Monday, 27 October 2014

Cameron's cave.

For newcomers to this blog -

My name is Ross Kelly, my partner's name is Elaine, we met in Oban in 1980.

Since 1996 when an extraordinary sequence of unexpected events occurred that involved a great deal of spontaneous synchronicity set up by none other than God in order for a message to be delivered to some people in 'high places'. Those people were on to it before we were.

It was the start of God's alarm bell.

Since then we have been warning people that unless those people change their ways and tell the world the truth Oban is very likely to be wiped off the map one day by a well placed asteroid and for an extremely important reason.

(See -

This article appeared on my FB news feed yesterday.

There are a few precise key word hints in this for those who know about Oban!

Cameron just for starters.

...and here's a timely reminder for good old Dave -

Cameron Logan, 50, and his partner Elaine survived in this 12ft deep rocky outcrop in Oban, Scotland (pictured), from May to September with just two...

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