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The Darren Sparey Ian Crombie post.

I take the apple admire it shine and lusture and then throw it down on the ground then bring my heel down on it! I don't understand but do believe and know way down inside the truth! I'm not affraid to surrender to the knowlage i do not possess as yet and am trying to grow, i feel slow and retarded for not getting stratigth up, not like i came down in the last shower,thats all for now guy's just working through it! my only quest is true love and i do love ANNA and you all espesiallly you kell :)

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    • Darren Sparey 
      I've never really considered myself religious, i was actually quite opposed to organised religions even tho i accepted god in my heart i didnt gel with what i saw of religion, when i was about eleven i met a couple on the streets in melbourne on my way to the pictures by myself, i dont know what religion they were from and that wasnt there objective either they only asked me if i accepted god in my heart and truley knew god was true love and that all!i did and they were very happay and so was i!i was quite alone as a child and honestly to myself accepted god,this helped me through some dark times throughout my life !i even at 11 tattooed a small cross on my leg to remind me of my knowing!,strange i find myself back here, cant wait to show you the new tatoo!, been doing a bit of reading,finding it eaisier to understand the second time around i tend to wander when i read being a bit of a dreamer and even tho i did'nt come down in the last shower i confess i am no Einstien and get a bit baffled with the depth at time and have to reread and or stop and think and feel!sorry if this is not the right place to write and share this stuff,sorry if i'm bugging anyone ,just what i'm experiencing, maybe it's hepling me i dont know?glad i've found ana and truth tho :) xo

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly As long as you understand that you HAVEN'T found religion!
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    • Darren Sparey 
      I do! never could swallow religion, i always found it beautiful but saw between the lines and was ashamed of that cross i tattooed on my leg even trying to cut it out with a pen knife, unsucsefully of course! I didnt understand the negative polarity! No not relegion, i have just found the truth, Sorry i douted you at first, at first i had to deal with insecurities and hang ups i did'nt know were left lurking in the dark corners of my life!then accepting that i might have some special reason or purpose, thought that was being egotistical that i might mean something out of so many that have had the chance,so i have been dening everything ana has been throwing in my face till i could no more! what i am feeling is what i have found, love/ana, much love thankyou ♥ some more reading to do :)

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      About an hour ago I added this code line to another thread and put it on my blog


      Now I find that Darren's link times it -


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    • Elaine Ross Kelly The Rob in those two lines is Rob Crombie. Here the code makes absolutely sure that nobody can think that happens by chance -


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    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..

      (See synchronicity wins blog)

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    • Kellie CosmicLove Ana knew it was the perfect time and place for Darren to comment, even if he didn't.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly You got it!...again.
      13 June at 22:39 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly I hope you take the time to consider ALL the factors that made this point possible Kellie and where you are concerned I think that hope is not in vain.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Consider also the significance of those initials
      13 June at 22:54 · 

    • Kellie CosmicLove Darren was given a religious pamphlet at the door the other morning. titled 'The end is coming soon'
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    • Kellie CosmicLove R.C ... I see the Rob Crombie. Is there more to them?
      13 June at 23:17 · 

    • Kellie CosmicLove That's what I love about you Ross. You always make me think and I mean really think. Phonetic.
      13 June at 23:30 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Ihave precisely 1551 unread emails in my inbox. Your's is the latest.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly As I wrote that it went to 1552, my old telephone number in Billericay.
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    • Darren Sparey Lovely old man he was too! did'nt rememer to tell me what religion he was from, he was just happy to deliver his message and i to recieve it!
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    • Kellie CosmicLove ‎:)
      13 June at 23:33 · 

    • Kellie CosmicLove Darren, the 1551 ... Look at the code letters.
      13 June at 23:35 · 

    • Darren Sparey beautiful
      13 June at 23:40 · 

    • Darren Sparey Totaly amazing!
      13 June at 23:40 · 

    • Kellie CosmicLove The subtleness of her becomes very blantant once you understand her code.
      13 June at 23:44 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly R.C ... Commonly known as Roman Catholic... a symbol of all religion ... the real Zombies.
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    • Kellie CosmicLove Missed that one, and how obvious too considering all that's been said on here about religion. That's the beauty of having other eyes that see.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly This is a great little big helpful lesson for you Darren, it should let you see that the old Aussie 'No worries mate' might have been said just for you.
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    • Darren Sparey I see that!, Rob has helped me to see!, i have met him and saw him as a very intelligent man, i read the blog last night and felt sad for his arrgument.
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    • Kellie CosmicLove Blow me down sport!...^^ & that's how we shine, in that knowing.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Rob may get wise. I am sure that is the intention,he can hardly be held at fault here...he just had to do it and the day he sees that will be a day to celebrate.
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    • Darren Sparey i'm seeing so much synchronisity at the moment with this! its like raining sparkles, so beautiful, layer linkinging everything together, bloody amazing! :)
      14 June at 00:29 · 

    • Darren Sparey Sure will, he's a beautful man and i wish him the freedom he seeks through the truth i think he knows inside too!
      14 June at 00:32 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly God knows the old saying that sometimes you have to appear to be cruel to be kind, the real lessons kick you up the butt...but love has the feet.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly He just wants to make sure he's not being bullshitted... Who doesn't?
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly I reckon he'll be right mate!
      14 June at 00:39 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Along with a few others who think they were hard done by.
      14 June at 00:40 · 

    • Darren Sparey Naturally hey!, self preservation!,part of the bullshit! not easy to realise when you are bullshitting yourself tho!
      14 June at 00:44 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly That's where the help comes in.
      14 June at 00:45 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly You should read the rest of the blog Darren, it might fill in a bit for you.
      14 June at 00:52 · 

    • Darren Sparey Thnkyou! a good kick in the butt helps but sometimes it needs to be shoved in your face and ANA has been doing that for me flat out, to a point were i can't look away cos it's just there too!truley i do feel blessed!why and what for i don't know but am open to allow it to unfold!:)
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Don't worry, it will anyway, there's no way that you have been included in this just to be let go, but you can!
      14 June at 00:54 · 

    • Darren Sparey Whats that let go of the truth, not likely!,much love thankyou!, i need to shower now and get this computer to kell whos stuck on a phone :)
      14 June at 01:01 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly It's my bed time. Goodnight all.
      14 June at 01:03 · 

    • Darren Sparey Good night and thankyou for the most beautiful sleep i had last night and from now on!
      14 June at 01:10 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      This just happened on a thread on my wall -

      Scientists discover the link between scientists and mental illness.

      Thermo Nuclear Explosion -1

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      Neil Ashton
      They took their time to discover something so obvious :)

      Kor Blimey
      Coming from someone who uses 34 letters of the alphabet and it's associated numerical values with the ability to use any modifier they wish in order to receive messages from god! Gorblimey!

      Elaine Ross Kelly
      I see you STILL haven't paid attention... yawn.. Kor blimey!

      Kor Blimey
      More than you care to know. *shrug*...

      Elaine Ross Kelly
      Yet still, (obviously) not enough.

      Elaine Ross Kelly
      During the previous round of attempts to help this man to see the point there was a code line that came to light that included the words "SOD KOR BLIMEY"
      Here's another one -

      NEIL ASHTON PI TEST - 3.14159 ......SOD KOR BLIMEY !

      Will he see the point?.... Nah.

      Oh it is!


      Elaine Ross Kelly ..

      NEIL ASHTON PI No DATA - 3.141592 ..... KOR BLIMEY !


      3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9...ID A PEST TO NEIL ASHTON...KOR BLIMEY.


      NEIL ASHTON, 3.1415926..KOR BLIMEY (AN APT ID).

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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Kor Blimey
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      Elaine Ross Kelly ..

