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The irony of Nigel and Brian..

On Brian Willis' Truth ? group wall.

Nigel Davis shared his post.
Nigel Davis
I wonder. Yes...I wonder about many many times. But what I wonder about most is if people wonder? As there is a very good and very real reason why I wonder this. And it has to do with something no one seems to wonder about....because they seem to take it for granted. The Alphabet.
You see folks...what I wonder about is why you don't wonder. Why is it that you don't follow a very obvious path to its very obvious conclusion. Oh...I am not talking about the brain dead Zombies out there called Good Citizens. They are clearly comatose and beyond reach or help. I wonder about you guys and gals...the supposedly Awaken. I wonder why it is that you don't question the obvious? And maybe you can help me out by giving me a answer. A very personal answer why you don't wonder?
See...atm we use a information and knowledge storage system called the alphabet. It also can and is used as a communication medium which is called a language. This amazing tool that people take for granted can not only store information and knowledge when written into words. ..but can supply information and knowledge just as easily. And all the words that would make up your personal diary among other "books" all derive from the alphabet. And even if you never wrote your diary...there is quite a few ways it can be extracted from the alphabet. And extracted before you even finish living your dreary lives.
And I wonder why it is that you never wonder about this yourselves? Why is it that you never wonder about Truth itself? Not the Truth about a specific thing...but about what constitutes Truth as a thing.
And that leads me to wonder something else. If your personal diaries can be known before your death...which it can...are you just following a unseen script of sorts? Are you even able to contemplate this? Or does a Cartoon of flesh and blood...a puppet of atoms, finds it beyond their capability? Is there some places you just cannot go? Are there things that are just beyond you?
Because I also wonder about a species that are clearly on a path to annihilation and continue on that path regardless. That they cannot just circumvent the Control Mechanism known as Govern Mentality and all abstain from voting and then just make the changes that you all want. ..but are denied. Is it too difficult or to complex a problem to see the obvious answer? Or is it that you are your unwritten but very real diary and are following your script because you in Truth cannot do anything else?
Hmmmm....I wonder?????
Nige and the girl who wonders Tammy
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Brian Willis To fully understand the meaning of the word truth, one must first release all the garbage with which they have been instilled and by doing so the majority can then begin a new journey.

But all too often to release all of what it is they take for grant
ed to be truth would result in a catastrophic melt down. In realizing we actually know nothing at all, we are, much later in life, admitting we either, we have been duped, which no one wants to admit to, considering this would result in them realizing themselves to be fools, or we as humans have to start all over again and upon emptying that cup of false knowledge, must do extensive research even beyond that which we did in school to achieve a diploma, which doesn't exactly thrill the majority of the people.

Most people, even those in the know, find it difficult to completely empty the cup called the mind, only to refill it again and again until the proper knowledge is gained. I for one have a way to not empty the whole cup, but to rather only separate those facts now proven to be faulty and replace them with new information concerning the subjects as they arise. I have learned to read between the lines, even when the writer seems to say nothing, there is always an underlying premise to the words coming out of their mouths.

Its not so much what they say, as much as it is what they don't.

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Nigel Davis Agreed. What they don't say.
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Nigel Davis That was probably the most perfect and Truth comment about people/us I have ever read bro!!! 

Bravo. And well thought out and well written too.'s obvious that you think and they ever wonder mate? grin emoticon

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Brian Willis You wouldn't believe how many do not stop to consider this as a viable operation in their quest for truth.

Even so called atheists (Non-Believers) have doubts about the reality of what the term actually means.

They want to hold fast to their understanding of a world without a deity, but do not feel the need to question the very establishment which first introduced and continues to advocate these ideas to us to this system of belief . By placing the word "Science" in front of an article, even atheists are falling short of expectations.

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Nigel Davis Once again I agree bro. You have hit the nail on the head. Even tho you used filthy words like 

But again they are missing the point that each word is essentially a concept in itself. And those concepts have Mass or a Amount. Hence so d
o the words...which are representative of the concept/Mass. 

So they fall into the trap of belief...being to limit themselves to particular concepts that they like and disregard the ones they don't. And that mental game of pick and choose is one designed for failure. 

As it is those very things that are disbelieved that could be the culprit in the issues that affect them. 

