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Cyntia and Hannah.

Updated Sept 23 - Birdy.

Sept 25 -  A holy island.

Sept 29 - The Barents sea 9.

Sept 30 - Ohio's meteor.

This thread happened on the Synchronicity group wall -

Synchronicity/Coincidences, how often does this happen for you? Namaste 
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  • Ross Kelly A recent post of mine, see also my next comment. -

    In continuation of the story of the synchronicities that happened on the road to Young (posted on this page a month or so ago), following the amazing Yung and Pampas examples, this happened.

    I was st
    ill sitting in the Coaster bus contemplating the mind blowing events of 1996 that had caused us to flee Britain and be in Australia and trying to think of a way that I could prove to my Brother that our account of it was true and I thought 'what if synchronicity was to provide me with knowledge about him that I could not possibly know about from other sources?'

    'What if I could be shown the name of his secret lover or mistress'

    My brother had been married for 20 years or so at the time.

    As I was thinking this the bus stopped outside a Lingerie shop named LISA and I thought ' my God! is that my answer?'

    We were sitting in a long queue of traffic held up by traffic lights.

    As we started moving away from the shop I thought 'but what if I'm wrong and I send that name to him and there is no link'?

    Just then the slow moving traffic queue stopped again as we reached a point close to the lights and a car came round the corner from the right, it's number plate was the single word LISA.

    My heart beat sped up a bit at that.

    Do I or don't I was the question!

    A few hours later we arrived in Young and parked up at the entrance to a park.

    On looking around I saw that we were close to a public toilet block and that the word Female was partially hidden from my view leaving the word emale.

    I took it as a prompt to go and check my email and did so at the local library.

    When I looked at my inbox there was an email from my brother, the first he had ever sent me, or so I thought.

    On opening it I found that the email was not from my brother, it was a woman informing me that he had left his wife and was now living with her, she had used his account to send it.... it was signed LISA.

    It snookered me from being able to send him the proof that the synchronicity had provided but it did teach me a thing or two about trusting what I'm shown.
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  • Ross Kelly These are the previous linked posts -

    A few years ago when I was living in Australia I knew a man who went to France on holiday. Before he left I spoke to him a lot about synchronicity but he didn't really know what to make of it.

    He sent me a letter
     from France to tell me that he had been walking in the country when he suddenly got the urge to leave the road and head out across a cornfield. 

    His path eventually took him to a village and he noticed a man standing in a doorway, my friend had been pondering our discussions about synchronicity while on his walk. 

    On a sudden impulse he approached the man, who spoke English, and asked him what he thought about Synchronicity. 

    The man just looked at him, put his hand in his coat pocket, pulled out a copy of Jung's book Synchronicity and said "this must be for you".

    A month or two later while on a Journey from Young Road near Nimbin where I had been living we called in at our friends place, he always left his door open and had told us to make ourselves at home if he was not there.

    He wasn't there but on the little table sat that book.

    We were on our way to the town of Young hundreds of K's away to look for work.

    The thing that happened further down the road is another story.

    (the LISA thing)

    When we first left Young road on the journey that took us to Young we were not intending to go there, we had set off in search of cotton chipping work in St George in QLD.

    When we got close to St George we discovered that due to the weather the work was postponed for a month, it was then we heard about the Cherry picking in Young so we headed down that way. We had very little money, were living in a bus and had a LONG way to go, it began to feel that the trip could turn in to a disaster.

    As I was looking out of the bus window I saw a road sign at the end of a private road with the single word ANDERSON written on it.

    It made me recollect a thing from my childhood, I knew a Mrs Anderson who had a general store in her converted barn and was as a kid fascinated by a big stand of Pampas grass on her land at the entrance to her barn.

    At the time of seeing the Anderson road sign I had been seriously questioning whether we had made the right decision to make the trip to Young, what if there was no work their either?

    So then I thought 'ok, why have I just been reminded about Mrs Anderson and the Pampas and I thought 'ok if I see the word Pampas on this road I'll know we are doing the right thing'.