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      Kor Blimey
      A tit is a nice little bird. A little bird told him perhaps?
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      Kor Blimey
      Enough attention to know you're inevitably eroding innocent and otherwise vulnerable people into a belief that only leads to self doubt, disassociation with their society and those closest to them, and general long term psychological harm that can take years to heal if not scarred for life. Where one could otherwise be helping create a better world, they are distracted by your non-sense and wasting valuable time that could be used to reach their full potential as a human being and do great things in the aid of this little planet of ours. And as much as your cohort of online allies will back you up, their pain and guilt will one day surface as the sum of all fears for being wrong. These people are not the first to follow you, nor will they be the last. I can be a voice for those who have been already, and offer reassurance to those who are brave enough to think for themselves. I will never know, but will be pleased to have helped someone, anyone, avoid the pitfalls of a classic brainwashing. Even those who now trust you, will one day think back to Kor Blimey. How much attention are you seeking? Willing to spread your dirty laundry?
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      Elaine Ross Kelly
      Tit - slang a despicable or unpleasant person: often used as a term of address.
      25 minutes ago · Like

      Kor Blimey
      The Crested Tit of Scotland -
      20 minutes ago · Like

      Kor Blimey
      I guess it depends on your perspective to which way you would prefer to look at it...
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      Elaine Ross Kelly
      Yeah, I guess it depends on your perspective to which way you would prefer to look a tit...
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      Kor Blimey ;) You're funny.
      14 minutes ago · Like

      Elaine Ross Kelly
      It's one thing that you appear to be very good at!
      Next time you appear some of us will think...


      14 June at 13:08 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Or -


      Someone knows that birds land.

      14 June at 13:11 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      14 June at 13:18 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      14 June at 13:35 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly In the previous Kor Blimey post OH NO and OLD MAN were both specific themes. 'Kor had called me old man and the code linked to it to show that it was not randomly done.
      As with yesterday's timed link to the Crombie post it now shows that this was timed to be put on Darren's link too -


      14 June at 14:17 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Remember the post -Scientists discover the link between scientists and mental illness.


      14 June at 14:58 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Just to make sure everyone can see the brilliant relevant humour of this -

      Rob Crombie
      I have a design for a magnetic motor, that will create endless free energy. I'm of two thoughts as to the angle displacement of the stator magnets. I was going to use base12 which would give me 12 groups of magnets set at 30 degrees apart (base 12). This motor actually has 3 parts to it and I was going to offset each section by 3 degrees, but it got me to think about Pi and had considered the offset to be 3.142 degrees. You see Pi plays an important part of my life already, seeing as though maths and electronics rattles through my brain almost constantly, but you never stoppped to think about what I do did you

      14 June at 15:20 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly The thing is Rob....ANA DID!
      14 June at 15:21 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      There is a very interesting similarity between Rob and Kor. This was Kor's reaction to a post that I made about NASA'S solar storm warning -

      Kor Blimey commented on your link.
      Kor wrote "The astro physisist Michio Kaku is beating his own drum on this one. He loves to explore "possibilities", and he admits in that interview that "perhaps" there be an extreme solar event. Fox News?? The anchor is almost wetting his pants if he could read from his teleprompt quicker. More credible information can be garnered via a simple google search, sources including from ones own NASA and a further article all point to fanciful ideas and doomsdayers harping ever more to those without their own will to discern fact from fancy. I'm sure they must be bored to death having to respond to the never ending spew of theoretical doom. I would suggest you enquire into the validity of such nonsense and get your facts right before spreading this drivel. It doesn't help the greater good by contaminating the minds of your observers. ;)"

      This is in the news NOW -

      14 June at 18:13 · 

    • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan Hey Kor if you know the code is non-sense then it can do you no harm nor distract you, fear/guilt distract many. We do not create anything and followers are not needed and perhaps the reason you find being wrong a thing of pain is why you cannot admit to being so for it is how we learn and nothing to fear.
      14 June at 21:00 · 

    • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan Regarding above post by Kor: So what are the chances of it doing what is doing now? Re-discovered in 2002 and all timed to relevant perfection. Oops! I hit the enter button my an apparent mistake, I went to rock Sini back to sleep and whilst doing so I could't help but think 'timing is everything', Kor you've even got tits in it and blimey that's I.S TT (is Pi or I.S 22 which is me)
      14 June at 21:21 · 

    • Kellie CosmicLove 
      There really are no words to describe the love I see everyday. This is what I find incredible aside from everyting else. On my FB status where the Rob Crombie Zombie events unfolded. Rob's negative reaction to the Zombie blog led me to say ...See more

      14 June at 22:14 · 

    • Kellie CosmicLove ‎.....& we should most certainly HEED the WARNING!
      14 June at 22:21 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Don't know what happened there but when I tried to post a link it deleted the one before.. this one -

      Sajeev Kunjukrishnan 14 June 22:32
      Your tits can think? Blimey that's amazing!

      I should at this point point out that 'Sajeev' is his wife Sam, and that she is still not fully aware of her talents.

      14 June at 23:00 ·  ·  1 person

    • Kellie CosmicLove I just need to remind myself of something.... the word is SCARRED Kellie. Okies, moving right along. :)
      14 June at 23:02 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Perhaps I should also point out that Sam is the lady who put two calendar pages in her box in July 2008 ...22 AND 23.
      14 June at 23:15 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Neil Ashton
      Hi Kor, you don't know me but it seems that you feel qualified to have an opinion of me to suggest that I am psychologically vulnerable. Aren't we all to some extent, but I assure you Ross is no threat to my well being and neith...See more

      14 June at 23:49 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Kor Blimey
      Hi Neil. I appreciate your response and will respond in kind. Though it is long, I have paragraphed it.

      Yes I do think we are all vulnerable, likely to a degree higher than we dare give ourselves credit for. And yes I do think I am probably more qualified to have an opinion of people in your position, but in no way do I mean to cause you offense. You have likely formed an opinion of myself which I am happy for you to have as long as it doesn't interfere with having a humane conversation nor incite intolerance to different points of view. This is how wars are started and valuable discussion open to new horizons is dashed! Anyway, I have reason for said "qualification" which I don't wish to divulge at this point in time. Sorry about that.

      You are right about my concern for my fellow man and glad you see it this way. I don't wish to harm you or Kellie CosmicLove for that matter, even though she feels to mock me at every opportunity outside of this thread. “A mocker resents correction; he will not consult the wise.” (Proverbs 15:12)

      Brainwashing was probably too strong a concept to use. I do dispute that science's only aim is brainwashing the human population if that's what you're inferring. I know too many scientists first hand. Though not the answer to everything, science has its rightful place and generally knows it limitations but perseveres to stretch it's boundaries. I think this is a good thing.

      Finally you ask me to question everything. Neil, I am here aren't I? Promoting discussion by questioning reasoning.

      There's a bigger picture at play here Neil, (and you too Kelly CL). I understand your desire to seek truth. There are others who have crossed these same paths as you, and they know that these here waters were muddy and turbulent. Old man ross has been around for a while and there are people who have come to different opinions as to his motivation and conclusion. I invite you and others to question your own. That is all.

      Predictions have come and gone. Even made a few myself. But what difference does it make that you knew? Would you build yourself a bunker, rocket ship or run to the hills? Do you think it would not affect you due to your higher powers of anagram deduction? Surely you can prove to yourself that you can create many things from those letters depending on your motivation. Just try it.

      So many things happen on a daily basis that any day is a meaningful event in all our lives, regardless of whether we knew it was coming or not.

      If synchronicity is important to you, maybe it would help to know that in real life, I work in a team that is on call 24/7 and I do my best in my role to save peoples lives from imminent death. In effect I am a life saver.

      Thanks for listening.

      15 June at 06:38 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Has it ever occurred to you 'Kor' that the people you are talking to are understanding something that you are not?
      Has it ever occurred to you that every time a code line is being shown to you it is being done with the intention of giving you that same understanding?
      Has it ever occurred to you that they KNOW that you don't understand and that you don't understand that?

      Has it ever occurred to you that you continue to miss the point entirely because you are afraid of what it means if you get it? Afraid that you are wrong about your assessment of this and my motivation?
      Because I'll tell you this and I do so with absolute certainty - you are.

      15 June at 06:51 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Is -
      a prediction?

      It's not is it, at least not in the commonly recognised meaning of the word.

