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Updated 31.5.2015.

Ross Kelly shared Shi's video.
This was at the very top of my news feed this morning when I came on to FB.
This is my comment to her -
Very good Shi, you are on to the right way of thinking, if you want to see some very special proof about that please message me.
Here's a clue.
The anagram code on my profile picture is the thing that proves that all things, language included, the order of the letters in the Alphabet and time it'self are DESIGNED by the Absolute mathematician .
It's called the Ana code because Ana is the name of the coder.
She based the whole plan on the infinite decimal Pi sequence and by 'the whole thing' I mean EVERYTHING, your name, my name and the precise timing of all things.
The letters of the alphabet correspond to single digit numbers by the simple logic of 1 to 9 single digit numbering, A=1 start at 1 again after the 9th letter (10 is 1 + 0) And O represents Zero.
I have been demonstrating the little code (which is part of a much greater code) since 2002.
This is an anagram of it -

Four more is I saw later -


Her given name (at birth) is Shaina, that's a mix of SHI and ANA.


Ana's symbol for her code is O.

MAY 2015 0 PR LINKS TALENTED SHI, D.O.B 13.9.95.


The R ON TOMB part refers to information in the blog post that I was working on just before the link to Shi came up.

I think we may in fact believe the same thing.
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  • Ross Kelly And ..


    Today's date.

    Shi is a well known American Idol contestant who used to have doubts about her own sanity.

There is no link to embed the video here. This is a link to her page -

If you click on the picture it should link to the video on her page.


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  • Ross Kelly Message sent to Shi today -

    Casey Lee is a member of this group.

    I have one mutual friend on your FB page.

    Her name is Casey Lee, she is the daughter of a friend that we met in Australia at the time that we found the first clues about the existence of the code

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    Casey Lee

    This cleverly devised code link is to show you that you are right (again) by the code describing it'self as MATHS.


    (AD - Anno Domini)

    There is one blank space zero in that code line.
    With today's date included as it is that would not work with any of the other 50.000+ names on your list.

    30.5.2015 AD SHI TIP - R.K NAMED CASEY BORN 6.3.92.
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  • Ross Kelly Here, the timing of this link to Shi is used in the code to locate and date an earthquake -


    3 blank space Zeros.

    A magnitude 8.5 earthquake has struck off the east...
  •              30.5.2015 - I PIN SHI TO TEST R.K'S CODE - MARYLAND.

                   It's where Shi lives.

 Baltimore is the city that Shi used to work in and London is a city that played a major part in my past -


Earlier in this blog thread you can see how the R ON TOMB code line linked Shi to my older Arcadia tombstone post ET IN ARCADIA EGO.

I found this SHI code line then looked up NE Baltimore and found that ARCADIA is the first neighborhood on the list.












KELLY SENT N.P'S ARCADIA TOMB ONE R ID TO SHI. The timing of the link to Shi coincided with the timing of the R proofs being put on the ET IN ARCADIA EGO blog posts. Now it transpires that Shi was set up as a further amazing proof about the truth recorded in that blog.

The code also identifies Shi this way. She used to live in Belcamp and now lives 56 miles away - LADY NEAR TO BELCAMP'S IN RK'S NOTE TO ID SHI.

  • I sent this note to Shi on May 30th. then I found the code line that follows it.

