are indeed trillions of possible different combinations of 34 letters.

          Yet the very first one that I was given IN 2002 is the one that says -


          3.14159 - ANA TOLD ROB (THE REAL MONKEY) IT'S PI.

          I DATE 3 REAL 25.6.11 MONKEY PI HINTS ROB...3.14.
          6 minutes ago · 
        • Ross Kelly ‎..

          That's what you get when you try to ban-ana.

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