Friday, 9 September 2011

Oban's million dollar storm and a Kat warning.
Sea swells are expected to reach 15 metres with gusts of more than 80mph as torrential rain and fierce winds batter the country.

The first three comment posts below are from another of today's Danielle Anstee threads, they contain her link to an Oban fishing boat that's in the news. The second thread explains why.

  • Ross Kelly I found the Cody Ross Dec 23 link a few days ago on the Dec 23 page in Wikipedea then on the synchronicity group wall Rob Lesman, who knew nothing about that told me his son's name is Cody, now we find that James was in Cody at that time meeting his father that he hasn't seen for 23 years.

    This whole link to 23 and the Carrey connection is so tight and so consistent that I have to think that something very big is coming, an event that will either be Oban or 'OB AN', a mind changing happening that will shock the world.

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  • Danielle Anstee What does OB AN mean again?...I just tried to look it up and found this. Is it just me or is the name of the boat signify something?
    9 hours ago · 

  • Ross Kelly OB means reversal and AN means people.

I keep seeing the word/name Stirling. Keep an eye out for it.
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    • Rob Luobikis did a delivery to Stirling IGA today. Already seen it.
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    • Danielle Anstee Farout :)
      7 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly Stirlingshire is where I live, Stirling is 20 minutes away by car.
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    • Danielle Anstee lol bullshit...that's weird hey.
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    • Rob Luobikis very trippy. But not really. Trippy shit happens all the time if your aware of it.
      7 hours ago · 

    • Danielle Anstee Yes, REALLY !
      7 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly I'm still blown away by James being in Cody and meeting his father after 23 years at the time of the Cody Ross 23 Dec link and the link to Lesman and his son Cody.
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    • Danielle Anstee Not to mention Cody Ross... Who is this James fellow anyhow? I know he is trekking across the U.S by foot but is he a friend of you guys or something?
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    • Ross Kelly Yeah, We first met James at the Madan cafe in Delhi in 2008 at the time of the 23 synchronicity that happened then.
      Did you see all the comments Bratt put under the Varkala film on blip tv as if he was 3 or 4 different people but obviously all him?

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    • Ross Kelly As far as I know James is unaware of the way his walk has been synchronised to the plan.
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    • Danielle Anstee No haven't seen Brett ot-dickheads comments..I'll have a squiz.
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    • Danielle Anstee Oh well at least he's been quiet for 3 weeks, but yes very obvious they are all him. Actually it looks like he's been using it as a bit of a platform to publicise his blogspot.
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    • Elaine McGuckin The other person was very helpful posting the Randi thing as the code does prove that the Randi Challenge is completely bogus... James Randi himself has been caught out by others for being a charlatan.....some people have great difficulty in understanding what a code actually is.
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    • Danielle Anstee I'd already seen the Randi thing when I first watched the video on the code.
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    • Elaine McGuckin I realised that it was of course another timed JAMES link.....
      The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom. The scientific proof that we all survive the death of our physical bodies.

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    • Elaine McGuckin Mr. Randi has his own self seeking agenda to follow....
      Let's all get to know James Randi, the greatest skeptic known to man Well, if you don't know who James Randi is, it is not a huge surprise. He was a very...

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    • Danielle Anstee LOL...what a creep...he's obviously just trying to hold onto his money. What on earth made you guys contact him anyway? Did you not know he was a con artist then?
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    • Elaine McGuckin It's interesting to note that someone on the Randi challenge team went to a lot of bother to re type the code challenge Ross sent them. They typed the code lines out in small case when Ross had obviously sent them the lines in their usual 34 CAPITAL letter format.
      The code only works with capitals because of the symbols they represent.
      Someone on Randi's establishment made sure that it was done that way......they don't want the truth to be known and it looks like he has all the support he can get from the mainstream media.
      We all know who really runs that

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    • Elaine McGuckin Ana had us contact him....most likely to expose the
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    • Elaine McGuckin Jings the idea of winning a million bucks was a big incentive.....we are only human and have to eat to live same as the next man.....he he.
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    • Danielle Anstee Obviously not in Anas plan...damn lol
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    • Elaine McGuckin No we didn't know he was a conman then and I have only just read the above posts just before I posted them on the thread.
      I did see other people on FB a few days ago given him stick for being a crook.....seemingly the JRF you tube channel was blocked a while back as well. Don't know why. He has just as many die hard followers who support him in what he does....sadly...