  • Synchronicity in 1996 was used to tell me that the name of the 'thing' that was showing me the synchronicity was Anna. I had little or no knowledge of Goddess mythology at that time but I had felt uncomfortable referring to God as he. Some time after yr 200, probably in 2003 I found this - Inanna (sumerian name), Astarte (kanaanäic name),Arinna (hethitic sun goddess), Tanit (karthargic name)Anna = Goddess,Other spelling: Ishara, Istar, Istaru, Aschtar, AschtartGeschtinanna, Nins-AnnaBabylonian scriptures called her the "Light of the World, Leader of HostsOpener of the Womb, Righteous Judge, Lawgiver,Goddess of Goddesses, Bestower of Strength, Framer of All decrees, Lady of VictoryForgiver of Sins, Torch of Heaven and Earth.Many are her sacred titles - "Exalted Light of Heaven""She Who Begets All", "Guardian of the Law" and "Shepherdess of the Lands" According to Barbara Walker, editor of The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, the name appears in a great many cultures, some widely separated by time and/or space. Thus, there is Anna-Nin, Nana or Inanna, Queen of Heaven in Sumeria (An means Heaven in Sumerian, according to Graves), Anatha, (Syria), Anat (Canaan), Ana or Anah (Old Testament), Di-Ana (Semitic) or Dinah (from the Syriac version of the Old Testament, referring to the goddess of the Dinaite tribes in Sumeria), both uses of "Di" referring to divinity or godhead, Anna (Pelasgian Greek), Nanna (the incarnation of the Danish Goddess Freya as the mother-bride of Baldur), Anu (early Danaan Goddess in Ireland), Ana or Anan, which Robert Graves says are names for the Goddess Danu, who had two aspects, one nurturant, the other maleficent, as which she was sometimes known as Morg-ana to the Irish ("Death Ana," one third of the triple Goddess known as The Morrigan, ("Great Queen"); Anna Perenna (Roman), Black Annis of Leicester to medieval Christians, who lived on "Dane Hill" (Danaan?) and used to devour children - ending with St. Anne, mother of the virgin Mary, grandmother of God. This long history seems to me too ubiquitous to be reduced to an abstraction! It goes even further: Graves cites the view of a Mr. E.M. Parr that Athene was another Anna namely, Ath-enna, which occurs in inverted form in Libya as Anatha. Graves' verdict on the subject is "..if one needs a single, simple, inclusive name for the Great Goddess, Anna is the best choice." In 1996 when she woke me up I had no knowledge of Goddess names. I was given the name Anna directly, not from books.

30.5.2015 AD.- NB. MR R.KELLY ID'S ANNA TO SHI. (In case you don't know, NB. is an abbreviation of the Latin Nota Bene, it is used in modern English as a prefix to a sentence meaning Note carefully)

