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Oban's latest reminder.

And as if this one wasn't enough...


(2 HOEY'S with O as zero = 23)

There's this -

A 3.14159 PI 23 REMINDER TO OBAN - A 23...2 HOEY'S.

Hamish Hoey and son are the Oban undertakers.

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    • Elaine McGuckin Interesting timing and name synchronicity.....Peterbourgh and Jamestown......Peter...means Rock and we have already had the connection to James via James Pierce and just the other day Elaine James. My father's name is also James.... never forgetting the all important one....the number 23 man himself James Carrey.
      AN earthquake has shaken state's Mid-North, rattling houses in Jamestown. A Geoscience Australia spokesman said the earthquake had a magnitude of 4.0 and its...

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    • Elaine McGuckin Another nuclear problem....happening in South Africa ...SA...
      (SA same initials for South Australia) I found this article at the stated time.... yet another 23......

      Koeberg on high alert after oil leak
      Graeme Raubenheimer | 23 Hour(s) Ago

      The Koeberg Nuclear Power Station remains on high alert for a possible threat on its water basin following an oil spill in Bloubergstrand.

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    • Kellie CosmicLove That is interesting. Jayden (my son)...his middle name is James, his dad is James, and his G/ Father is Peter. ....and we live in Australia.
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    • Elaine McGuckin A Turkish tanker that had run aground in 2009 is breaking up and spilling oil onto the land near by. Also in the news yesterday was a report of a Turkish airliner coming a cropper on the runway at Mumbai airport.....Remember the TU....RK's all on Ross' blog for those that don't know......TU is also 23 in Ana code.
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    • Elaine McGuckin The other point of interest Richard made yesterday was the 23 link to Israel...Turkey and Israel are having big problems with each other at the moment.
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    • Elaine McGuckin TU RK ISH = 23 RK ISH......RK Ross' initials and ISH belong to Inci Samiye Hamit.....who just happens to be of Turkish origin.
      We all know and love her as Sam.....the 22 lady.

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    • Elaine McGuckin In 2008 when we arrived in London from was the 22/7.....Sam had a calender on her wall in the kitchen showing the number 22 date very boldly....we stayed until the 23rd and while we were there she tore both dates of the calender and put them into her keep sake box.
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    • Elaine McGuckin All first born son's in my family have been called James from way back, my nephew and eldest son born to my oldest brother known as Jamie.....he is the brother to Brendan of the Brendan Bell fame.
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    • Kellie CosmicLove Increcdible, my G/Father is Jim (James) and my brother is Brendon.
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    • Kellie CosmicLove ‎...and the extra 'c' ...??
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    • Elaine McGuckin More on the theme of James' and things happening in twos is the fact that Brendan has his court date on the 21st of September and I with my brothers and sisters have been asked to attend a court hearing in support of my Dad, James, dealing with his right to sell the family home on exactly the same day. I have only ever been in a court once before in my whole life.
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    • Elaine McGuckin Amazing
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    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      A 3.14159 PI 23 CAT REMINDER TO OBAN - 2 HOEY'S.

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    • Elaine McGuckin 


      ...See more

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    • Elaine McGuckin There are two blank O's in the above anagrams.
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    • Kellie CosmicLove BRENDON = REND NOB

      "Nob, Israel, a place in the vicinity of Jerusalem"

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    • Elaine McGuckin KATLA......The feared volcano was struck by a magnitude 3.2 earthquake last night as experts believe magma is slowly filling inside the mountain, giving rise to fears the volcano could soon erupt.
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    • Elaine McGuckin Shirley just posted this on the other thread but after the CAT needs to be seen here too.
      Iceland's massive Katla volcano is showing increasing signs of a possible eruption following an intense week of earthquakes and tremors.

