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Not such a Dick.

Terry Allen posted this post on my timeline today, on two other identical posts on other people's walls he added the second part. My comments are from my own wall -

I just had an insight which came with total, absolute force. Christianity - including Christ - is a cover, a front; and the real deity (and this is kept incredibly secret) is female. Wasn’t I told this about Christ in the dream, and told it’s secret? I have been initiated into one of the greatest mysteries in the history of religion; it is she who we true (esoteric) Christians worship: the Christianity which we see exoterically is really Roman, infiltrated by Rome - to know the truth about her you must be possessed by her directly. And learn it from her.
Philip K Dick

And that resonates with what a Chap called Ross Kelly is saying he believes his discovered a code from a female deity whose name is Ana. Ross has made statements and tells the story of how he was incarcerated in Australia and how he is being harassed by M15/6. I think he is on to something and his warnings from Ana are dire this is why the so-called elites are building huge underground cities and we are excluded from them, although they use taxpayers money to do so.

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  • Ross Kelly On the subject of Ana for Terry her code says -

  • Ross Kelly ..

  • Ross Kelly ..

    30.5.13 NOTE - I'M THE BOSS P.DICK ID'S TERRY ... ANA.
  • Ross Kelly " to know the truth about her you must be possessed by her directly."

    So now you know that you are.
  • Terry Allen Cool I have known for along time that we are still governed and enslaved by the Roman Empire, long before I ever read any of Phil's novels. I am now working my way through his Exegesis and it contains one million words in which he makes some very profound statements. Back in 74 he was hit by a pink beam in which he then hears this voice which tells him and instructs him in all kind of weird stuff and it tells him his son is dying. This was later proven to be correct that information saved his sons life. He also started to speak perfect Koine Greek and Latin and was able to see Ancient Rome which he said still exist. Really fascinating writer and I like the idea that God is female the patriarchal male god of the bible is to angry for my liking to be honest.
  • Ross Kelly The "Christian" bible version of God is the negative version.
  • Ross Kelly From the notes at the end of my book -

    The Real Purpose of the Life of Jesus

    It must be obvious to virtually everyone that Jesus had an extraordinarily important job to do.

    If we liken the lives and actions of mankind to individual moves in the great chess game of life, it can be clearly seen that the move 'Jesus' was one that had and continues to have a very major affect on the outcome of the whole game but I have to say that it is one that has not yet been understood by the majority of the rest of the people.

    Bearing in mind that the whole purpose of life is Gods' purpose and that it is all about the so called battle of good and evil, the balancing of the story of Gods' polarity, the cause of the truth versus the lie and accepting that the infinite genius that is God must have a trick or two up her sleeve and like all great chess masters has the ability to see many moves ahead, a move the purpose of which an onlooker might find incomprehensible can be made with absolute wisdom by the 'master' who sees the whole game.

    So what was the real purpose of the move 'Jesus'? .. cont
  • Ross Kelly One clue to help us get nearer to the answer to this question can be found in the prophecies of 'Isaiah'. It was said that one such as Jesus would come and that the result of his presence would be that he would bring religion to the gentiles and that they would HOPE in his name.
    Which is of course exactly what he did do.
    It doesn't say he would bring enlightenment to the gentiles it says he would bring religion.
    It does not take much reading of the Gospels to realise that Jesus was far from happy about the beliefs of the high priests of his time. He knew that they had got it wrong. He must have done otherwise there would have been no point to his teachings.
    He was treading on very dangerous ground by attempting to show people the real truth, which really would set the people free, as he said, because it posed a threat to the corrupt authorities of the day, the Roman Empire and the Pharisees and Sadducees. He had to tread very carefully applying a great deal of wisdom to his words in case he should fall foul to the laws of blasphemy which all corrupt religions use as a means to keep the people in fear of free thinking and also as a powerful bit of superstitious voodoo which can have the affect of uniting the 'faithful' on the side of the church and against the pro -claimer of the words of free thought.
    He could in theory easily have been stoned to death if he said one word out of place. This is partly why he spoke in parables. He knew that those who could understand were few but it was to this few that he aimed his message. They would know the real meaning of it and have the wisdom to keep quiet. The other reason for coding his message was very crucial indeed.
    It is because the things he said could be understood in an ambiguous way that some of them have survived to this day. They pose no apparent threat to the ignorant, no threat to the people who took up the reigns of worldly power, quite the opposite in fact, as those people have used his words to their own ends in the promotion of the lie by which they now continue to rule the world. This was not a mistake on Jesus' part. It was crucial to that chess move. The words of Jesus were much more literal than people have been led to believe. When he spoke about light, he meant light. When an attempt to corner Jesus into trapping him into saying that the paying of dues to Caesar (taxes) was a corruption was made, his well-known reply was to ask, "Whose face do you see on that coin"? The answer was, "Caesar's". "Well" said Jesus "Give to Caesar what is his and to God that which belongs to God". In other words give Caesar his money and give God your life.
    Now let's look at this again. This piece of instruction seems to support the authority of Caesar, which of course Jesus knew was not a real authority. So Caesar, literally (Constantine) allowed it to be included in the version of the Bible that was agreed upon at the council of Nicea. His motive was to keep the people paying their taxes to him but what he did not fully realise was that if the people really did return Caesars coins to him (all of them), then Caesar would be seen to have lost his corrupt power while at the same time getting what he was asking for. Such is the wisdom of the real truth and until we can lose our fear and distrust of one another enough to do this we will never be free in that truth, we will not be living it.