And Science only makes it worse. They stick to the system of nothing exists until proven too. Where I say...and the Truth does itself. ..that everything(word/concept) is guilty of existence until proven innocent. 

As Science is a excellent mechanism to hide a culprits existence. ..especially if you controlled or influenced Scientists areas of study. 

How could you ever know it was the Professor in the library with the lead pipe who was guilty in the kids game of Cluedo...if lead pipes were thought not to exist?

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Ross Kelly This should help some people to know that you are right about the alphabet and the numerical order in which it is written down.

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Nigel Davis Thanks Ross. I will take a peek at that myself too I think. As I am curious as to who else is on the money. smile emoticon
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Ross Kelly This is how real time synchronicity led me to the initial discovery that the code exists in yr 2000.

It took another 2 years of constant work before I had the complete key, none of it was random.
...See More

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Nigel Davis Hhhmmm...sorry Ross but that seemed to loop back onto itself mate. And I personally couldn't see the relevance of what was asked to this post here. 

But others may see the relevance. And that needs to be remembered too.

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Ross Kelly You are not understanding what I am showing you, the lines in capitals are ALL anagrams of the same thing that I have had since 2002.

Please take another look and ponder it SLOWLY.

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Nigel Davis Oh...ok, I see now. You're going down the religious path bro...yes?
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Ross Kelly No.

The REALITY path.

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Nigel Davis Mate. ..I am not into codes and hidden meanings. I only do Truth....which to me is reality. And I see this as a part of the distraction itself. Sorry bro...but I have seen people go crazy looking for hidden codes and meanings when it is unnecessary to do so.
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Brian Willis For any code to be perceivable the one who needs to understand the code requires a key with which to decipher said code and I just don't seem to be able to find the key Ross.

So hand us the key, so that we may evaluate your code for its validity.

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Ross Kelly It's an ANAGRAM CODE.

It contains 34 specific letters.

The letters correspond to numbers by 1-9 single digit alphabetic numerology and O represents zero.

It IS extremely ironic that a man who realises that the Alphabet it'self is a code that can describe everything that can ever be described does not understand what is being shown to him here.

Closed minds seldom do though.

It says this -


N.D - somebody's initials.

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Brian Willis Any code containing a number greater than that with which to work, having a repeating value far less than its original amount and eliminating further value in as much as one of the letters to which the code is associated represents a numerical value of...See More
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Ross Kelly After number 9 you have number 10 it adds up to1. 11 adds up to 2 12 adds up to 3.

It's logic.

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Brian Willis Not really logical. Its a repeating algorithm. Taking it from your stand point and using our own 26 letter alphabet, with each letter holding a numerical value corresponding to each letter on an ascending scale and limiting that alphabet to a series of nine digits, your code becomes faulty, in that A-I would hold the original 9 values and the proceeding 9 letters would also hold values.

A-I=1 to 9
J-R=10-18 would convert to 1-9 and make it impossible to determine A from J

And the elimination of O to represent "0" would further confuse the issue as you are intersecting one of the series and eliminating the natural progression of that particular series.

Yet given you affirm 34 characters to a 26 character alphabet, in essence applying an additional 8 digits which cannot be accounted for by your system of "Logic"

Exactly what are these addition 8 letters you are adding to the code to make it work?

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Ross Kelly I don't argue with idiots.
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Brian Willis I'm not arguing, I'm attempting to understand the configuration of the code, find the key and understand its validity.
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Ross Kelly Well keep trying then.
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Brian Willis But as always, your logic escapes the minds of those that can actually call you out, because it makes no sense and therefore is merely a reflection of a warped mind...and you call me an idiot?

If you can't answer the questions, just say...I don't know
...You don't have to name call to justify the fact that you have no idea what I'm asking, or the fact that you can reconfigure your thoughts into some obscure code to read as you wish.

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Ross Kelly I can't say go back to sleep Brian it would make no sense.
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Ross Kelly You already know that I have told you that the code's symbol for it'self is O. (It's in the blog post)

(A1..B2..E5..L3..M4..P7..R9..S1.. T2)...IS 9 Nos IN THE O CODE.

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Ross Kelly (That's a code anagram)

Perhaps more accurately -

ABELMPRST IS 9 Nos IN THE O CODE - 125347912.

ABELMPRSTI..10 Nos IN THE CODE  -1253479129.