From Little book Big secret regarding the discovery of the Ana code -
Chapter Thirteen
The Breaking of the Seventh Seal.
In the later months of 1999 Shirley, Richard, Elaine and I and our children were living 'illegally' in Australia making our living by picking fruit.
While we were in Cobram in Victoria a friend lent me a book called ‘The Lost Language of Symbolism’, by Harold Bayley.
While reading a chapter about the meaning of the symbol of the BELL, I came across the fact that my mother's maiden name BLEASE has the meaning - Bell. As it was the only name mentioned in connection with its meaning in that part of the book (and not one of a list of names and their meaning) I thought it a bit odd that the name that was mentioned should be Blease, a name that is actually not very common at all.
As I am well aware that things do not happen by chance I realised that there must be a reason why I had come upon this seemingly unimportant fact but at that time I had no way of determining the reason for it. It turned out that I had to wait a further six months to find out why.
Three months later we were in Orange in New South Wales picking apples where the 'start' of a chain of events that were to lead me to the answer occurred.
Elaine and I were sitting on some grass having a cup of tea outside the orchard where we worked when a Dalmatian dog came bounding up to us and I noticed a name tag on the dog's collar which I asked Elaine to look at.
I was prompted to do this because Dalmatian dogs had already played a part in the synchronicity involving the numbers 7 and 11 that we had become aware of prior to and during our visit to Roy and Fiona in 1996, at which time the release of Disney's film 101 Dalmatians was being promoted.
The dog went straight up to Elaine and she informed me that its name was BELLA.
After we finished our tea it started to rain and the afternoon apple picking was cancelled so we decided to take the children for a trip to Mount Canabolis about 10 km away from the orchard.
After spending some time at the top of the mountain we visited a café at the base of the mountain prior to our return to the orchard.
While sitting at an exterior table the woman who ran the café came to join us. She was carrying a little dog. She reached our table putting the dog down as she did so.
We talked to her about nothing of any great importance for about ten minutes and then another customer arrived and she had to leave us.
When she left she called to the dog that she had put on the ground startling both Elaine and I a little in the process because she called the dog by name and that name was BELLA.
We both knew straight away that it was not by chance that the name Bella was being brought to our attention in this obvious manner but at that time neither of us knew why.
That night I lay in my sleeping bag puzzling the meaning of it.
I realised that Bella was an anagram of A Bell but didn't see what A Bell had to do with anything so I went to sleep.
The following day I had to go to a Xerox shop in Orange to make a photocopy of a letter and found myself standing next to a wall poster on which was a picture and the single word ABEL.
I also noticed to my left a copy of the 25th Anniversary edition of Belle Magazine sitting on the top of a pile of magazines in the centre of the only table in the shop.
This was the start of a chain of similar synchronised 'Bell notices' that occurred continuously for the next couple of weeks while we were on our way to Agnes Water in Queensland to spend some time with Rob Moodie, a fruit picking friend who had invited us to stay with him for the 'winter'.
When we arrived at his house we moved into a caravan in the garden. The large clock on its wall had the single word BELL on it in big letters.
When Rob arrived a day or so later I told him and his son Daniel about the sequence of BELL links that had happened on the way to his house.
Rob told us that the Mayor of Miriamvale and Agnes Water was named John Bell.
When Daniel heard the bell story he told us that there was an old bell upstairs that had once been the property of his grandmother and he went to get it to see if it contained a clue
The antique bronze bell that he produced turned out to be an AGNUS bell. This bell is rung in the Roman Catholic Agnus Dei ceremony to celebrate the expected arrival of the Lamb of God.
The bell was embossed with various pictures. One of them was a lamb and above it was the Latin word AGNUS spelt with a letter V to represent the U.
Prior to seeing it I had not known that Agnus or Agnes means lamb.
his was happening in a place named AGNES WATER.
The ABEL poster had brought the fact that the simplest phonetic spelling of Bell is Bel to my attention.
One day while sitting in the kitchen of the Agnes Water house I noticed that the telephone number was 523 and that it was a numerical anagram of our own local Scottish number, which had been 235.
I then discovered that the lot number of the property in Agnes Water was 352 and realised that there must be something significant about those three numbers and perhaps anagrams as well.
While pondering the reason why they might be significant I realised that in the single digit numerological alphabet the numbers 2 5 3 spell BEL
I knew at this point that I was being led to something that was very important. I had been brought to the discoveries that prove that not only were the telephone numbers not a random choice but also that the numerological alphabet as shown below exists by design.
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.
1 2 3 4. 5 6. 7. 8 9.1 2 3. 4. 5. 6 7 8. 9.1 2  3 .4 . .5  6. 7  8.