    About an hour later we passed a village hall. The sign on the outside of it said PAMPAS MEMORIAL HALL.

    Just after passing it the back of a big road sign appeared on the other side of the road and as we passed it I looked back to see the name PAMPAS in big lettering on the front of it, it was the biggest PAMPAS that I have ever seen in my life.
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  • Kushal Gupta Number synchronicities- after every few minutes ...other synchronicities- after an hour or two (on an average).
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  • Cyntia Franco Happens to me all the time... Sometimes I think ... "Am I getting crazy?"
  • Ross Kelly It's a whacky world, people feel safe as long as it appears that everything happens randomly but the moment they start to realise that this might not be the case (for good reason) they fear for their own sanity.
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  • Ross Kelly People are afraid of God being real.
  • Ross Kelly You'd think it would be the other way round as it would be in a sane world.
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  • Cyntia Franco I know I'm not crazy... I am very fortunate to be open for the beauty of synchronicity...
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  • Ross Kelly Don't know if you ever read this book Cyntia but it may help you to be certain.
  • Cyntia Franco Some one has mentioned this book to me before, I will have a look and read this... Thanks Ross Kelly
  • Ross Kelly Among other things it will show you how it was that real time synchronicity led us to the discovery of the code that you can see on my profile picture, the rest of the book explains the reason why I have it, it's to help people to see that none of it is fiction.

    Everything is timed for a reason by the intelligence in who's mind we live.

    It's an anagram code, it's symbol for it'self is O. It calls it'self the O code or Ana code, Ana created it.

    The letters relate to numbers by 1-9 single digit alphabet numerology, A=1 etc.

    The code uses O to represent zero.

    This is a perfect anagram of it -

  • Ross Kelly And -

  • Cyntia Franco What this means??? I am lost Ross Kelly
  • Ross Kelly It means that god is showing you that the code she planned is designed to show you that today is the day that it's connection to you would be seen by you.

    It was already written.
  • Cyntia Franco Because so many sync happens to me... I usually say that some how it mean to be...
  • Ross Kelly The code even takes account of your knowledge of Spanish -

  • Cyntia Franco But how the code works? I definitely know spanish, I speak spanish
  • Ross Kelly The lines are all anagrams of the SAME thing.
  • Cyntia Franco I must read the book... to understand what al these means...
  • Ross Kelly Same code -

  • Ross Kelly Your words - What this means??? I am lost

  • Ross Kelly I have been demonstrating the synchronicity of this same code since 2002.
  • Ross Kelly As this video explains, in 2001 before the key was completed we were led to discover the simple rules of the code, it explains how we found that one of them is the PH exchange rule and that the code is designed to work in several formats. Either with P and H (as seen on my profile pic and in all the lines so far in this thread, or with 2 P's or with 2 H's.

    It is the only rule of it's kind well established a long time ago and very well proven since then.

    Using H H the code says -


    or -


    (Hannah posted this post)
    To put it simply, this film exposes some very well kept secrets including the on...See more
  • Ross Kelly ..



    I means the code's creator Ana.
  • Ross Kelly ..


Click to enlarge.

It appears that the road has since been widened and the old big two posted PAMPAS sign has been replaced with a smaller one but in the same location, the hall is in the background.

Code line -


Another timed couple -

This is a thing that happened as part of a major wake up call in my case -

I once had a couple of mussel farms on Loch Etive in Scotland.

The loch is about 20 miles long and half a mile wide in places.

One day I had left a big work raft with all my harvesting and grading equipment on it tied up at the most remote of the two sites which were about 3 miles apart.

That night there was a horrendous gale. When I took my boat to the place the next morning my raft was nowhere to be seen.

I spent the day searching the massive area of the loch to no avail.

When I got home I got a phone call from another mussel farmer who told me that he had seen it washed up in a bay about two miles from where it was lost.

The following morning I looked but it was no longer where my friend had seen it but an hour or so later I spotted it on the shore on the opposite side of the loch from that bay another half mile or so closer to my other mussel farm.