The genius displayed in the formulation of the Anagram set is obviously way beyond your ability to comprehend.

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Nigel Davis alphabet itself is a code of sorts is obvious. But looking for a code within a code with a code starts getting seriously confusing and worrisome. And during WW2 some Navajo tribesmen were used to send messages in "code" to each other and remained the only unbroken "code" of that war. 

And the reason for it was wasn't a code within a code. It was a language. A dialect. A variation of the alphabet itself. And what the Americans relied upon and relied correctly upon too, was the Human ability of Manifestation. Which is a psychological mishap to "see" or generate things which aren't there.

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Ross Kelly But it is there, you can read it.

Nigel Davis can read whatever you want into a language bro. As you need to understand how a alphabet works and what it is you are looking to reap from it. 

The alphabet can and does have the ability to supply Lies. And they can then become be-lie-fs. B
ut is that the objective of a alphabet? 

Only if you are trying to get people to accept lies for some personal reason. 

Luckily it can also supply Truth. And the same question can be asked. Is that the purpose of a alphabet. And the answer in regards to Truth is only of you are trying to set them free.

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Nigel Davis It can and will then supply Nonsense. As easily as Noncodes. As easily as Headfucks. Lol. But are any of those helpful to people and what they want or need.
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Ross Kelly As it does, from their ignorance.

For some.
Write a comment...
Nigel Davis Ok...I have as you know Ross, answered you to the best of my ability mate on a comment before this one. And I say there as I say here....the alphabet can supply you with anything you want. Nonsense, Codes, Noncodes, Gummy Bears, Lies, Be-lie-fs, Opinions, Facts blah blah blah. 

And that is why it is such a powerful and misunderstood thing. But the whole purpose of it was to supply one essential thing....Absolute Knowledge, from which Truth was to be extracted. Tho if you cannot define Truth...a being then cannot use the beneficial aspect of the Alph Beta system.

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Ross Kelly The absolute intelligence that designed the alphabet designed the code to prove that it did.

Nigel Davis It did what bro? It designed a obscure code within a code that explains everything already and already had a word for that explanation being Truth?

Are you seriously saying that whatever or whoever created the alphabet needed more than Truth to explain something in perfect detail? Is there something above Truth bro? And what is that something?

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Ross Kelly Do you know anything about Pi?

It's a mathematical constant, it's a timeless fact.

Archimedes approximated it at 22/7 but the more recent modern decimal sequence is much more accurate.

This is an anagram of the same code.

BIAS TO No Pi - 3.1415926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.
Ross Kelly Bro.
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Nigel Davis are helping your case here. Lol. Give me the cure for cancer with your code please. Or the information on how to build a lightsabre. Or any other type of cure or technology. 

Mate...all I am seeing is a bloke saying that he has found a hidden code that was left by god...and ipso facto...he is god. 

Are you god Ross?

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Ross Kelly Anna is God, you and I are just ideas that she has.
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Nigel Davis Lol. Cool. Thanks mate. I think my work here is done. grin emoticon
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Ross Kelly That makes sense.

Brian Willis Okay but you now need explain how you differentiate all letters with identical corresponding numerical values or is it a best guess scenario?

And you still haven't explained how you get 34 of only 26 and given "O" is equal to zero, how do surmise the difference between the letter "O" and the number "0" or is that again, just a best guess?

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Brian Willis And how does the code evolve out of a conversation or who is giving you these coded messages?
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Brian Willis Hey Nigel Davies, this should be good, I'm waiting on a Son of Sam scenario to evolve out of this
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Ross Kelly I diferentuate them because I can see that A= 1, S=1, B=2, K=2 and T =2.

The letters look different from each other.

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Ross Kelly The code is the letters on my profile picture.
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Nigel Davis Lol. You will no doubt be Satan in this case and me some obscure insect in the Amazon jungle.. grin emoticon
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Nigel Davis Bro...honestly mate. All I can say is that you really do need to go away and have a very hard look at this "code" of yours. As Brian are fabricating whatever you want from a thing that has the ability to supply whatever a person wants. 

You are not listening to a man of wisdom and knowledge here. You are too busy looking at yourself as god or a divine being of sorts.

Brian said Yet given you affirm 34 characters to a 26 character alphabet, in essence applying an additional 8 digits which cannot be accounted for by your system of "Logic"

Exactly what are these addition 8 letters you are adding to the code to make it work?