      What it is is a perfect anagram of the code as you see it on my profile picture given that by pure numerical logic the letter T corresponds to the number 2.
      It is an anagram that has been in the key waiting for it's day at least since the completion of the key in 2002.
      It is a very peculiar and very particular anagram, so odd in fact that you would not expect the situation to arise in which that anagram has total genuine meaning to arise in a billion years when ...yet it did.
      But that unlikely thing didn't happen just once in a billion years, it's being seen to happen every day. Here's another example -


      and another -


      You can make it say anything can you? CAN YOU?

      Can you make it say..


      No, you can't and neither can I or anybody else.

      Were the words in any of those lines my choice of words?

      Was I the man who brought the CRESTED TIT into it?

      No, I wasn't was I.

      YOU WERE.


      Here's another one, same thing, it was waiting in the key too. When I first had the key I didn't know anybody called Sparey or that that name would ever have a specific relevance, that someone of that name would ever get to see the code or that on the same day that he would put a post on the Ana code wall I would be talking to a man named Rob on another post, a man who had complained about a code line in a film that used a phonetic spelling of KELY, a man who lives in Tasmania that Darren Sparey has met.


      Who could have predicted that?

      All I am doing is showing people something that they can see for themselves is REAL ..there it is, in front of your eyes, is there a crime in that? Why does it bother you so? You don't have to look.
      Or do you ?

      15 June at 07:42 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      From the Mad 'Scientist' thread -

      When Darren Sparey posted his post on the Ana code wall and the 2 l connection to Rob occurred the 'insane scientists' post had not yet been posted.
      When I did post it it was prompted by a post that Neil Ashton had posted about the connection between sugar consumption and mental illness. The idea came to me first as a bit of a laugh until I realised that it's not actually funny.
      I did not expect it to be anything other than that.

      Meanwhile, the connection to Sparey's link and 2 L Rob had already been established on Sparey's link and in my blog and Rob had told us that he is a bit of a scientist (not in those words) himself.

      Then you came along, Kor Blimey, the man a previous post on the Ana code wall had been named after, a post in which RICHARD, not me brought the words OH NO to light because one time in India... HIS...use of those two words became a very very memorable thing to all who heard them.

      And yet all the time since 2002 the perfect anagram of the key had been waiting for the day when, unlikely though it may seem, it all came together. The day I posted this line on Darren Sparey's active post thread and the one in which you had appeared, the mad scientist one.


      If you still cant grasp the point that all this is proving I feel very sorry for you but you will never know why.

      15 June at 08:09 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly That code line links three concurrently running and one older thread together, the older thread that YOU were on.
      15 June at 08:13 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly It has nothing to do with Rob being mad.
      15 June at 09:41 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly I just realised this part of an earlier comment was a bit screwed up -

      It is a very peculiar and very particular anagram, so odd in fact that you would not expect the situation to arise in which that anagram has total genuine meaning in a billion years ...yet it did.
      But that unlikely thing didn't happen just once in a billion years, it's being seen to happen every day.

      15 June at 09:59 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Neil Ashton
      Kor many things in your reply to me are incorrect. You are not more qualified to speak about me than I am. How could you be? You do not know anything about me. This qualification you speak of therefore hold not merit as far as I am concerned. My you really do like to stroke your ego don't you? The idea that wars are only started because of a breakdown in communication shows how ignorant you are when it comes to military conflict, you have much to learn and more to unlearn.You obviously do not question everything! You say "in real life " when you are talking about your life saving escapades. What real life is that? Is that real life within the SYSTEM where you are helping people to cope in a system that is taking real life from them and replacing it with an illusion of life which is draining life and love from them. That is not helping people Kor that is helping the SYSTEM. I am willing to be of help to you Kor if you wish. If you would like to friend me tell me and I will do all I can. Knowing someone who works as a scientist must be exciting to you but it does not excite me and many scientist fall into the same trap as other professionals like doctors and dentists. If all you do is regurgitate so called facts and figures that suit an agenda then that does not make you an expert or credible. I hope this has been of help and if I can be of further service please don't hesitate to ask. Neil Ashton, man of truth not truth seeker.
      16 minutes ago · Like

      Elaine Ross Kelly
      We have all seen how the code consistently uses the Pi numbers to make it's point, here's another one -

      ROB, PI CODE..3.14159265, THEY LINK..TASMANIA.

      And we know who lives in Tasmania don't we.

      TASMANIA ROB, 3.141592 PI CODE, LINK THE No 7.

      There are seven digits in that Pi sequence.

      15 June at 11:16 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly And if you add up the 7 numbers they make 25 and if you add 2 and 5 they make 7.
      15 June at 11:21 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly IT'S -

      THE TASMANIA ROB No 7 PI CODE LINK - 3.141592.

      15 June at 16:09 · 

    • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan Hey Kellie I remember that brilliant happening with the 'peachy tits' back in London which made me smile and cheered me up at a difficult time. I just had a look at those lines again on the link you posted - nice to see and I'll take this opportunity to say what a joy it is to see your comments on following the posts, another beautiful mind.
      Friday at 13:10 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      This is an extract from a message conversation that happened yesterday and today with Rob Crombie, he consented to my putting it here. Prior to this part Rob had given me his date of birth.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 14:54
      The real purpose of the code is to prove it's own credibility, it contains a pre-set plan that does this admirably. The purpose behind that is to prove that there is a real coder behind the creation of the formula and that that coder is the same planner that planned everything. It's God's own proof. I had a look at the date you gave me and this is what I found -


      Rob Crombie 16 June at 15:01 Report
      That was a Friday, aka a black friday for the superstitous. Anything with Faslane. My brother James Ian Crombie, we called him Ian, was killed in a car accident on 27th Jan 1970. I was 14 yrs old and this was 14 days after my 14th birthday and I was in my 3rd year at high school when this happened. I'm seeing 3.14.14 close enough to 3.1415

      Rob Crombie 16 June at 15:08 Report
      On Jan 28th 1970 the local black robed priest came to offer his condolence, or was it to prey on vulnerable victims. My intuition caused me to hide in the cupboard under the stairs. the black robe wanted me to come out, but I couldnt and wouldnt, he gave up and left, no conversion there and a hatred for men in cloth ever since that day

      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 15:15
      Here's another link your birthday and in this one the code shows why you are being shown it.


      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 15:47
      Busy with other things at the moment but I found this one too -


      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 15:54

      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 15:58
      Or -


      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 16:01
      So, hard though this might be for you to you know why.
      It must be REALLY important that you understand that the coder, Ana, is real. Brother loss important.

      Rob Crombie 16 June at 16:14 Report
      Ian was 21 years old, born on 10.Aug.1948, cut down in his prime. I did not know what I was doing, but I took over where he left off, so my parents would still have him, in a way, I sacrificed my life for him. I stopped playing soccer to play Rugby like Ian. I joined the Navy to becom,e an apprentice like Ian. He was interested in mechanics, and i liked electronics. He served in submarines, and so I followed and became a submariner. It wasnt until my stroke in 1992, when my sister Jude told me it was time to start living life for me and not for my parents. She had seen how I had lived my life as Ian would and she told me to start living my life as Bob, which is what my family still call me. Ian's death still affects me to this day, I suppose its the fear of forgetting him. I still think of him as my older brother, even though I'm heading towards 3 times his age, funny old world isnt it?
      Thanks for putting some time into looking for code. Those location bearings are quite an eye opener, fod for thought.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 17:13
      Here the code uses the timing of today's subject to you to show you something else to make a timely point. The last bit of advice I gave you was to look at the Darren links again and it ended with the hint about your initials and the real Vatican Zombie message - R.C.

      Today's subject and date isolates them to make the point -


      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 17:17
      Or -


      Zombies like them are already dead but I see this as a hint to you about the end of the R.C in the not too far distant future.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 17:37
      Then it clinches it -


      Try to grasp the planning behind that, the whole Zombie thing had to be brought into it first in order to set this one up, it's almost too clever for us mere mortals to comprehend.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 17:44
      It is also entirely apt to you because by taking on your brother's role as you say you did you became the living dead. Now this may be the time of the final death of that..... by your understanding.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 17:48
      Would you object to me putting a little summary of this or parts of this on the Sparey post and in the blog. If that's ok but there are things you would rather have me not mention let me know. Take your time to think about it.