It was high and dry as the tide was out, undamaged, all the equipment on it was fine but the outboard motor that propelled it was gone.

At high tide I towed it across to my home site happy at least to have recovered all that essential equipment but a bit pissed off about the outboard which had only recently been purchased and was not insured.

On my return home I telephoned the man who had reported the sighting of the raft the previous day to let him know that I had recovered it and to thank him again for his help and I told him about the missing outboard, he replied by saying "It wasn't a 30 horse Yamaha was it?"

"Yes" I said, "it was ... "why do you ask"?

"Because I know where it is" came the reply.

He then explained that in the morning he had been on his way to his mussel farm, also in a remote area of loch, in his boat when he spotted a man in a small boat who seemed to be having a problem so he went over to investigate and see if he needed help.

The man was standing in his boat tossing a grapnel hook into the very murky water that had been stirred up by the gale making it impossible to see through. The spot he was at was between 30 and 40 feet deep.

On asking the man what the trouble was he was told that he was trying to find his outboard motor and that it had suddenly flipped off the stern of his boat.

Then a truly remarkable thing happened, the man snagged something and pulled it to the surface, it was an outboard motor right enough but it wasn't his, it was mine.

I later went to see the man who was a local hotelier, got my motor back and bought him a replacement for the little one he lost.

Despite having divers try to find it they never did.

I knew that the astronomical odds against that happening by chance made it a certainty that it didn't but when I tried to get other people to grasp what had occurred they thought very little of it.

It turned out that that incident had happened to provide me with a little clue about who is in charge of things and that it was done because although I didn't know it at the time ... it was just the start!
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To give you an idea about the size of Loch Etive these three photos only show parts of it.

This is from a thread under this outboard motor post in Wacky Leeks, Jack Johnson is the only other person to comment on the thread -

Jack Johnson What's he on about???
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Ross Kelly Did you click on the bit that says continue reading?
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Jack Johnson Yup!
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Ross Kelly So why do you ask?
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Jack Johnson Lost stuff - found stuff! Marvellous; what is the point of the yarn?
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Ross Kelly I'll leave you to figure that out.
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Jack Johnson can't figure it out that's why I'm asking!
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Ross Kelly Never mind.
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Jack Johnson well thanks for that! .. I think...
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Ross Kelly It's a bit like this Jack -

Johnson Outboards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Johnson Outboards was a US-based manufacturer of outboard motors. The original c...
See more
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(The one man on the thread other than myself bears the name of an outboard motor!)

Hannah Su Taylor
I was wondering, what are your thoughts on these questions: Is everyone in synchronization? Whether they 'believe' it or not? Are there any 'gateways' into synchronization? Are DMT (Dimethyltryptamine (found in the brain and the ayahuasca vine)) and the pineal gland relevant?
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  • Ross Kelly Your entire memory is unique to you. You are the only 'person' who is experiencing it other than the source that is giving it to you, that source is not a person in the commonly understood meaning of the word, it is the source of the experience and memory of an ant too.

    Every person or Ant that you have ever seen you have seen to be an experience that is happening to you alone, nobody else experiences reality from the so called view point of Hannah Taylor.

    The reality that each individual perceives is a stream of information that is purely mental in nature. all apparent physical experiences can only exist as the knowledge of a mind. There is no other place for them to be.

    Each individual is entirely alone with the source, the mind that contains the knowledge of the memory of every individual.

    Each one of us is a time on it's own, you know only the time of Hannah Taylor, every detail of what that time means is projected by the source as only the experience of Hannah Taylor in Hannah Taylor time.

    The same applies to all the people that you see in Hannah Taylor time.

    They perceive Hannah Taylor as a projected picture that is happening to them.

    In a crowded room in which Hannah Taylor is given the experience of standing, how many individual versions of what appears to be Hannah Taylor are there?

    Some of those experiences of Hannah Taylor may consist of just a momentary glimpse with no knowledge of a name attached, some may be of a handshake or a hug or a kiss or a shared joke.

