Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tanu's Froggy Rocket day.

                                                     Click to enlarge screenshot.

September 6th is my son Ben's ex girlfriend Tanushree Nadir's birthday.

As older SW blog posts show Tanu has OFTEN been connected to things involving Frogs, it has been an ongoing link to her that is proven to be planned by Anna's wisdom.
The photo in this article was taken at the launch of the Ladee rocket on Tanu's birthday 9 days ago -

The code says -


(See comment below)
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Note - The code has often referred to Tony Blair as the TOAD.

While on the subject of timed birthdays -

Rob Moodie is the man who owned the house in Agnes water in which the initial code discovery was first made in June 2000, today is his 61st birthday.

The same code as above that that discovery led us to says -


For people who are familiar with the content of recent blog post here's the latest classic response from the inimitable Tim Iacono -

Rob Moodie is the man who owned the house in Agnes water in which the initial code discovery was first made in June 2000, today is his 61st birthday.

The code that that discovery led us to says -

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  • Tim Iacono Ross, please don't take what I'm about to say is being purposely rude, because I am 100% NOT doing that. I am merely making what I feel is a perfectly valid point, namely that the code can say many thousands/millions of things, depending on how well one utilise's the English language. For example, just from the 'revelation' about Rob's birthday above I made up the following 'revelation' ----- 15.9.2013 THE LINK CRAP TIM SAYS ----- This group needs proof in order to take it serious. I watched a one hour 45 minutes video of yours, therefore giving ample opportunity to be convinced about it's integrity and/or relevance to the world we live in. Please if you wish to post about the code in TJ UK, we a a group require some evidence.
  • Ross Kelly The code has 34 letters, like I suggested pay more attention Tim and let others do the same. Or tell me to leave.
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  • Ross Kelly It may be beyond YOUR comprehension (as it clearly is) but let your group members think for themselves.
  • Ross Kelly ..

  • Ross Kelly And thanks for the hint, the same O code says -

  • Tim Iacono Don't patronise me Rob. I'm happy for you to post in TJ UK. However our name defines our mission - To uncover and share Truth. Therefore, as somebody who has spent almost a year and much of my spare time without financial or other reward other than the  satisfaction of realising our mission, I will not put up with rudeness from you or anybody else. I am not rude or obnoxious to any member so please adhere to this simple request.

  • Tim Iacono I will now spend MORE of my time digesting what you have posted above in the hope that I shall find something that is compatible with the needs of the group. Thank you for your time.

    • Ross Kelly Truly, if you really want the people in this group to find the real truth you need to concentrate your understanding effort because the truth is that you don't know what it is or that I am doing my best to show you as I have been doing for 17 years without expecting payment and with regard to your ability to focus my name is not Rob, it's Ross.
    • Ross Kelly Or at least don't hamper their ability to do what you appear not to be able to do.And don't be so arrogant in your ignorance to think that you speak for them, you don't, you speak for your own agenda and it stinks of control to me, you may not like what I'm saying but many are already truly thankful for the fact that what I helped to show them changed their lives because they really did understand it.

      If you truly want truth to prevail and to be understood by everyone, you have proven yourself to be your own worst enemy, but that's IF.
    • Ross Kelly You can't mess with the truth and expect to get away with it without receiving a very real lesson.

      And if such a lesson comes your way be thankful, most people never get such a privileged opportunity.

      You have a lot to learn, I can assure you of that you are not even on the starting block you arrogant ignorant egotistical man.

      Me patronise you? Read your own words you idiot.
    • Ross Kelly In this post and the last one, who the fuck do you think carried a camera with them in 1996 when they didn't know something incredible was about to happen?

      I didn't respond to your inane comment because it was so infantile.

       Ross, not Rob, PAY ATTENTION.


    • Tim Iacono I mean Ross Kelly. We've had individuals like yourself before who quite frankly do not seem able to conduct themselves with the required level of manners we deem appropriate for mature adults who come here to be constructive - NOT to become embroiled in name calling and other childish behavior. With that in mind I'm requiring that you leave the group for 2 weeks and you may message me after that if you wish to return. I'll leave this post here in case they wish to check out your methods for living. I don't think I deserve what you've just given out. ..... 15.9.2013 ROB OUT OF TJ FOR 2 TIME
  • Ross Kelly You have no idea what you have come across let alone the affect it is going to prove to have on the rest of your life like it or not, you wanted the truth, well you got it and the other truth is that you don't want the truth otherwise you would not be fighting it.

    You have a problem, I would think about it if I were you, thankfully I'm not and I already thought well enough to be extremely successfully fortunate in that it led me to the real truth that you play at being an advocate of.

    This time, hopefully temporarily, you really fucked up.

With regard to the man's profound attention span, my name is Ross, not Rob.

Link to previous post, The 911 Nicholas bolt omen -

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