He never even took the time to see that the code does not contain all the letters of the alphabet, it actually only contains 17 of them, some are repeated, there are 3 A's for example.

The order of the letters in the alphabet is what gives them their corresponding numbers.

I say again, it's an ANAGRAM code that has a specific 34 letter formula and a number of other rules like M inverted is W.

That formula remains constant in every code line.

Ross Kelly Numbers 1 - 9: The Building Blocks of Numerology ... › About Numerology Channel Page
The single-digit numbers, 1 - 9, are the foundation of the science of Numerology.


Ross Kelly Decoding the Numerology of the English Alphabet
9 Jan 2013 - By merging mathematics and language, gematria immerses one into the language ... The Crux of Numerology: 1-9 and Decimal Parity ... 1 – 9, with zero, or the placeholder, gives us a total of ten numbers / digits to work with.

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Ross Kelly You were saying?
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Nigel Davis Mate...because some person writes a blog about something doesn't make it Truth. You really need to grasp what constitutes Truth before running off on these decoding something that is not encoded trips. The alphabet is a tool bro...not a puzzle. You are holding a axe by the head bro...and have got it ass end around. You are only going to hurt yourself like that. grin emoticon
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Nigel Davis Ross...listen up mate. I was only talking about you with my girlfriend a few hours ago...and we praised your effort in opening your mind. But you need to understand what the alphabet is capable of before you can understand how to use it...and use it correctly too. 

Don't undo all your hard work by falling into another belief system. They have done a fine job making it so people jump out of one belief into another

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Ross Kelly I'm going to show you this one more time, I understand that you can not grasp the genius behind it but, just for fun.

To take the piss once more -

ABELMPRST IS 9 Nos IN THE O CODE - 125347912.

ABELMPRSTI..10 Nos IN THE CODE -1253479129.

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Ross Kelly Tell her she has my heartfelt condolences.
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Nigel Davis Lol. Bro...that doesn't constitute genius. That constitutes nothing but maybe a puzzle. Maybe. 

Look...I am a Engineer. If I could see something there with numbers I would mention it straight away. But I can't because it is not there to see bro. Honestly. It almost sounds like a type of mental illness you are suffering from. Honestly my friend. ..let it go ok. There is nothing there but your imagination playing tricks on you. 

I am done with this subject now. If you wish to chat about something else then fine. If not. ..then we are done bro.

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Ross Kelly The ten letters at the beginning of the code line are the ten numbers at the end of the code line and the rest of the code line tells you that they are 10 numbers in the code, and you think that happens by chance?

Are you retarded?

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Ross Kelly Sorry, that's obviously an unnecessary question.

The repeat posting of the two number lines was done today on Oct 15. (10 15 as they say in America)

The first addition of the 10 No line happened in an edit in the early hours of this morning, I got out of bed at 3 AM because I couldn't sleep.

ABELMPRSTI.. -1253479129 IN THE 10 15 O CODE.

In fact, when I is used to represent the symbol 1 visually as it does it also says -

THE 15.10.15 O CODE - ABELMPRSTI.. -1253479129 .

Nigel Davis As I said I am done with it Ross. And retarded? Lol. Far from it. There is so much that you want to block out Ross, that you are be-lie-ving. 

As I said. If this code is so powerful you should be able to conjure up anything you want. But you can't. An
d it doesn't have logic to it because it is not logical to anyone but those with your special mixture of be-lie-fs Ross. 

As the Reasonngs you get from the logic applied is indicative of the information that you hold on a individual level. And this is the reason why no one will accept it. Because to anyone else it makes no sense. 

And this too is a reason to have belief systems. It prevents groupings of minds. As each has its own information that is the platform for the individuals mentality. 

And this is the reason myself, BrianMikeTammy and a few others all adhere to Truth as a platform. As then we all share something in common...and something that is the best as well. And this way we can all watch each other if any nasty little beliefs try slipping into our minds. Like the one you are peddling Ross. 

So am I retarded? Brother. ..I am so fucking far from retarded that you cannot where me or any of the otners are in universe of choice. And that we don't choose your proof enough we have the correct mentality. 

