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Solar fears.

The sun is worrying scientists. They've been quietly asking each other what's wrong with it. They've been asking that question for some time. Now thei
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly They have been concerned since the late 90's. In 1996 I sent a letter to a group of solar physicists in St Andrews university who had gathered to study the problem, here's why -http://synchronicitywins.blogspot.com/p/divine-plan.html
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      OK, that article arrived in my inbox today 21.12.10. The blog article above points out that the solar negativity is being caused by our behaviour and will get worse if we don't stop it. What we do affects the polarity of the sun. People think that because other planets in our solar system are also heating up due to solar influence that Earth's global warming is not caused by man. If they really understood the truth they would understand that what we are doing here is also causing the warming of the rest of the system as part of the negative solar expression.
      I just checked the code to see if it confirms today's message and of course..it does -


      yin and yang definition

      Two forces in the universe, according to a Chinese theory: yin is the passive, negative force, and yang the active, positive force.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      The accepted symbol for Negative is the capital letter N isn't it?

      Here the code verifies the use of the term Yin to denote negativity by the use of the accepted N symbol for those who have a problem with Chinese concepts (because they can't comprehend the simple fact that one intelligence is behind it all)


      The problem that people need to grasp is the fact that the more negative the Sun becomes, the more negative events on Earth become and those events increase the negativity of the Sun thereby snowballing the very real problem. Unfortunately insanity is an expression of that problem so sadly it is very doubtful that you, yes you, will understand this. Please prove me wrong.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly ‎2010 has been a record year of catastrophes. If we don't get wise it will get worse. That's a promise.
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    • Paul David Radford-Hancock 
      actually the solar barycentre is moving laterally into an area of increased vibration and energy and the leading edge of the heliosphere is experiencing a buildup of plasma that has not been experienced in the span of human observation. the planets of the solar system are becoming brighter as they begin to gain atmosphere.
      does the code have anything to say on the subject of the heliopause?
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      The reason you had to mention the Heliosphere is that you were set up (by Ana) to do so TODAY so that a further code demonstration of timing and who is really in control may be shown.
      In the Ana code there is a PH exchange rule (see Varkala film) so the letter P can also represent H or PH.
      Ana's code says this -


      There is also a rule that says a blank space (being zero) can logically represent zero or O.

      O is also the symbol for the code itself - Here the code timed by today's date identifies the Heliosphere -


      What you really need to think about Paul is HOW CAN THAT BE?
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    • Paul David Radford-Hancock 
      I know how it can be. English is a prodigious matrix of meaning. at its root it is a timeless mathematical expression, and all aspects of the out growth of this expression contain the unity of the timeless central unity, in much the same way that the rings of a tree are similar in shape but not size. The language is a functional tool for describing the story of past present and future, and that future has already been infallibly concieved of by the One that set it in motion. To those that God would reveal His plans to, He causes them to know the interpretation of a thing. and so it is that anything that is written out can be concieved of as an expression of cogniscence underlying our ignorance of it.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly Glad to hear it.
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    • Paul David Radford-Hancock what letters correspond to the date you put in there? I know when i said what i did. but what does Ana have as an answer for me?
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly The date letters are - TT.ST.SO.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly The point is that Ana knows when you said what you did and has known since before the visible expression of the time plan began.
      When, in the beginning, was the word.
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    • Paul David Radford-Hancock that is not so much the point as an explanation of where the point originated.
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    • Elaine Ross Kelly 
      I don't know how much of the code you have seen but if you haven't seen this, a discovery I made last year after having the key for 7 years, it should interest you -

      PI 22/7.

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