      Rob Crombie 16 June at 20:55 Report
      Thank you for asking and thank you for considering the sensistivity. I have no objections to you posting anything I have just been sending you. The obvious location bearings I gave you are still rattling around in my head, especially Faslane cemetry to Oban. Not being familiar with Oban, I chose a large house on the hill that must be a focal point of all who live there.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 16 June at 21:21
      What you told me about your brother's death and the affect it had on yours is a deeply moving thing. It's also very beautiful in it's way because without love it would not have happened. I think that such a valuable story deserves to be used for the help of others, particularly because the code actually proves that the whole thing was set up for that purpose, it alone could show the world something but if it turns out that it only shows a few, that few will be the few that it was intended for and you can rest assured that if God did it for a few it's because that's all she needs.
      I don't know if you ever read the story of the battle of Jericho but really it was a parable about precisely that.
      Joshua was told to send his army home and keep only a few because it only takes a few to see the "mighty" fallen.
      If that was not the truth then the might of the mighty would be a valid might....but it's not.
      The David and Goliath story is the same thing, one stone can do it and unless there's some other ploy involved I think we will find that Oban is the place that stone will fall.
      When it comes to reaching people the wisdom of God may appear to be no respecter of persons while at the same time applying the appearance of that for the precisely opposite reason.

      Rob Crombie 17 June at 03:32 Report
      Hartlepool, NE England was where my grandfather lived and father was born, as was my older brother Ian.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 17 June at 12:31


      Elaine Ross Kelly 17 June at 12:36
      2 LINES LINK MY CODE TEST - ROB'S IAN - 10.8.1948.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 17 June at 13:50
      Then, with the usual panash, Ana proves that it was intended -



      SEE R.C'S TOLD MY LINK TEST - IAN BORN 10 8.1948.

      Friday at 13:58 ·  ·  2 people

    • Elaine Ross Kelly As you may have gathered by now Ana call's the code her link (to Mankind)


      Friday at 14:42 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..

      Friday at 15:08 ·  ·  2 people

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Or-


      Friday at 15:11 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..

      Friday at 15:15 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      Friday at 15:28 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      Friday at 15:33 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      Father Ted, probably the most well known priest in the world and he's a joke too.

      Friday at 15:42 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Rob's brother Ian died in Scotland in 1970.


      Friday at 16:44 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      Friday at 23:23 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..

      Friday at 23:37 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎.

      IAN CROMBIE DAY ON 17.6.11 - 34 LETTERS - THINK.

      Friday at 23:54 ·  ·  2 people

    • Darren Sparey I work with codes all day translating mechanical functions into computer language and know that this stuff does not just come up by chance!
      Yesterday at 11:52 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Ian Crombie was 21 years old when he died.


      Yesterday at 12:48 ·  ·  2 people

    • Elaine Ross Kelly It's way way way beyond chance and obviously so, so obviously so that people can't grasp what it is absolutely proving, they can't do the mental maths.
      Yesterday at 12:52 ·  ·  2 people

    • Elaine Ross Kelly I sent this one to Rob yesterday but just realised I didn't put it on here, it's a line that shows that the Father Ted link is intentional -


      Yesterday at 13:01 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly What! I just happened to "pick" the 34 letters that do this now in 2002? The odds against it happening without intelligence behind it would be trillions to one against. Yet here it undeniably is for everyone to see. Why? so that people can know that the writing on the wall and the governments hiding it are real too.
      Yesterday at 13:06 ·  ·  3 people

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Ive said this before and no doubt I'll say it again after this "It's no wonder Jesus wept"
      Yesterday at 13:41 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      Yesterday at 13:51 ·  ·  1 person

    • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan wow.
      Yesterday at 14:49 · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly It is 31 years since Ian's death. Ian was a Petty Officer (PO) in the Navy -


      Yesterday at 15:20 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Ian worked on a Polaris submarine -


      Yesterday at 15:29 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      Yesterday at 15:45 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      This is the actual sequence in the messages with Rob -

      Rob Crombie 18 June at 14:20 Report
      Just read the blog, have some additional info. Ian attended HENRY HIGH before leaving to join the Royal Navy in either 1964. When he finished his apprenticeship, he was TOP OF THE CLASS (5 years) and went on to becoming a Petty officer, PO CROMBIE and served on HMS REPULSE a NUCLEAR POLARIS SUB. Can't say anything else, its classified, LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS...AN OLD NAVY CODE

      Elaine Ross Kelly 18 June at 14:40
      None of the code links that I have shown you here incorporate the use of inverted symbols, they are all direct anagrams of the key as you see it on my profile picture. A couple of them contain blank space O's.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 18 June at 14:43
      It's an odd connection but years ago in Oz we found a set of links that nick named the Oban Rock High Henry.
      When Elaine and I first met in Oban I bought my first boat and we called it Suave Henry.

      Elaine Ross Kelly 18 June at 15:23
      This one also has one blank space O -


      Elaine Ross Kelly 18 June at 15:28

      Elaine Ross Kelly 18 June at 15:46

      Elaine Ross Kelly 18 June at 15:51

      Yesterday at 15:54 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly One name of the code is the Pi or TT code for reasons that those who are familiar with it know.


      Yesterday at 15:58 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      Yesterday at 17:16 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


      Yesterday at 17:34 ·  ·  2 people

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      This line from earlier implies that the number 21 represents the age that Ian was when he died -


      here the key proves it -


      23 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Death on the West Coast of Scotland...where Oban is.


      18 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Or-


      Remember, Oban is where I had the Henry boat.

      18 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Julia DeLap Who died? A friend of yours Ross? or someone else?
      17 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie My Brother Ian, back in 1970. I gave Ross a fair bit of info after finding OBAN is close to my brothers grave. In fact its on a bearing of 314 degrees, if you look back on lder posts you'll pick up the thread where it all started
      16 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Kellie CosmicLove 
      Rob, are you taking notice of the code lines and what they mean? They are all perfect anagrams of the original 34 letters/number sequence that Ross was led to in 2002. You're a maths person, what are the chances of all these personal details about you being in those 34 letters? (that Ross has had since 2002). The only thing I can think of is that it's been pre-coded to be there and Ross didn't know you in 2002. Who could have know all those details and then put them in a 34 letter anagram code?

      Rob's brother Ian died in Scotland in 1970.





      IAN CROMBIE DAY ON 17.6.11 - 34 LETTERS - THINK.

      15 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Rob Crombie 
      I'm watching, but I'm also vulnerable with this information. Obviously anyone grieving for a lost one would be very interested in seeing something unfold in front of them. Even after 30 years, once can still grieve and one can still find himself vulnerable, because the loss has never been justified. I never understood why my brother a lovely man with a wonderful sense of humour, honour and integrity could be taken when there are others who are lazy, rude, ignorant, selfish, arrogant, non-emotional, non compassionate and usualy live outside what others would call a respectable life, ie, stealing, thieving, decieving, hurting, exploiting. I've always had the thought if there was truly a GOD, would (s)he not take the scum off the earth first. This would have to be the hardest sought question concerning any creator or entity with such power. As much as these lines of code I find to be comforting and have caught my obvious attention, I still remember that I am vulnerable, so I excercise the right to being cautious and wanting to know more before I commit.

      12 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Rob Crombie 
      In answer to your math question, what are the odds? Off the top of my head and without too much thinking ... If all the combinations of 34 letters were strung side by side (but not cut off into words), just a 34 string of letters, then the answer would 34 x 33 x 32 x 31 x 30 x 29 x 28...... all the way down to x 3 x 2 x 1. Remember we can see word chunks in a string of letters without spaces, so spaces do not really add any additional odds. Thing is, the odds are much greatly increased when you consider there are 34 numbers that can also be used. This does not mean we now grab the calculator and start punching in 68x67x66x65x64....etc (68 = double 34) because you can only use one side of the tablet at any one time, so this demands intricate calculations, too complicated for a simple blog. The math becomes very huge and I’ll leave it at that ... expect a result in the millions of trillions.