Telephone numbers had been used to help me make this discovery along with the chain of Bell synchronicity, the obvious link between the two themes being that telephones have bells and were invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
It was while looking at the anagrams of BEL and 253 that I looked at BLE and realised they were the first three letters of the name BLEASE and at that point the 'penny dropped'.
I recalled the fact that I had been informed that Blease means Bell, so I realised that I had to look at the numerological anagrams of the word BLEASE.
Straight away I saw that BLEASE is an anagram of BE SEAL and realised that I was being informed that BLEASE is a seal - i.e. - an unbroken code.
I then saw that the letters B and E add up to seven (2+5).
So BLEASE is 7 SEAL and 7 BEL as the letters A S E also add up to seven leaving the letters BEL.
I looked at all the Blease combinations and tabulated them as I found them.
Then I realised that the name ISABEL is also a seal, it was the simple statement IS A BEL that prompted me to look at it.
ISABEL BLEASE is my aunt's name.
When Blease and Isabel are put together we see the statement BLEASE IS A BEL, which of course I had already discovered.
In the word ISABEL I found that it says 911 BEL.
Which adds up to 11 BEL and is also an anagram of BI SEAL.
The letters B and I add up to 11 too so it also says 11 SEAL.
The whole name ISABEL BLEASE says BLEASE BI SEAL, a two part coded seal.
I had been led to the coded seals that prove that the 7 11 synchronicity is real.
Remember, it was telephone numbers that had led me to the seals. I saw that 911 is the American emergency number and noted the fact at the time (June 27th 2000).
Next to the tabled anagram 911 BEL I wrote the words - Something to do with an American emergency.
I also noticed that ISABEL also says II BEL another way because the number 9 in numerological addition can always be discarded.
- e.g. 7 + 9 = 16 = 7 (you get the same end result with or without the 9).
On Sept 11 2001 (911) that American emergency occurred.
When I originally broke down the seals I noticed that ISABEL is BLEASI and that I (being Number 9) can be ignored thus leaving BLEASE in phonetic form - BLEAS.
I labelled the Seals A and B with ISABEL being the B seal because I had looked at the name Blease first
Then after having done so found that anagrams of
I knew that I was being shown that there is a reason why the seals had been labelled back to front
(Normally ISABEL comes before BLEASE).
In October 2003 I found out why.
First I noticed that ISABEL is 911-253 and that the letters
W.T.C as in World Trade Centre also have the numbers 5 2 3.
So ISABEL is in fact a code that says 911 WTC.
Then when "Australia's 911" bombings happened in BALI
I noticed that the word BALI can be seen in ISABEL but not in BLEASE -
Remember ISABEL is the B SEAL.
When I looked again at ISABEL BLEASE I found that it says
That's why the seals had had to be labelled in that biased way. God had isolated 911, and Bali in the same seal The 11 Bel or 11 BELL seal - ISABEL.
The Blease Seals were and still are a coded proof that 911 WTC and BALI were pre-known events that God is pointing out as extremely significant ones.
The seals in the name of my aunt were found on June 27th 2000 my son Michael's seventh birthday more than a year before the first of those atrocities occurred.
We have always called him Mikey - (MI-KEY).
It was at the time of the Bali bombings that I discovered an Isabel Blease anagram that I had previously overlooked. This one - BIBLE 7 SEAL.
SEA = 151 which adds up to seven.
The number 151 the number of that bus in Billericay, is also represented by ANA, which is the true name of God. The bible states that the new name of God will be revealed at the end time. The reason why God needs a new name is that she is a Goddess. ANA or ANNA.
The seventh seal had to be broken by me in order to help me to prove my account of the 1996 events that have been hidden.
The greater purpose of the Blease Bi -Seals is that they led me to the initial discovery of the Logos Code, the SION MASTER FILE and as you will see the purpose of that is to show the world the truth.
The events of 1996 recorded in Little Book Big Secret part one really did happen, as you will see proven in the chapters of part two.
The number seven synchronicity that we first became aware of at Keepers Cottage in 1996 had led us to the proof of its own reality by the discovery of the Seven Eleven Bi- Seals hidden in the name of my own Aunt Isabel Blease.
The discovery was just the start of the ringing of a very important bell.
The bell that Ana led us to is the real warning bell for the whole of mankind.
After finding the seals I realized the 7 Bell had been sounded in London in 1996 and now we had been provided with the 11 Bell, the bell that can wake up the rest of mankind.
As we investigated the code we learnt that the symbol I represents God, the author of the code and II or H represents God and man together.
We saw that the II BELL is the warning bell and that a way the code describes its own purpose is by calling itself the II CODE.
I will quickly summarise those two points again -
The events of 1996 were the real 7 BELL that was well and truly sounded for the governments.
The release of this code is the 11 BELL, the bell for the people that they hid it from.
The dictionary definition of O is - A cipher.
We soon discovered that the symbol O represents the code.
When we first realized what the Blease Seals are, Elaine and I knew that we had discovered a very dangerous thing.
Innocuous though they may appear at first glance they are actually the proof that the Logos of God is real.
We knew that they alone were enough to prove the truth of our story. It felt scary having them in our possession. We knew the opposition wouldn't like it at all.