Go away and come back with something tangible and we will look at it. But telling us that we cannot see the genius in what you do is a fucking insult. Consider this the nicest warning for future name calling I can give Ross. We aren't your enemies. We just don't agree with you. But if you are looking for a me you can trust... grin emoticon

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Ross Kelly The person that you with your closed minded refusal to accept something that is demonstrated before your eyes is the enemy of and insult yourself.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. It therefore occurs when there is a need to accommodate new ideas, and it may be necessary for it to develop so that we become "open" to them.

Meanwhile -

You can't reason with idiots.

I stopped looking at notifications on that thread after that it boiled down to people clubbing together in support of each other, because doing that makes them think they feel safe when they have not got a ***** clue what it is that they are arguing against because they never took the time to understand it, it was attack from the outset,  it's a human defense trait that is boringly automatic.

They can't help it but, it's just too tiresom.....then my good old threatening mate Nigel posted this and MAYBE something good happened -

That remains to be seen, or not as the case may be.

One from the vault and one that should amuse Brian Willis in regards to Ross Kelly. Bro...Ross and his merry gang of Code Breakers are a symptom of being stalled as a technological species. Oh...their type scam a lot of people of a lot of money. And a few of them even get bumped off by their own nutty followers. But we never have to worry about this. As we never take a cent in donations. Or even ask. We just do our thing and continue to be the quiet achievers.
Anyway. ..this is a old post but something we spoke of many times. And for the likes of Ross. So he knows we saw him rising out of obscurity only to be flushed down the toilet of wannabes one day... grin emoticon Enjoy Ross. grin emoticon

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Ross Kelly I don't make any money from what I do and I'm not scamming anybody you lying piece of shit.
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Ross Kelly It says attachment unavailable.
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Tammy Seibert Wow... Again with the vehement denial and name calling. Would it be so very hard to just say you disagree or think someone is wrong ? You sound like a spoiled child, or mental patient that is having a meltdown because the grownups or sane people won't give in to your demands or "beLIEve" you. Smh wink emoticon
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Ross Kelly This is a blatant lie, don't turn it on me.

It's disgraceful.

Oh...their type scam a lot of people of a lot of money. And a few of them even get bumped off by their own nutty followers. But we never have to worry about this. As we never take a cent in donations.

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Ross Kelly TRUTH?

What utter bollocks.

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Brian Willis I would have to agree with Ross on this one. 

It is typically those attempting to spread truth that are "Bumped Off" rather than the beLIEvers, for those of standardized beliefs are usually in line with the powers that be, whereas those of truth more than not are rubbing those powers the wrong way.

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Brian Willis How about that Ross, you finally said something I can agree
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Ross Kelly Thank you Brian.
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Ross Kelly In belated reply to your other question on that thread, I use the Upwords tiles you can see on my profile pic, the numbers are written on the back of them.
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Ross Kelly All of the code lines I post could be photographed and you could clearly read the.

There is a grater code, one that you would need a super computer like the ones MI6 have to run all the possible information in the code, as I'm sure they do.
...See More

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Ross Kelly Many times as we learnt about the way the code works we found that an otherwise correct and timed code line would have one letter that was not the correct one to complete it but we found that far more often than not (if not every time) the letter left was the numerical equivalent of the correct letter to complete the line.

What it is is a proof of the reality of the cosmic logos.

The active principle behind all reality.

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Ross Kelly The real WORD.
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Ross Kelly logos | philosophy and theology |
Logos, ( Greek: “word,” “reason,” or “plan”) plural logoi, in Greek philosophy ... the logos as an active rational and spiritual principle that permeated all reality.

Explore the updated online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands…
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 Ross Kelly Example, the amazing anagram that your input on that thread prompted me to find. I didn't know it was there.

October 21.

Ross Kelly shared his photo.
Labour MP Michael Meacher died today.
Ana's code PR list says -
Ross Kelly
Labour MP Michael Meacher died today.
Ana's code PR list says -
Brian Willis Funny thing is the article made reference to it before ANA
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Ross Kelly Funny thing is Brian, she gave me that code in 2002.
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Ross Kelly The one that says that.
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Ross Kelly And I can prove it.
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Ross Kelly The really funny thing is ... Brian.
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Ross Kelly If you had a brain you would notice that the code line she designed is in the past tense.

Ana's timing, not mine and she did that perfectly.
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Ross Kelly DIED.
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