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Two Pi Dots.

Updated July 31.

This amazing synchronicity happened on the Ana code group wall today. Just after I had posted the two Pi DOT code lines Shirley posted a picture timed almost identically with a new post that Elaine posted that also showed a picture. The two pictures and the two code lines and further code proof clearly show that Ana's synchronicity wins.

      • THE 2 3.14159 PI Nos TO KELLY ID AN ASTEROID.

      • Ross Kelly Just found this on a yahoo group site called the 47 society -

        Another startling coincidence between Pi , the asteroid list, and 47
        How can these things just be coincidence, really?
        Since Robert Luther was the discoverer of asteroid #47 AGLAJA, I finally wondered if there was an asteroid named after him. There is. It is #1303 LUTHERA, discovered on 3/16 of 1928 by Arnold Schwassman. Turns out that the very first time that the string 1303 appears in Pi it is immediately followed by the four digit string 1509. 15/09 is the date on which Luther discovered one of his 24 asteroids, in the fashion he would have illustrated that date, Sept. 15th. Pray tell, which asteroid might this be? Why, asteroid #47 AGLAJA, of course!
        Also, Luther's own birthday is 16/04. The digits in position 1604 in Pi are the 16th appearance of the number 47. There is a 16 in front of them. This is the first time in Pi that an appearance of 47 has the digits in front of it that seem to indicate the number of that particular appearance of 47. There is a 0 right after the string, making the string 16470. This just happens to be the second self-indicating string in Pi, the first being the number 1, the 1st digit after the decimal. While the string 16470 does not indicate itself at this particular position, starting in position 1602 (the 47 being in position 1604), it is the NEXT time that the string 16470 appears in position 16470. However, there is still a rather cool thing going on in Pi the first time that 16470 appears. Since it first appears in position 1602, I looked up asteroid #1602. It is called INDIANA and it was discovered on the Official Day of Pi, March 14th (3/14), of 1950. Luther himself discovered the very first asteroid that was discovered on the Official Day of Pi, in 1885. It just happens to be asteroid #247 EUKRATE. I wonder, who on this site thinks that this stuff is just an ACCIDENT? Anyone care to comment? Gene247

        I sent him the blog link.

        11 minutes ago · 

      • Ross Kelly ‎..


        3 minutes ago · 

      • Ross Kelly ‎..

        3.141592 ASTEROID Nos LINK THE 47 SOCIETY.

        3.141592 No LINK ASTEROIDS THE 47 SOCIETY.

        The long established Ana code symbol for it'self is O.
        The man who posted the 47 society article is named Ladner -

        BIAS IN O TO LADNER, THE 47 SOCIETY - 3.141592.

        O BIAS TO LADNER IN THE 47 SOCIETY - 3.141592.

        Here's something VERY subtle that I didn't see earlier, how smart is this?

        O BIAS TO LADNER IN THE 47 SOCIETY - 3.141592.

        BIAS TO LADNER IN THE 47 SOCIETY - 3.1415926.

        " However, there is still a rather cool thing going on in Pi the first time that 16470 appears. Since it first appears in position 1602, I looked up asteroid #1602. It is called INDIANA and it was discovered on the Official Day of Pi, March 14th (3/14), of 1950."

        As the Varkala film shows, the numbers 2 3 AND 5 and the letters B E and L led me to Ana's code BEL (Ana's BELL) in June 2000.

        R.K'S BEL TO THE 47 SOCIETY - INDIANA 3/14 1950. 

    • Ross Kelly Here the code links the 22.7 asteroid that led to my discovery of the 47 society links and.....

      THE 22/7 KELLY O ASTEROID - INDIANA 3/14 1950.

      4 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      THE KELLY PI No ASTEROID TO ID ANA - 3.141592.

      3 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly Pi is a fixed mathematical constant. All of the letters in the Pi No in the line above are consonants - CSMSNRB.

      CONSONANT is an anagram of CONSTANT No.

      3 hours ago ·  ·  3 people

    • Elaine McGuckin How brilliant is that???
      3 hours ago · 

    • XEquals RDspared Absolutly brilliant???
      2 hours ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin Mr. Kelly's anagram of CONSONANT being CONSTANT No would appear to be an error...
      however as he just realised there are two T's in the Ana code symbol for Pi.

      2 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine McGuckin 
      Richard posted this on another thread.
      Quite amazing,I"m a bit slow i"ve just realized the meaning of consonant,ie Latin=with sound ,frequencies of sound are totally entwined with the Fibonacci numbers,{Solfreggio},and through Phi leads to the expression of Pi....... the universal number.The universal vibration/ mind of Ana.