      12 hours ago · 

    • Bruce Allen 
      ‎@ Rob, I've been trying to make sense of this Ana code for a while but so far can't but this is strange. I showed this thread to a friend of mine NEIL (you don't know him) I showed him cause he was in the NAVY and I wondered if he knew an IAN CROMBIE. Turns out he did. He was a CHIEF PETTY OFFICER and knew your brother, not well, but from training in 1967 and 69. This is avery strange coincidence that I should know you for the last 2 years and Neil for the last 8. You in Tas Neil in nrth QLD. Freaked me out a little so I did a google search on my birth mothers birthplace, Parma in Italy and it has a heading of 314 degrees?? Kinda wierding me out that I couldn't make heads or tails of the code and now this?

      10 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie ‎@ Bruce, I don't know if you know how to use google earth properly, but I just checked the bearing and CAIRNS TO PARMA is more like 316 degrees, which is close to 314 degrees, but its not, better check it again mate, your mouse must have slipped
      9 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie 
      ‎@ Bruce concerning NEIL, hey I'd like to get in contact with this guy because there's a hole in my history with my brother Ian. Once he went off to the Navy I only saw him on leave. I never knew him as an adult and I'd love to hear any stories your friend might have, even photos. Our family has about 5 photos of Ian in the navy in total. If he has any and can share, you'd make my family so very happy, it would be like a "voice" from the past. The thing is with navy guys is a pocket of about 10 years. Contracts vary from 9 yrs to 12yrs with some staying on for 22 to get the pension. I've bumped into so many AUS NAVY guys, some even spent time on submarines and no-one ever recalled me or knew I served on HMAS ONSLOW as the RE (Radio Electronics). The guys I bump into were not in the navy around 1980, so they don't know me. The UK has a much bigger Navy and chances of someone knowing or working with someone are far greater. This stuff is now starting to freak me out. I don't know if Ian is trying to contact me or show me he's ina good place. I just can't get my head around it all, its way too spooky for me to handle at the moment. I can't sleep for the mini-movies going off in my head

      9 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Look at it this way Rob. Given that I did not arrange the order of the alphabet and that if you start numbering the letters in single numbers as A=1 each letter LOGICALLY corresponds to a number.

      Consider how many possible combinations of 34 letters one could make using any number (up to 34) of each individual letter (number) eg 5 A's , 2E's 3b's etc. The number would be truly astronomical. I was led to one combination out of trillions of possible combinations and that is the combination you see demonstrated above, the one that says -


      I am not showing you this to impress you with my ability as a channeller, that's not my job. I am here to show you something I have already shown you and you are here (by the provision of your information that everyone knows I had no knowledge of prior to you sending it to me) TO HELP ME TO SHOW IT TO OTHERS.
      People always look for something more because they can't see what they already have and that, in a nutshell is the whole problem with the entire human race. "You do this and I'll believe you" while that which has already proven it is swept aside.
      If a line arose that did do that for you, show you something that you haven't told me you would miss the point entirely, if that's what impresses you go to a medium. Ian is not trying to contact you Rob, Ian died. God is trying to show you why.

      7 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie 
      Part of me sees this code, and whilst the order might not make practical english, the meanings can surely be seen. As for the coincidences, I can't shake them out of my head, nor can I go with the feeling that something is trying to draw me in. I don't know if I'm scared or if I'm being too cautious. I certainly feel vulnerable. I'm still waiting for Bruce to come back to me about this friend of his. You have no idea of how much hope I have that he might be able to tell me a story or show me a picture. That in itself makes this jouney down this thread all the more worth while. Mini- Movies in my head, can't stop them. I don't believe in mediums, they prey on people's vulnerable aspects and use deceitful methods to "read" people and their emotions...basic exploitation

      7 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie 
      Ross, I deleted a post to which you just answered. The reason being ... I thought the post was of a negative nature and yes, asking you to produce a rabbit out of the hat didnt quite sit well, especially as I know you have spent some time producing some very effective coded lines. I pulled out some scrabble tablets and messed around arranging letters to find words that meant something to me. yes I found lots of words, but then there were always some tablets left over that I could not use, even if flipped to reveal numbers. So I'm sitting here, sitting on the fence, not sure of where I am. I'm also anxious to hear back from Bruce, who might just have another piece of this puzzle in the form of a picture or a story or a place they shared, who knows..... all I can do is wait

      6 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Perhaps this might help you think, This was written by Elaine, my wife.

      Back in 1998 while we were living on a community in NSW Australia I met an older man named Robin in the town of Nimbin. He heard my Scottish accent and introduced himself, as he had family connections to Scotland.He then asked me why I was in Australia and I tried to explain as briefly as possible without going into too much detail, I started to tell him about what had happened with the sun in 1996.
      He told me he was a druid and that they believed the truth had to do with the sun, He asked me if it had been active, I told him it had been totally active and that I could look straight at it with out any discomfort as it was the most beautiful blue colour I have ever seen.
      I began to tell him what had happened to Ross and myself in 1996, when I got to the part about the IRA man and the five punt note with the harp symbol on the back, Robin started to shake all over and asked me to stop as he had something to tell me.
      He said that he often went to see a medium and had seen her last night, he believed he was communicating with his dead uncle who was sending him messages through this medium. At this meeting with the medium the night before he had been told to go to a bank in the morning and ask for an Irish coin. He had just followed those instructions just before he met me.
      As he was talking he put his hand into his pocket and very shakily brought it back out,when he opened his hand I saw a small silver coin sitting in his palm, it had the harp symbol embossed on it.
      I tried to explain it was not his dead uncle he was communicating with but the active mind of God, but he was too disturbed to be able to take in what I was saying. He left without hearing the whole story, which was a great pity. Robin could accept that some dead relative was talking to him but his mind could not deal with the absolute truth, the living mind of God herself trying to help him understand. Fear is our greatest stumbling block and for all of us that seek the truth it has to be over come. As God is mind itself and is responsible for showing us everything we know and think of as life how else can She communicate with us in a world where people do not know that.

      6 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Did you ever know someone called Penny?
      5 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      I just found an interesting little thing that I am sure has a reason to be there. LSD = 314 and ACID using the symbol I as 1 is an anagram of 3141.

      I think the point of me noticing that now is this. In a way the whole of our lives are an hallucination, a controlled one projected by a living source. Really, hard though this may be to take in right now, the only older brother you ever had was never anything other than information that you received from that source in the living light as YOUR experience. That is not to say that Ian Crombie didn't receive his own information in what he saw as HIS life. Which of the two were the real Ian Crombie? Or is it that neither were? Is it that it's ALL just information projected and received mentally between one polarity of God and the other?
      The little tale about Robin is about that. As Robin didn't understand that everything is knowledge and that God is the source of it God used the ruse of the Medium and the dead uncle to shock Robin.
      The medium no doubt believes there is a dead uncle communicating to Robin through her, but there's not. It's ALL a story in the light, from Robin's point of view ..MEDIUM AND ALL.

      5 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie 
      I do not know a Penny, why is some code including that word?... It might help if I saw the whole line, afterall, that is just one word, as you say, how many trillions can be made up and that is only 5 letters of the 34..... if it fits in a line of code, show it here, or send pvt msg, I'd be interested in anything, because some things might make sense to me, but not obvious to you. In his few items returned home there was an amercian dime... I think, no I'm pretty sure it was a dime, but it didnt have much intrinsic value as he never went to USA... most likley swapped it with another US navy guy. I think he also had a flip lighter that was from an amercian sub, there was a name for these lighters.. I think they were called ZIP lighters.... same lighters with little insignia/badges glued onto them, items usually swapped between different ships/subs

      5 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly There is nothing to get drawn into - you are already here.
      5 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      The Penny thing came up in part of a disjointed combination in the code that also brought my attention to the Pi Acid link. Many years ago I knew a Penny (who later married Richard who is now with Shirley) at a time that I experimented with LSD a bit, it was the timing of that link that made me wonder if there may also be a Penny connection to you, note that it happened while Elaine was typing out the story about Robin and the COIN.

      Timing is all important.