On the day after the discovery of the seals I noticed the corner of a newspaper visible on a shelf next to the table on which we were working. The only words visible on that paper were part of a headline that said URE PROOF.
I knew we were being given exactly that. Note the phonetic clue in that little message. It was an aid to let us know that the code is a phonetic code.
We were about to discover that the seals alone were not the only proof that Ana was giving us.
When we found the Blease seals we knew that we had been given our proof because we could see that they prove that chance does not exist. We thought that people would understand their significance without too much difficulty.
We did not know then that this was just the beginning of a mammoth task and learning process that would not reach its final goal until 2002 when the Master key that Ana led us to was completed or that sometimes people find it hard to grasp a very simple point.
On the day after the seals had been discovered something happened that led us to the further discovery that we had more codes to find.
That evening in Agnes Water my son Ben came excitedly into the house and told us all to go outside to see the sky.
When we did we saw that there was a big ring of cloud around us and that we were standing somewhere near the centre of it. The night sky inside the ring was clear.
Beautiful soft and silent coloured electric light flashes were lighting up the cloud ring.
The words SAINT ELMO'S FIRE came to my mind as I watched the spectacular display.
The following morning I woke up with those words in my mind and I realised I had been shown a code key.
On looking at it I found that among other things, it said,
Ana was letting us know that she had coded clues in old well known titles and sayings.
I wondered if it was possible to be led to the master key that proves the whole story, a key that reveals all the secrets. I wondered if such an amazing thing existed and if so, would God allow us to find out what it is, for such a thing would surely be the Holy Grail of codes.
Two years after discovering Ana’s II code link while we were prisoners in Australia’s Villawood detention centre in 2002 I realized why the Latin inscription ET IN ARCADIA EGO is such a major clue to the nature of the ‘Sauniere secret’ that the authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail tried to find. It is an anagram of GREAT II ANA CODE.
While attempting to find a shortcut or a lead that might provide a clue to the letters in the master key I looked at the anagrams of the words MAIN CODE LINK and found the instruction DO CINEMA LINK.
That link turned out to be another anagram - NICOLE KIDMAN.
It was not the initial clue that led us to the master key but it did play a major role seven years later as part of the amazing precision plan that we found within the key.
Six months later back in Cobram a discovery was made that was to lead us to that key.
Little Book Big Secret part two explains how that occurred and demonstrates part of the seven year warning bell the code was designed to ring.
Some points to ponder…….
The First Asteroid Warnings
The code search that took place at the time of the Blease seals discovery led us to send email warnings that indicated that there was an Oban asteroid alert for my birthday - 17th September 2000.
On 18th September British government spokesmen appealed on Australian television for help from all the world's astronomers to search the skies for asteroids.
Six months later the Guardian and Australian Age newspapers revealed the fact that a very scary near miss had occurred in mid September 2000.
When Richard phoned an Australian observatory to make further inquiries about it the Astronomer he spoke to said that it looks like a news blackout had been put on it until now, like the blackout that they had put on the really scary one that nearly hit in the early months of 1997, the time that I was given as the first date for the Oban rock.
He said that one skimmed off the outer atmosphere.
Some people find it difficult to accept that the Ana code is genuine because it works in English, a language they think of as being relatively new.
How could a new language be the one that God used to calculate the time story of mankind?
The thing that such people are failing to grasp is that God is not bound by the notions of time that we have. God knew the end at the beginning.
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.
It would be a bit like thinking that the director of a movie couldn’t know the whole story of the film before he starts to make it.
The time story makes it appear to us that English is a modern language that evolved as events that occurred in chronological time dictated but the keys prove that the creator of the events that apparently led to the modern English language knew exactly where they were leading right from the start.
Once this is understood it is no longer difficult to grasp the fact that the word in the beginning that the bible speaks of was the total knowledge of God and she would have understood it in every conceivable language.
The code in English has been revealed at a time when the whole world uses English as it's language of commerce, more people speak English as their second language than any other and this is not by chance. The diversity of languages has been a divisive factor in the past but now this is rapidly changing.
The code is in the language that can reach the most people in the world at the present time and from the beginning the genius of God arranged it to be this way.
All nations will understand this simple proof.


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