      The reason he posted that was he had just discovered this about Pi.

      Alex Williams, MD, points out that you can use the Phi and Fives relationship to express pi as follows:

      5arccos((((5^(0.5))*0.5)+0​.5)*0.5) = pi

      2 hours ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin As I am no mathematician I can't explain the above equation in layman's terms but I do know that Richard was given his own personal synchronicity from Ana via the use of Five Fives which are plainly visible in the above formulae. The explanation for the five five synchronicity relating to Richard can be found in Little Book Big Secret Part 2.....
      The proof of the reality of God and the great secret that is being kept from you by the Western Governments

      about an hour ago ·  · 

    • Elaine McGuckin Don't use Google Chrome to view the books use Internet Explorer or Firefox.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Ross Kelly Mr Ladner noticed that the word CONSONANT only has one T, I like that, it means he pays attention. I told him it's ok because PI has 2 - TT.

      Then I sent him this -

      There are no errors, everything is done for a reason, this is why the consonant thing happened, so I can demonstrate THIS -

      CONSONANT PI - I ADD A T BY R.K - 3.141592653589.

      about an hour ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      I RE-ID MATHS CONSTANT BY PI No - 3.141592653.

      51 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      A PI No TO LADNER BY SECRET MATHS - 3.1415926.

      40 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly The secret maths is the O link, Ana's code.

      SECRET MATHS TO LADNER BY A PI No - 3.1415926.

      The letters in that Pi sequence say - ID'S O LINK.

      27 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      PI No TO LADNER - 3.141592. IT'S BY CODE ON 29.7.11.

      17 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      I TEST LADNER CODE BY - PI ON 29.7.2011 - 3.14159.

    • Ross Kelly 
      This is a reply that I sent to Gene Ladner in response to one of his emails in which he told me that he had an operation to remove a cyst from his brain last year and it has left him struggling to deal with perceptions of his own isolation that are worrying him -

      One thing the existence of the code should clearly show you is that there are no accidents. Everything that happens to an individual happens by design for reasons that are necessary to the source.
      It all happens on a one to one basis, we are in reality (each and every ONE of us) alone with God.
      The reality you perceive is an information projection and it is unique to the life (story) of Gene Ladner. There is no Gene Ladner outside of that information stream. There is in fact only the thing that came up with all the ideas that are described in it. There is no such thing as a physical place, places are ideas in the stream.
      It's a bipolar system that allows the source to experience it'self as Gene Ladner or Ross Kelly as if we were alive in our own 'right'. So, Gene or Ross have no power whatsoever to add to the information but God can certainly make it appear to us that we have by including such notions and synchronised experiences that make it appear to be the case when in truth it is not.
      Your trip to the hardware shop for example was one such lesson. I will not elaborate on that because I can see that it is your lesson and I am sure the teacher is not going to have you miss the point of it. Suffice it to say that ALL our thoughts are received, not generated, by 'us'.

      Such is the genius behind it all that, although not bound by the notion of time as she has us experience it she, having all the 'time' there is, the whole of eternity, 'has the time' to do the work of each lifetime one at a time. There is no other way it can be done because each one is a separate and complete information stream.
      I can assure you (not that it is a proof) that the idea of Ross Kelly is experiencing typing this note as if Ross Kelly is typing it but the note I see is not the note you see.

      The really brilliant thing about infinite divine intelligence is that it never forgets. As a way of putting it, suppose God 'did' my lifetime a trillion years ago (as measured in terms of all the lifetimes that came in between the lives of Ross Kelly and Gene Ladner some of which are the people that you think you meet or see in the days of your life because they are given as experience in the Gene Ladner information stream) such is her intellect that the streams are synchronised so that it appears to each of us that we both live at the same time in a physical world.
      She may have us experience meeting each other for example, you would see 'me' and I would see 'you' it would appear to each of us that we are physically together in a physical place, and that we could hear each other talking etc, you could kick me and I would feel the pain but what you would actually be experiencing is the light show of a picture of Ross Kelly that was only happening to 'Gene Ladner' and I would be experiencing a projection of God's idea of Gene Ladner that was only happening to 'Ross Kelly'. In that sense it can be said that what we are are separate dimensions in which synchronised information is experienced as if from a different point of view.