    In India, as I write these words there exists a situation that relates in reality to this and it is the cause of great misery and fear. Sixty percent of the female population is suffering illness and the lack of good life quality because they cannot afford the food they need for full nutrition. There is not a shortage of food in India; there is plenty to go around. The people who need it can't have it only because they can't pay for it. What does this mean in reality, in truth? It means that Caesars coin is more important to people than life itself. We are so accustomed to our selfish survivalist ways of thinking that we don't have any real love in our lives. How poor then are the rich?
    In Cambodia twenty thousand or more orphaned children live on the streets of Phnom Penh. They do anything they can to find enough money to eat to live, cleaning cars, selling drugs, prostitution of all kinds, even selling themselves to pedophiles, sick people who have the money but no love for the children. For the sake of the want of a dollar a day per child all of this is happening. Are you trapped in the fear of letting go of money?
    If you are, you will never know God and you will never be free.
  • Ross Kelly Some very simple reasoning will now answer the question, 'what was the role of the wise man Jesus?'
    We can find the answer by seeing what really happened by his being here.
    A church was created a religion was formed around him not as a message of sprea
    ding free thought gained by the real meaning of his words but as the opposite.
    A state inflicted control system that used the growing popularity of the icon Jesus for its own ends. More corruption of truth was born out of his attempt to expose the truth.
    The real truth was covered up by power seekers and the people were psychologically manipulated into following a false set of doctrines and beliefs.

    They were told a lie which was to become the central core of that corrupt power base, the lie was a whopper. They were told that Jesus was Gods' only son. They were even told that Jesus was God. They were told that if they believed this that they would be saved from Satan's' ploys and that after death they would go to heaven. Yet Jesus said God is a God of the living. They were told that they need look no further 'just believe in him and you will be saved'.
    Jesus told people how to know the real living God in freedom while they are still alive. The lie turned this around and used Jesus as its tool.
    This lie is now being exposed. By carrying the very simple to understand sayings of Jesus through the two thousand years since his birth the liars have sown the seeds of their own downfall.
    There is no accident in this, this was the real purpose of the 'chess move Jesus' and the dark side didn't see it. The church grew rich by condoning and accepting Caesar's coin.

    The real Christ is the real light that illumines our real lives and to which the flowers in automatic observance of that truth respond in a display of the beautiful fact of it. God is that real and that free and you don't have to die in order to know it. It's all free now, just as it always has been and the time for using parables is over.

    A possible solution to the money problem, which would have to be dealt with in stages is that first of all the stock piles of money which in reality represent the misappropriated natural wealth of the world in token form need to be re-channeled back to where it came from.
    Using money in this way would solve the problems of third world poverty at least to the point where everybody could have the basic necessities required to improve the quality of life universally. Adequate housing, adequate sewage systems and an adequate food supply.
    When this has been achieved food production should be scaled down where necessary, localising most of the production of necessary supplies wherever possible. Thus making people more self-sufficient in the area where they live and less dependant on aid from elsewhere. Should there still be a shortfall, if the money currently being used to finance weaponry and aggression was used instead to ensure the health of the soil in places currently unsuitable for food production by the use of technologies that we already have, then nobody would be hungry. This is the first priority.
    Ownership of land is a concept that does not conform to the real truth and neither does the policy of privacy in respect to garden earth. We can all live in one garden, it's already here we just need to bring the fences down. Here we will find the pathway to our freedom. Wherever possible let the wild flowers and the 'weeds' prosper. They are all there by Gods' design. They are generators of her love in the respect that she loves them all otherwise they wouldn't have been here in the first place. Their function is to provide a balanced natural habitat for life of all kinds to prosper, herein lies the real wealth, for nothing is more valuable than the gift of life and the fact that there really is a giver. We must learn to respect God; we must learn in order to know her.
    The 'Letter of the Law' was written using masculine gender. It was before the time that Anna fully introduced herself. It was this document that was sent to Camilla Parker Bowles and Stanley Kubrick to name two of the original recipients, Holger Kersten was another.

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