    Suppose you see a friend called Pippa and you can see that Pippa is seeing you, you only experience your own view of it, you don't experience Pippa only Pippa and ultimately God can do that.

    You experience the colours in the light that you receive that describe Pippa, the sound of Pippa's voice, the smell of her perfume but all of those things are things that are happening to YOU.

    Such is the nature of the limitless knowledge and memory of the source that it knows how to synchronise the experience that is being given to you and the experience that is being given to Pippa as seen from Pippa's point of view in Pippa time when in truth Pippa is alone with God like you are.

    Pippa time and Hannah time are two entirely different experiences (memory streams) that only God knows both of.

    Each of them exist as entirely separate knowledge in the mind of God but totally synchronised to each other, in Pippa's life God knows when the Hannah hug happens and in Hannah's life God knows when the Pippa hug happens and at what point in the lives of other observers they see the hug happen and from what apparent point of view, this gives us the experience of what appears to be the company of others but the truth is there is only one source, eternally alone. The living knowledge of all things.
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  • Ross Kelly The experiences people have on DMT are given too.
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  • Ross Kelly The phenomenon that we recognise as synchronicity is arranged to give us an insight in to the truth. That is it's purpose.
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  • Ross Kelly You write, I read, but where am I? I write , you read, but where are you?

    You are certainly not reading the same writing that I am reading, you are being given your own unique copy of it, it's all written by God.
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  • Ross Kelly People who think they manifest things or cause synchronicity to happen are being given the experience of being deluded.

    If an Apple suddenly appeared on their hand they would think that they had made it happen.

  • Drazen Beats Odds YES, I absolutely firmly believe and will say that psilocybin aided me in developing my lucid dreaming experiences , and as for synchronicity ~ I also have been in certain states around other friends many years ago and we made connections. I wonder if we here in this forum could tactfully discuss? if not message me anytime. I have done much research in this topic but most people are not comfortable nor personally versed nor have had these deep expericnes so I would stop here myself and treat this topic with tact. *ps; perhaps the moderator(s) will advise.
  • Gabe Carlson Yes I suspect we all are, and yes I think that the psychedelics are relevant in seeing this.
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  • Drazen Beats Odds Thanks Gabe, I did not want to make anyone uncomfortable, and know some people do not accept these things.
  • Ross Kelly The pill or the Mushroom is just the story line you are given to provide an apparently viable explanation as to how your perception changed, without the inclusion of the story line that allows you to say, "it's ok I eat some Mushrooms" the shock of it happening would be too great.

    The real fact is that those experiences are provided for a reason like synchronicity is ... to help the enlightenment.

  • Drazen Beats Odds If I understand you correctly Ross, I can say specifically Psychedelics provided a deeper understanding of my actions, my life path, and basically = perspective. A clearer view of the uncertainties of life that confused me at that time. Perspective. A more open minded view of the world and acceptance of the things we cannot control nor change.
  • Ross Kelly I know that taking a few psychedelics in my youth helped to prepare me for the seriously profound and unexpected things that happened when I was 43.

  • Ross Kelly The O code uses N tilted to show Z.


    I SEND HANNAH R.KELLY'S 22.9.2013 O... O IS TIMED.

Continuation of the first Hannah thread -

Sept 23 - Birdy.

In the Bomber post there is a BIRDY link and mention of today's date as the release date of Birdy's new album Fire within.

The continuing code link to Hannah started on the 21st when Hannah posted on the synchronicity wall yet the code says this -



At the time of the Bomber post there was a very strong link to the Catalina bomber and I found that there is a Birdy link to Catalina -

Now I find this -

Hannah and FIRE INSIDE a bomber -

And there's a Lancaster.

Sept 25. A holy island.

In the past the Hannah link has always been connected to the timing of significant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, I was keeping my eye on the IRIS monitor in the last few days because I know that but I missed seeing this one.



The code also times it by today's news -



The island was formed by Methane and Methane rich rock rising.


Sept 29 - The Barents sea 9.

Sept 30 - Ohio's meteor.

This happened on Friday Sept 27.

The code says -



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