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    • Elaine McGuckin He has become the Main Stream Face of the trusted Skeptic....God help the world...
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    • Danielle Anstee Can't trust anyone supported by the mainstream.
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    • Elaine McGuckin That's a sad fact these days.....there is always an agenda to keep people in total ignorance and only thinking one way.
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    • Elaine McGuckin In absolute truth everything is PARA-normal but perfectly understandable when one is given the true information.

      Origin and Meaning of the Name Para Both Genders
      Sanskrit Meaning:The supreme
      Indian Meaning:The supreme
      (pa ruh); (pa rah) [Guide]
      Form of: Itself (Para)

      In Latin, para means 'above,' 'against,' 'counter,' 'outside,' or 'beyond'. It's certainly seems to be beyond the grasp of many a

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    • Elaine McGuckin From Ana's point of view it's all normal.....
      PARA = AA PR
      AA is old English for Ana
      All our experiences are her PR....public relations.

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    • Ross Kelly I see why the Randi thing is coming up again now. The proof that we sent him was in the form of emails that warned about a big storm striking Oban on a date tat is coded in the word OBAN'S (12.1.05)

      On that day Oban was hit by a storm and it was on the BBC news.

      The Oban boat in the news today that Danielle linked to was rescued at STROMA name that is an anagram of A STORM.

      Hurricanr Katia has already been seen to be a timed part of the Oban CAT KAT warning and now it appears that Katia herself is going to strike Oban.

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    • Ross Kelly This is a clip from an article I just found about the 2005 storm -

      many were evacuated from their homes as 4ft flood waters engulfed parts of Oban, a Spanish fishing boat which went missing off the Hebrides was rescued by the RAF

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    • Ross Kelly ‎..



      21 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..



      The code didn't just time the Oban storm, it did it specifically for James Randi.

      16 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..




      These are some extracts from the Rob Lesman thread that explain the CODY links that were mentioned.

      Rob Lesman Rob Lamsen. Your Kobi / My son is Cody (and just as I typed his name, you, in vid, say the word "is a CODE words that represents the information in The CODE"!)
      Wednesday at 07:12 · Like

      Rob Lesman Cody... Code Key?
      Wednesday at 07:12 · Like

      Ross Kelly As you have probably gathered there has recently been and still is a huge link to the number 23 happening and strong indications that it relates to another 23 date in December.
      If you look at Dec 23 in Wikipedia you will see that it is the birth date of Cody Ross.

      Ross Kelly Here's an interesting thing. I have a friend, a man I first met in Delhi in 2008 at the same cafe that all the 23 synchronicity that's mentioned on my blog happened. James is currently walking across America. At the start of his walk a few months ago things happened that made me realise that his journey is synchronised to the plan.
      When I first noticed the Cody Ross link to December 23 I just thought it a bit amusing but then you told me your son's name is Cody. It's not a name you hear very often, and realised that there is more to it.
      Last night Elaine looked at James' blog having not done so for a few days, this is an excerpt from his post on Sept 6 -

      "They were still waving to me when I sat down to lunch. My sandwich had survived beautifully. Nine more miles seem like nothing with fifteen under your belt. When I got to Cody (population one-hundred-fifty-something) it was early yet. I was thinking about ten more miles. It was then, of course, I ran into my father whom I haven't spoken to in twenty-three years."

      Ross Kelly This is a perfect anagram of the letters on my profile picture -


      Here the code demonstrates the precoded plan bias in the key -


      Remember, it was you that brought up the subject of Cody.

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