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Paddington Bear and Nicole Kidman.

As readers of my book will know Paddington Bear holds a particular significance for myself and another group of people.
Those readers also know the significance of the name NICOLE KIDMAN (anagram of MAIN CODE LINK)
A few days ago I watched the very funny trailer for the new Paddington Bear movie in which Nicole plays a role.
The two combined factors prompted me to look at the code.
The proposed opening date for the film is Nov 28.
This code line has been sitting on my kitchen window sill for a while and I knew I had to post it half an hour ago when I fried some mashed potato and Bacon and eggs and thought I had put a spoon full of Mango chutney on the plate with them....until I started eating it and discovered that it was actually a spoon full of Marmalade! It went down surprisingly well with the fried potato.
The video clip is on this page -
The first full length trailer of the upcoming Paddington movie has been released online.

 Updated 17.11.14.
  • Sharyn Klease Yes I remember this Ross Kelly!!! Sunday 2nd of November I was on the Internet, having trouble with connections, Again! I felt I was being wathced thru my camera. I looked at the Camera and was given 2 words to say... They were 'PADDINGTON BEAR'. As I remember your experience with this. Yesterday at Brisbane airport we left from gate 77, Got to Bali yesterday 3rd Nov, We are staying at 'JOCS' Hotel, KC and I are getting 7and 11 synchronicity's and 12 has always been huge for me. Check out pass word for Wi-Fi in attached photo. We are in room # 212
  • Sharyn Klease Keep ya's posted where possible. 
  • Danica Lester funny today at my course,, walking in with nancy ,, she told me how much she loves tinkerbell,,,, i said paddington bear was my fav and still is,,
  • Ross Kelly Timing is everything Danica.
  • Sharyn Klease As it is Ross Kelly  Dinner yesterday 4.11.14 ... we were seated at table 7, the trash on my gmail account 77, it goes on, quite detailed... I will take pics to confirm this. In hoping this will serve the purpose of acknowledgment
  • Danica Lester i know isnt it gr8,xo
  • Ross Kelly I live in the Falkirk council area.

    Santa and Paddington Bear are switching on the Christmas lights here this year.
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  • Ross Kelly From a website -

    Sunday 16th Nov
    Falkirk Christmas Lights Switch On with Santa and Paddington Bear. Music & fun at the Steeple from 3pm with the lights going on at 5pm
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  • Ross Kelly A few days ago my daughter Cate moved an old Teddy bear from her bedroom to the sitting room mantelpiece because our dog Lyra had gotten hold of it.

    It's still in here now, I hadn't seen it for years but the bear link just keeps on happening.
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  • Ross Kelly 16 November is 7 11, it is also the name of the jumbo jet that we flew to India on on our return from Morocco after the events involving the MI6 Paddington Bear password happened in 1996.
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  • Ross Kelly The lights in Bo'ness, also part of the Falkirk council area, are being turned on today.

    Nicole Kidman played a leading role in The railway man, part of the film that included her was filmed at Bo'ness station a couple of years ago.
  • Ross Kelly Paddington Bear was named after a railway station
  • Nicole kidman (N.K) plays Millicent in the PB film, the O code also says -


    (The proposed opening day of the film)
                  Or -

                  O RE-PINS BEAR DAY, N.K TOO - 28.11.14, MILLICENT.

                  And as further proof of the incredible planning behind Ana's PR key -

                  PR LINKS NICOLE TO TIME BEAR DAY ON 28.11.14.

There are two other possible bear connections that may also have something to do with this, a collapsing stock market and Russia.

Neither of them may apply on this particular Bear day.. we will have to wait and see.

                  Remember, these are all perfect anagrams of the O code that was completed in 2002.

                  The one you can see on my FB profile picture.

This post by Paul Hearn appeared on the synchronicity wins FB group page just after I had added yesterday's comments to the Paddington Bear post thereby bringing it to the top of the page. 

Paul lives in Bath.

Mr Ross Kelly...what frequency? Just saw this chap in the window before seeing your post..
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A couple of days ago I read a comment on a post on my news feed by a woman named Kristin Nicole and liked what she said.

The following day I noticed her again on another thread and decided to send her a friend request, I just had a feeling that I should.

She accepted my request but we did not communicate other than that she liked some of the posts on my wall.

Today the post below appeared on my news feed and I felt that I should add to it by giving her a link to my Hot Pots flower pot heater blog post, then I took a look at the code to see if it links to her.

Her partner's surname is Hamood.......


Whether you're building a cabin in the woods that's disconnected from any power or water sources, or just want to reduce your utility bills, going partiall

and 17.12.14.

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  • Ross Kelly Here's another one -
    Nice looking work. Not simply functional.Question - would a dutch oven with legs work as a heat catchment? I...
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  • Kristin Nicole yup, and that way of heating a room really does work. I once had to deal with working in an office that had no heat for about a month (in the middle of winter) b/c the owner didnt have the money to get it fixed right away. But the candles kept my area warmer than the rest of the office 
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  • Ross Kelly The terracotta pots store the heat and concentrate it so that it radiates out at table level, they get really hot after about half an hour and really do heat up the whole room.

    Candles alone certainly add warmth but a high percentage of the heat from them tends to go straight to the ceiling.
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  • Kristin Nicole yup the little clay pots, i used those with tea light candles 
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  • Ross Kelly I don't suppose you had time to check out any of the other posts on my blog but if you do you will find that most of them demonstrate a very special pre-planned anagram code, it's the one on my profile picture, It was completed in 2002.

    The latest pos
    t is connected to Nicole Kidman, her name is an anagram of MAIN CODE LINK, and Paddington Bear. The Paddington bear film starring Nicole is due to be released on the 28th.

    The letters in the code correspond to numbers by single digit alphabetic numerology A=1 start at 1 again after 9. 

    This is an anagram of the same code -


    (That everything is pre-planned)
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  • Ross Kelly P.B is a trademark for the Paddington Bear film.

    This is another anagram, check it out with the letters on my profile pic.

    I hope this doesn't shock you.

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  • The point about that is Ana's TIMING.

    If Paddington Bear was not the subject of the blog post that I sent to Kristin AND P.B. would appear to be meaningless.

    But it was and that anagram has always existed in the code.

  • When the PH exchange rule is applied (See Five Days in Varkala video here - it says -


  • PADDINGTON™ and PADDINGTON BEAR™ © Paddington and Company Limited/Studiocanal S.A. 2014
    Paddington Bear™, Paddington™ and PB™ are trademarks of Paddington and Company Limited.

Again this line shows the genius behind the code .. ANNA.


(M inverted = W)

  •               The Russian meteor was reported today.


  • It certainly brings meteors to mind. The Chelyabinsk meteor happened in the Urals region too timed by the O code..

             PR ID'S CHELYABINSK'S METEOR ON 15.2.2013 AD.

This is a link to Little Book Big Secret -


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