      So, don't worry about your 'problem' (unless she has you do so as a further teaching mechanism) because it is not a problem, it is the means by which in the story Gene Ladner was given a different perspective along with an apparent explanation of it's cause. Had you not had the operation and you were still given those perspectives with no explanation it would be even harder to deal with and understand.

      Let's say for example that someone started experiencing the type of information that one might receive on an acid trip but without the information that one had taken acid. It would be scary shit.
      The truth is it's not LSD that gives people the experience they have while they think they are on it, it's God but unless you KNOW that, if it started happening without the explanation 'Oh I took some acid' it would logically be extremely worrying and if there's one thing that God is it's ..a stickler for logic!

      God is the only Pi there is,there is no Pi math outside of God because there is no outside of God, she is all the 'acid experience' there is too, that's why she named it after Pi twice, to make a point.

      5 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Ross Kelly 
      The code is the thing that has been introduced into our individual and separate information streams by the source in order that we can see that there is a single source of all the separate personality streams.
      I knew nothing about Ladner or the 47 society until the Pi asteroid links caused me to 'find' the connection but the code proves that the coder knew about both Gene Ladner and Ross Kelly and when we would first know about each other and appear to communicate.
      In order to do that logically she had to set up 'Gene Ladner's' connection to Pi and asteroids entirely separately in the Gene Ladner stream while simultaneously knowing how it fits into the Ross Kelly stream.

      THAT'S what synchronicity really is.

      5 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Ross Kelly I had previously mentioned to Gene that both LSD and ACID are coded from the first few numbers of Pi... as is the LAD in Ladner.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly Theos is Greek and means God's word.


      4 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      I TEST 3.14 PI HINTS BY 2 O'S - 3.14 ZERO - 3.14 ZERO.


      4 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      LADNER 2 O'S = 3.14159265.

      4 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly ‎..

      9 PI Nos LINK BY LADNER'S 2 O MATH - 3.14159265.

      3 hours ago · 

    • Ross Kelly 
      After sending Gene Ladner his 2 O's Pi number links he sent me an email all about synchronicity that had happened to him involving the numbers 47 and 52. This is part of it -

      "I had been a huge fan of the number 47 for several years, and all of a sudden I had a dream about the number 52 in which it was displayed on a digital matrix, such as a clock or calculator."

      Then I found that this is why Ana had him send it to me -

      47 52 LINKS HIS 2 O'S PI TO LADNER - 3.14159265.

      Same 9 Pi numbers.

      The Ladner LAD Pi No links were posted yesterday (30.7.11)

      R.K TIMES THE LAD PI Nos IN LADNER TO 30.7.2011.

      Below this code line there is a little quote from one Of Gene Ladner's latest emails to me -


      "Unfortunately, although I understand much of what you say, and that it could indeed be true, it scares the crap out me right now."

      Now there's an honest man who can THINK!

    This is the post that Elaine posted simultaneously with Shirley's Pi dot picture.​nce-environment-14307987

    Interesting name the trojan asteroid has 2010 TK7
    Astronomers detect an asteroid not far from Earth, moving in the same orbit around the Sun, that could be a target for future manned space missions.

    about an hour ago ·  ·  · 

    • Shirley Kobiela likes this.

      • Shirley Kobiela ‎2 pi dots posted a minute apart Elaine...tick a tick a timing
        58 minutes ago ·  ·  2 people

      • Shirley Kobiela another double
        57 minutes ago · 

      • Shirley Kobiela it's the double whammy
        57 minutes ago · 

      • Elaine McGuckin Bloody incredible..
        55 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

      • Elaine McGuckin Michael just walked into the sitting room, I didn't even know he had come back from work, he knows nothing about any of this but he is wearing a TShirt with the words DOUBLE UP on the front.
        53 minutes ago ·  ·  3 people

      • Shirley Kobiela brilliant, just bloddy brilliant -
        50 minutes ago · 

      • Elaine McGuckin Maybe it's time to head for the Ark.....anyone know where it is?
        48 minutes ago · 

      • Kellie CosmicLove ‎:') ...knowing Ana really does set you free. ♥
        40 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

      • Elaine McGuckin Spot on Kellie.. or should we now say dot on.
        38 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

      • Kellie CosmicLove I get so tongue tied sometimes Elaine, there really are no words to describe what Ana does.... it's just OMFG, how does she do that!
        25 minutes ago · 

      • Elaine McGuckin Precision timing....right down to the last .

        ( timing really is everything.)

        22 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

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