      30 years ago I worked as a track layer on the West highland railway line. I spent about a month working on the track at Faslane up on the hill above the submarine base.

      This thread is all about death on the west coast of Scotland.

      Today is the anniversary of Shirley's mother's death, she was hit by a train just outside Oban in 2003.

      5 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly If and or when the penny finally drops with you about what the code is here to prove you will understand that neither you nor I can commit ourselves to anything.
      5 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie 
      The bearing 314 degrees (Faslane to Oban) I do not think has anything to do with ACID in my case. My brother smoked cigs and booze, no different than any other young guy, but as far as drugs go... a huge NO NO ...especially considering the importance of his job and his focus. He was a smoker and I would say he most likely had a joint or two, but that's only speculation, I never knew him from an ADULT prospective, but after being in the Navy myself we are given very good info on drugs and the effects, especially as our lives on board, hundreds of feet below the surface depended on TRUST upon each other. An unusual bond, but one which is so very strong between sailors, we are a different bunch of people. You know where the Cemetry is, and it can be seen on Google earth, I'd love you to trace an accurate bearing to a point in Oban, which I do not know. I just took the bearing to the house on top of the hill. I don't know why, I could have gone to the harbour and a slightly different reading occurs. Maybe you can give me a google map location of something important to you and from which I can ascertain a better bearing (degrees). Perhaps I was looking or wanting 314.15 degrees and thats why I got that result.

      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      For the sake of thread continuity I am re-posting the comment that Rob deleted so that people can see what the response to it was all about, I will remove it again if Rob objects. I don't think Rob was being negative at all and I that his post played an important part in the thread -

      With an almost infinite number of possibilities, can you see that there are an incredible amount of strings of letters and numbers, enough even to satisfy "perfect anagrams" whereby letters in the string are pulled apart to create chunks we know or recognise as words. Chuck in a few numbers, and you have dates, time stamps, birthdays, anniversaries, plus many opportunites to "see" patterns or coincidences, to which you might ask...WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT, well as proven above, with millions of trillions of possibilities, chances are you can make almost any anagram that fits perfectly if you play with the tablets long enough. I'm not saying Ross is not being "channelled" with this info, I'm just stating mathematical odds here. Either he is being channelled with coded anagrams, or he is very very clever at manipulating strings of letters and numbers. If Ross truly was being channelled then please bear in mind that I have given him all the info prior to his coded lines being created. I would be much more impressed if Ross came up with coded anagrams that only I myself and not even ROSS ccould possible know, like his favourite musical instrument or his favourite tune, or his favourite car, that sort of thing. Now if Ross did write such code and I found in those anagrams something ONLY I COULD KNOW, then I'd say he must have been given that by ANA or some entity that had channelled that info to him. Do you see the difference here?

      As a second response to this I will say that we are all receiving all the information we receive as the only real channeling there is and it is not up to us the recievers what we will be given.
      It's Ana's reality channel that we are all watching but sometimes she shows us what total bullshit is in order that we may learn, like Bush making a speech for example.

      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      I was not suggesting that acid had anything at all to do with Ian or yourself Rob, just pointing out a curious thing and giving my own understanding of why that prompt came when it did... To try to get you to grasp the role that mind plays in reality, mind is the only reality there is. Yesterday or last year seemed very solid and tangible to you when those times happened, everything you touched felt real and solid just as everything you touch and see now does, but where is yesterday now Rob, what is yesterday with all it's apparent solidity made of?

      4 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie Ross.... How can I suddenly become a 1, surely according to the 123456789 (ends at I) then J becomes 1. You state using I=1 then ACID = 1314..... I make it 1394. Please explain....I think I'm missing something here
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎1n the same way that you just read TH1S.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Or TH1S ...I 2 3 4 5.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Letters and numbers are all VISIBLE symbols. They were designed by the same mind that formulated the code as part of the code.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎13I4.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      The point you brought up about J being 1 is correct but as part of the same logic in the Latin BASED code the letter J is the same letter as the currently used letter I as in the Latin word IESUS for example.
      All languages were created by the same single intelligence, the one that was in the beginning with the WORD.
      The code is her GREAT ART and that's why the Latin ARS MAGNA is an anagram of an Enlish word. ...ANAGRAMS.

      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly All the symbols were designed to be SEEN.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Even more to the point I could have shown you IESVS.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie so its more the phonetics and ancient scripts coming to the forefront. Please give me the disjointed code with penny in it. As one word it has little value, but placed with other words even though you cannot complete the code it might have a value that I recognise, but which you deem to be dis-jointed, especially considering the ancient texts and phonetics described above
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Look at the logic of the number 1 Ana's initial A. Now look at the logic of the letter I as in I AM.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      I no longer know what I had on the board when Penny came into it, it was not directly linked to the other words and it was not in a complete readable code line.
      Everything happens for a reason and in this case it was done so that the questions you just asked and the explanations I had to show you appeared her to help you grasp a few aspects of the greater code and to clarify it for others. We are all educated to think only one way by a system run by people who do not understand the truth. That is why it is so difficult to get people to see it, all the conditioning.

      3 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly I have just looked at it again. I had on the board -


      and the letters left over were PENNY ACID and letters that spell ANTI.

      3 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly And you did ask me to tell you what that was...several times!
      3 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie Rob did ask Ross to tell him, the rest.... makes little sense, Ian wasnt even anti anything as far as I can remember, maybe anti Vietnam at best, but again I was a kid aged 8 yrs old when he went off to the navy, that would have been 1964, maybe 1963, foggy memory, so who knows what his political thoughts were
      3 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Since the whole acid thing came up you pointed out your anti drug thinking about that, as you were (you say) EDUCATED to do -

      Then you asked me to tell you how Penny came up a number of times, NOW LOOK -


      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly The thing you asked me to tell you about was PENNY.
      At the time that I first found the Penny Acid link it appeared to make no sense that's why I said it was disjointed but Ana is ahead of us Rob, the line now makes perfect sense.

      3 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Penny is the subject that you asked me to tell you about -


      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Rob Crombie penny? ... as in the penny just dropped?
      3 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly The reason I looked at ROB ASKED ROSS TO TELL HIM was to see what went with it was because of what you said in the post you deleted.
      At that time I did not know that you were going to tell me about your strictly taught anti drug sentiments. So actually the whole thing does exactly what you asked for. I did not lknow that about you when I found the Penny Acid link.

      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Not in this case yet Rob, it probably hasn't but she's certainly working on it.
      3 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      I think you should take as much time as you need to go over this entire thread again slowly and thoughtfully, your whole life and that of your brother was set up for this lesson from your maker.

      You asked why 'good' people die while villains live, well, this is one example of one answer to that question. I know the other answer too but that's maybe for another time.
      Had your brother been a nasty thieving lying scumbag of a brother rather than the loveable chap that he was you would have a mental block that would have caused you not to enter into this thread at all. You would never have told me about the details that relate to him because your own mind would have avoided bringing back hateful feelings. So he had to be a 'good ' guy to enable all this to happen.
      Nothing was really ever lost Rob, there is no death, only life and it all belongs to the creator of the code...and the creator of your brother.

