Monday, 17 April 2017

The Orange bell.

Best load of bollocks I've read in a while, sage -

Thankfully there is no corresponding photograph available. Both Bernard and Barry Cooper grew up in Billericay a long time ago, they a...

Shirley Kobiela Well that's absolute with the Bowen date again, what a mindblower 26.3.2011 -
Ross Kelly As you know, at the time of the first scorpion synchronicity in 2005 Richard was the other person who witnessed the scorpion on the kitchen floor in India mentioned in the Bowen rings the bell again blog post.

In the last week or so United Airlines has been in the news a lot.
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Shirley Kobiela and richards been following the airline chaos..
Shirley Kobiela he's having a kip at mo but I'll see him shortly -
Ross Kelly There's more bollocks on the blog post now.
Shirley Kobiela had a look but I've just realised didn't refresh page so looking at it from earlier - duh...
Shirley Kobiela omg - what a wee ba'bag bernie is, but brilliant lines, thankfully they are not missed on all.
Shirley Kobiela I can hardly wait til R gets up he's gonna be so gobsmacked -
Ross Kelly This line is conclusive proof that Ana timed that scorpion in 2005 and the eye patch man and the timing of the film and Bowen and Airlie.

Ross Kelly Earthquake in Orange, it's where a major part of the Bell synchronicity happened in the lead up to the code
Ross Kelly I had to make a new complete copy of Bernard's bollocks -

I had to make this new copy of this post that started a few days ago for technical reasons. Thankfully there is no corresponding photo...
Ross Kelly Bernard got his own timed QLD Meteor signal, see blog.
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Ross Kelly Yesterday (April 16) Bernard Cooper's thread had ended by me telling him about the Oban and Bowen meteors being the Omega signal.

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PEOPLE from all over southern Queensland spotted a very large and bright meteorite at about 6pm last night
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Ross Kelly Speaking of meteors, this one that was just brought to my attention was filmed over Orange last month, the video is courtesy of David Bell.

Ross Kelly A reminder that THIS is further up in this thread -

Earthquake in Orange, it's where a major part of the Bell synchronicity happened in the lead up to the code
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Ross Kelly In case anyone missed it, DAVID BELL filmed the video.

The Bernard's bollocks blog post is linked at the top in Shirley's post and here's the link to Bowen rings the bell again -


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