Monday, 20 December 2010

Emily Ryall

Elaine Ross Kelly On Dec 17th, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Gloucestershire Emily Ryall started following the Ana code on twitter.


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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      Dec 17th was Oban Eric's 55th birthday -

      BIRTHDAY ON 17.12.2010 LINKS OLD MAN ERIC..55.
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      I TIMED OBAN ERIC AND THEN RYALL - 17.12.2010.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      ‎19.12.2010 - Emily replied to say that she is confused by it so I sent her a code line that demonstrates the code's relationship to Pi
      (BIAS TO No PI - 3.1415926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.) and pointed out that it's an anagram of the same thing that dates her personal link.
      Then, a couple of hours later I found this -

      THE PI No DATE LINK EMILY - 3.14159 - 19.12.2010.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      In case the readers of this are baffled about the meaning of that,please think about it.

      The link to Emily Ryall started on the 17th when SHE started following my tweets, I did not pick the timing of it.The code that I've had since 2002 timed her link, she is a philosophy teacher, philosophers above all other persons can be described as thinkers.

      Two days later on the 19th in response to her reply I sent her an example of the code's precise links to Pi.

      Two hours after doing that I found the line above that tells her (specifically) it is a demonstration of the Pi number date link.
      The code uses HER NAME to do it and the date that the Pi number sequence isolates is the precise date on which it happened,
      The name had to be Emily and it had to happen at the time that I was in touch with somebody who bears that name.
      She was at that time THE ONE NEW PERSON that I was actively in touch with.
      Ask a mathematician what the odds against that line being in the established fixed code are combined with the fact that it was found on the day that it relates to. No amount of luck could bring that about, it's like winning the lottery 100,000 times in a row.
      It proves that we are not in control of anything because the coder of the key is. It proves that God is REAL.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      ‎...after the letters in the words THE PI No DATE LINK EMILY had been used the remaining 14 letters in the key had to correspond to the eight numbers in the date and leave precisely the 6 numbers that make the Pi sequence....and they did.
      On the day that I first mentioned Pi ...TO EMILY.


  1. hi, met you years ago at madans cafe... glad to see you're doing fine. :D it was a long journey, that in a strange way leads me back to you. very impressive :)

  2. Hi Sani,can you remind me about yourself a bit more, I met a lot of people at the Medan, nice to hear from you.
    Today's post is about the Sun and your link times it in the code -