      3 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie PENNY - ANTI ACID ROB ASKED ROSS TO TELL HIM, I did that with my tablets and was left with the single letter L, is that significant?
      3 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie is pi to the 7th place important? as in 3.141592 or is that to the 6th place. I was messing around with that last part about your disjointed code and the letters that remained I just flipped over and saw that I could get 7 Pi numbers. Wish I could remember what words were exposed, because shortly after you came up with a finished line of code that's when I re-shuffled and found the left over letter "L"
      3 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly There are only 2 l's in the key Rob, they are both in TELL.
      3 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie I've put them away now...time for bed.... midnight here... thanks for your help, I can see two L's, maybe I had knocked a tablet. I will check tomorrow. Is Pi to 3.141592 important, because if it is, I'll try to recreate what I had laid out on the table, but then if I have an extra L then all is screwed up anyway.... I'll check tomorrow...good night
      2 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly The first 7 numbers in Pi are particularly important where you are concerned, perhaps now on looking back at it all you will be better placed to understand why.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Julia DeLap ‎@Rob, sorry to hear you lost your brother. It must have made things tough over the last 40 years. :( I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a sibling.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Sweet dreams Rob.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Rob Crombie 
      Julia, it was tough at 14 years old, it was tough at my 21st Birthday, it was tough at my 1st wedding and my first born, but these things are momentary. I believe grief is a way we remember our lost ones, like pricking the consciousness into an awakened "what if" state, if that makes sense. We've all lost someone, we all grieve from time to time, but that doesnt mean sadness should enter your life, on the contrary, you can do something positive so that your lost ones can be proud of you, again, that might only make sense to me.... but on a good note, I'm off to bed to get some sleep...thanksa for your compassion

      2 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly If you were getting this Rob, you would be thanking God for hers.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Julia DeLap I understand what you're saying Rob. Yes I have lost other people I was close to in my life, but so far I am lucky to have the core people still around. I have a very strong belief in the other side and I'm sure your brother is very proud of you. Good night and as Ross said, sweet dreams. :)
      2 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly In the last few hours while working on this thread my email inbox has been inundated with posts from The Official Brian Haw and Parliament Square Peace Campaign Group but I was too busy on this to check out why but I just did and this is why, Brian Haw died.


      Take particular notice of Ana's use of the word TACT in that line and the anagram in BRIAN.

      2 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly This was Julia's first comment of the day -

      Julia DeLap Who died? A friend of yours Ross? or someone else?
      12 hours ago · Like

      2 hours ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly So there you have it Rob. Another example of a 'good' man dying for the same reason.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly As well as the proof of my statement that timing is important.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Note this one well WITH REGARD TO PREVIOUS LINKS ON THIS POST too - The letter that has been brought to your attention by your apparent error is the letter L.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Now take another look at the name BRIAN the latest significant death to make a timely appearance on this post.
      As you know there is a logical rule in the Ana code by which a blank space (being empty) can represent zero or O.

      In Ana code the name BRIAN contains the name IAN and one other.

      about an hour ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      So the last part of the line that responds to Julia's belief in the other side comment...


      Also says -


      about an hour ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly Only ANA.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Elaine Ross Kelly And if anyone wishes to deny the credibility of that because they think I made up the Blank O rule that's where Ana's "O TACT" comes in again -

      57 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Ross Kelly The one other person mentioned in connection to the belief in the other side was Nimbin Robin, along with the explanation about what really happened, no dead uncle, just God the source of ALL information.


      38 minutes ago · 

    • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan This really is an incredible thread. I was really moved by it last night on thinking how amazing it is to see this happening for Rob and others too. Rob just think of all the lives connecting at this time and everything that had to happen precisely in them for it to be so. How Ross had to have a boat called Henry in Oban and your brother had to be a navy man for the boat subject to come up how everything had to be just so in your life to lead to the very point you are now to part with that knowledge to give to Ross so he knew what to look for in the code. As everyone's life had to be the way she needed them to be including your parents and their's in order to have your brother and you. Think about that for a bit - it is huge - it is everything - eternity! Too big to for our limited given understanding but enough to know that that is what it is and for that to be so it means that God really does exist and only God could know all - she is time itself.
      37 minutes ago · 

    • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan Today's code lines and happenings are brilliant. Real live happening like with the ANTI PENNY lines. The beauty of the 3 way link continued 'L' hint for Rob and all. On looking at the last lines and feeling sad about the news of Brian haw's death (good man, deserves a good rest) I could see the IAN and ROB in BRIAN and thought of BRO IAN too and was moved by it as Brian's death had to be now to give the word Brian on this thread which also means that only Ana could have known about Ian and Rob well in advance and facebook too. O TACT she is very smart indeed!
      27 minutes ago · 

    • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan Who could turn away from this?
      27 minutes ago · 

    • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan No wonder IESVS wept maybe he wasn't the only one.

  • Elaine Ross Kelly

    In the original Penny line the Pi link in the word ACID linked Penny to Pi.
    As you say there are 7 Pi numbers left in the code after Penny along with the letter I so the code also shows the intentional Pi connection by saying -


    As I was typing that line I saw a reminder at the start of it about something I meant to say earlier but forgot.
    The Penny I knew lives on the outskirts of Oban and her maiden name is Asker. The boat registration code for Oban is OB.


    2 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Full line -


    2 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

  • Julia DeLap Trying to understand, what does the 'O TACT' part mean? I believe that each soul returns to the source [Ana] as eventually drops of rain [mainly] return to the sea. All is one, one is all. Just to clarify my comments :)
    2 hours ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly O is the code and tact is diplomacy.
    2 hours ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Note the fact that Henry was a boat in Oban.
    2 hours ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Tact - a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offence.
    about an hour ago · 

  • Julia DeLap Yes, gathered code and diplomacy, but [pm if it's more appropriate] what is the diplomacy for specifically? :) I know you've been attacked recently please don't think my 'questioning' is about anything other than genuine curiosity and a wish to understand more about how the code works :)
    about an hour ago · 

  • Julia DeLap The code is mind numbingly good at prophecy. Have you used the code to ask bigger questions? Or do you perceive the code as being specifically for informing and warning 'them in charge'? :)
    about an hour ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly The diplomacy in this case was used rather than saying bluntly 'there is no other side where Ian is living and being proud of Rob'
    You have to grasp the intentional timing of the news of Brian's death and your post about the other side. The genius that arranged his fame and his name that says, with or without that tactful O ...IAN ROB.
    It was planned to be shown to you and to Rob. NO IAN ROB.
    Rob had also wondered if Ian was somewhere else trying to tell him something while not seeing that GOD already was.

    about an hour ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..
    about an hour ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


    about an hour ago · 

  • Julia DeLap Thank you, I thought that was the insinuation. I asked for it to be spelled out for a reason. Nothing against you. No offence, whilst I am amazed about the timing of the code I don't feel the timing of such disproves the existence and continuance of our consciousness. Personally and for others I have had too much evidence that there is somewhere our soul, our spark of consciousness goes and that it is accessible on an individual basis. What you are doing is indeed important work. I find it hard to imagine a man who is specially chosen to bring forth the code, but who is also unable to accept that should Ana exist that she would not ONLY communicate with the world via a code. Obviously part of her plan though. I can see that the major events should be brought through in such an inarguable way, but there are many other things that are also important to an individual while here. Surely Ana does not only exist to communicate the destruction of the world? I'm a genuine person, an honest person. If Ana wishes to take the piss out of something I've said, so be it, it is surely her perogative. I didn't really appreciate the snide comment made further up by another member of the group. If Ana wants 'the code' 'the word' to be spread further it's only going to happen with honey not vinegar. I hope you will not mistake me for a troublemaker, but with respect, I can only say as I find.
    about an hour ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly I never said that there is no continuation to our consciousness, just that there is no continuation to our life as a specific individual story of a life. There is only life. We are all every life and Ana is the living source of it all, really it is she who is doing the living and we are the ideas that she has. The consciousness belongs to the source.
    Of course Ana does not exist just to warn us now about catastrophe, without the existence of Ana nothing would exist at all.
    But at this point in all of our stories her warning is intentional and it is important to her that it is seen.

    about an hour ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Also, I think you will find that it will be done as it is being Ana.
    about an hour ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly What snide remark are you referring to?
    about an hour ago · 

  • XEquals RDspared Actually Julia if Ana wants 'the code' 'the word' to be spread further it's only going to be done her way and this thread is self evident of that fact - there is only Ana. Ana does not only use the code to communicate, EVERY communication that ever was or is ever going to be is done by Ana.
    MY TACT LINKS DELAP'S OTHER SIDE - NO IAN ROB - because there's only Ana and she has every side covered.

    56 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly There is an old Buddhist or Jain parable about the human condition. It likens the predicament of Mankind to a man clinging to some loose grass hanging over the edge of a bottomless pit and the grass is losing it's hold on the ground, then a drop of honey falls on the man's lips and the truth of the situation is momentarily forgotten.
    Honey would have been no use to the people swept away by the Sendai tsunami or the people dying in Afghanistan or Libya. People need to face reality not wishful thinking and all the 'as long as we SAY we love each other we'll all ascend into bliss'. It's not true.