If you take time to study the recent record on the blog you will see that the link to 23 started on August 4 in code lines to Andrew Gough that identified the fact that the first 6 Pi numbers add up to 23 and that it is a prime number, from then on 23 kept popping up fueling the hint that something significant was going to happen on Aug 23. Meanwhile the code had linked to themes connected to Jim Carrey, you can see how if you read the Dumb and Dumber post in the August posts.
It was then realised that Carrey made the film 'the number 23' the code links to Carrey are amazing.
On Aug 23 the earthquake shook Washington, the epicentre being at LAKE ANNA.

L+A+K+E+A+N+N+A = 3+1+2+5+1+5+5+1 = 23.

The code identifies the fact thus showing that the 23 prelink to Lake Anna was not random.



ANNA LAKE = 1+5+5+1+ 3+1+2+5 = 23.


It means that the prime No links to Andrew Gough on Aug 4 were set up then because on the 23rd Anna was going to cause an earthquake at ANNA LAKE so that this proof can be shown to you now.

PRIME No TO ID ANNA LAKE 23.8.2011 BY - 3.14159.

PRIME No 3.14159 TO ID ANNA LAKE 23.8.2011 BY.

Then along came Irene. Carrey made the film 'Me myself and Irene'

Anyway, it's all there on the blog timed courtesy of facebook another of Ana's great ideas.

The Lake Anna quake struck at 1.51 pm.

151 = ANA.

Water from hurricane Agnes filled the lake after the dam was built in1972 in half the expected time.

The Ana code was discovered in Agnes water Australia in yr 2000.

  • Elaine McGuckin This is copied from James Blog on September 2nd .....again the people he meets are sychronised to current events. Christine, Lee and Daniel.

    I saw a cross country cyclist, my first in a while. They prefer a more northerly route. I was cranky so I flagged him down. I wanted to ask why they are always such dicks. But he wasn't a dick. He wasn't a he. He was Christine from Vermont. She is riding from Maine to Oregon, all on her delicate lonesome.

    We talked some. I liked her fine. She had a grip like a longshoreman.
    I am sure she can take care of herself. She drinks whisky and smokes cigars. She is a Bolshevik. She is not very big but it sounds like she eats just as much as I do, which made me feel better. I've been ashamed of myself since I met Lee, the recumbant cyclist who eats nothing but dirt clods and bark.

    But two friendly cyclists out of hundreds does not change my opinion of the breed. These two are unique, recumbant, a girl, those exceptions that prove the rule. Cyclists are dicks.

    I muddled on, never resting long. These short days are doing me in.
    I would much rather take three or four six-mile walks than two ten- or twelve-mile ones. There is too the challenge of charging my computer which demands one very long break. Which I could just as well do at the end of the day if I can get used to camping in the dark.

    I met on the road a Mr. Daniel Long Soldier. He stopped to offer me a ride. We chatted a bit on the side of the road. I could very well have been squished. But it was worth the risk; he was interesting. He makes traditional bows. They are rather rough but more or less like the ones from centuries ago. And long, not the stubby little bows I saw at the Custer museum. They didn't start making those until they got horses. The long ones are hard to ride with.
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  • Inci Samiye Hamit Brilliant!
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  • Inci Samiye Hamit He writes well, enjoyable read, nothing on my trip to sign on at the JC today though..
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  • Elaine McGuckin up date on Tropical Storm Lee.
    Keep that umbrella handy, and maybe a boat, too...
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  • Inci Samiye Hamit Ah it is all getting a bit too dotty..can't stop typing dots, Ross's fault now I'm hooked. 'Oi on ewe'r bike'.
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  • Inci Samiye Hamit ‎2-3" of rainfall - The James close to flooding.. and people doubt she is for real.
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  • Elaine McGuckin Omg Sam I didn't read it all the way through....incredible....!!!

    This is from Weather Dan's article.

    We’re looking at 2-3″ of rain total by Tuesday night.
    If rainfall continues as forecast through the week, we may be looking at some pretty serious river flooding concerns along the James in the coming days. This forecast is heavily dependent on how much rain we receive, but the James could be close to flood stage by Wednesday or Thursday.
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  • Elaine McGuckin My Dad's birthday is on Wednseday the 7th September...


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