    55 minutes ago · 

  • Julia DeLap On the basis the O TACT refers, as I suspected, to bluntly saying Delap is wrong....I found the comment 'O TACT she is very smart indeed!' offensive. It's basically says 'haha like the way Anna smacked down Delap'. As I say, should Ana wish to put me down - so be it, but people sniding in on the back of it and laughing - tut, tut, cheap shot, no class. I don't pretend to be a clever woman, but I am a genuine/honest woman who works hard to do what I can for humanity. I don't look to put people down...I'm sure if Ana is the God you/I speak of, putting people down wouldn't be part of her plan.
    52 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Nobody was putting you down, it's just the way you want to see it. Defensively.
    49 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly What you should have seen is the genius behind the way it was done.
    47 minutes ago · 

  • Julia DeLap Again, please don't get me wrong. I COMPLETELY AGREE that people sitting there saying 'we love each other' is not going to save the world. Otherwise I'd have ignored the comment as another members problem not mine, but when people are effectively on the same team, what's the point of cheap shots. That was my point, nothing more.
    46 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly What you'should' have seen is the genius and humour behind the way it was done.
    46 minutes ago · 

  • XEquals RDspared No Julia, it's not like that, the O TACT is an incredibly beautiful thing being used to explain to many that there really is only one place that everything exists - with Ana
    46 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Can you please explain what you thought the "cheap shot" was?
    44 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly The other thing that you would have seen if you were understanding this is that Ana needed you to make the 'OTHER SIDE' so that the death of Brian Haw could be used to show Rob.
    40 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly The other thing that you would have seen if you were understanding this is that Ana needed you to make the 'OTHER SIDE' comment so that the death of Brian Haw could be used to show Rob.
    39 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Oh, and by the way, the Bees are dying.
    37 minutes ago · 

  • Julia DeLap So be it. I've no interest in arguing. As I said, I'm amazed at the timing etc. I can laugh at Ana's humour. I take no offence in that. I just don't have the words to be able to explain to you that I'm saying a similar thing, but with different words. Yes, only one place, I've said that already, but each thread of each individual's experience etc is what makes Ana up. IE. each drop mixes together as one and makes the ocean, but the drop still exists within that ocean. When it returns to being a drop it's almost impossible for it to return with it's original 'drop' contents. It is mixed up with others for a new experience, into a new drop. I'm sorry I don't have the words to communicate what I am trying to say. Either way, I'm not out to change anyone's mind, just expressing my belief. And, i still feel the other comment was just a cheap shot. I will continue to 'learn' with interest lols.
    35 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Which other comment?
    33 minutes ago · 

  • Julia DeLap again, I agree the Bee's are dying and it worries me greatly. I've got to go, thank you Ross for trying to bear with me lols.
    33 minutes ago · 

  • Julia DeLap cheap shot comment is in Sanjeev's comment. Maybe I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time in my life lols.
    32 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Being wrong is how we learn.
    31 minutes ago · 

  • Elaine Ross Kelly Just checked out the whole thread, I don't see it. Like I mentioned, try to see when defensive mode comes in it throws us into negative, although having said that there's wisdom behind that too, it's all part of the real teaching.

  • Sajeev Kunjukrishnan 
    Julia I wasn't even thinking of you when I posted last as I was too occupied with the clever way Ana had shown the tact o code lines following the death of Brian (with or without o too) All of it is very smart as it all had to be set up exactly as it was for that to happen and after reading your post and others regarding the TACT O thing it brought to my attention that it really was done with tact which has given more meaning. Just to let you know its Sam not Sajeev.
    15 hours ago · 
  • Bruce Allen ‎@ Rob, I left Cairns months ago and live in Mackay now, check again. Regarding Neil, I'll ask if he has any photos or if he'd mind you contacting him, I'm sure he'll be fine with it, he's a lovely guy.
    13 hours ago · 
  • Rob Crombie 
    I remember you telling me now, wasnt that when the floods happened and you got a new job... so now its Mackay, that reminds me of Mr. Mackay, the jail warden in the Ronnie Barker Show called Porridge... Okies, and sorry, thought you'd been hitting the RED stuff too hard again .... taking a look now, just having a "Bird's Eye View" using Google other words...I'm perving on you from a great height....don't worry, these pics were taken years ago, so you can't be tracked down by anyone
    11 hours ago · 
  • Rob Crombie Wow, there is something strange going on here. Bruce, just slightly NW of you is a bunch of islands called REPULSE ISLANDS. This is freaky, my brother Ian served on a UK submarine called HMS REPULSE, also I just noticed slightly inbound there is a place called KUTTABUL, which is familiar, I'm sure that was the name of my submarine base at Neutral Bay, Sydney...having memory issues, will look later
    11 hours ago · 
  • Shirley Kobiela REPULSE ISLAND HINT TO BRUCE - IT'S MY KONDO - there's those phonetiks again ! - A is also the symbol for V or U
    11 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
  • Rob Crombie KUTTABUL was the Sydney Ferry sunk by one of those midget Japanese Submarines that found their way into Sydney harbour. HMAS KIRRIBILLI ( as in Kirribilli House) was the sub base in Neutral Bay.... mind was foggy earlier, but just remembered the names in proper order, even so, Kuttabul the place near you Bruce, was sunk by a Jap midget Sub, seems submarines are common ground, or common water here.
    8 hours ago · 
  • Rob Crombie 
    THIS IS WEIRD. Just checked wikipedia on REPULSE ISLANDS, seems they were found by Captain James Cook around 1770'ish. I thought from my history that Cook came from Whitby, a North East Fishing Port not far from where I was born. I just did a wiki search on Cook and it appears he was born in MARTON a suburb of Middlesborough and the next town to where I was born. Marton is 7 kms away from KIRBY CLOSE, where I was born. My grandfather JAMES CROMBIE lived in MALTON STREET, HARTLEPOOL and my father JAMES CROMBIE had to leave school at 14 years of age to go earn money for the family. he worked at the local foundry, where he poured MOLTEN metal. Is this creepy or what? JC is initials of my Grandfather, my Father, my Brother and James Cook. Bruce I do not know if you realise how many close links we appear to have, but you moving from Cairns certainly seems to be a trigger point because I would not have noticed Kuttabul or Repulse islands if you were still up (or down?...not sure) at Cairns. Now I checked that bearing you gave earlier and PARMA most definately is on a bearing of 314 degrees from MACKAY. I think it was about 15,000 kms, would have to look again, but the number didnt mean much to me. Doing mathematical backflips in my head... I need to take some time out to look at this again...... PHEW !!!
    8 hours ago · 
  • Shirley Kobiela I know that Bruce and Five Days in Varkala is the best place to start 'getting it' -

    No Rob, it's NOT weird :) it's absolutely mind blowing, what a set up.
    5 hours ago · 
  • Shirley Kobiela yeah, Ross, one 'L' of a thread...
    2 hours ago · 
  • Elaine Ross Kelly The code doesn't 'just happen' to contain the names of people that are linked in the plan. The code is the thing that named us.
    We have the names we have because they fit the plan -

    about an hour ago ·  ·  1 person
  • Elaine Ross Kelly This is why A can represent U. A inverted shows you V as in (for example) IESVS. V = U in Latin.
    about an hour ago ·  ·  1 person
  • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..

    about an hour ago · 
  • Elaine Ross Kelly Interesting that one is, because Darren calls Kellie KELL.
    about an hour ago · 
  • Shirley Kobiela That last line is just astonishing Ross, *picking jaw up from floor...again* - CROMBIE ALLEN ROSS AND THIS PI No DATE - 22.7 - all of everything that was set up so that we can see that - wow - bet you didn't know this would be the outcome of stomping on that apple Darren - I certainly didn't - wow - one L, one love, Ana's.
    about an hour ago · 
  • Elaine Ross Kelly 
    Brian Haw lived in a tent in Westminster for 10 years. He died in Germany on June 18th -



    Obvious pre-planned non random combinations.
    45 minutes ago · 
  • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎..


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