Monday, 12 July 2010

A timely Byron Waco link portent?

Yesterday, the dated Solar eclipse code links and Scott Smith's Bill Ryan film post linked to Byron bay and the already established Waco connection to B Ryan.
As most alert individuals know, the Branch Davidian people in Waco were murdered and cremated in a raging fire.

A few years ago in Australia we stayed with a man at his house in Bilambil, not very far from Byron Bay on a number of occasions.
Yesterday, the day of the relink to Byron and Waco I was sent some shocking and sad news connected to that man.His name is Doug Ogilvie. His son's name was Luke -

Today, Kellie told me that one of the FBI men who was involved with David Koresh was named Byron.

The police who dealt with the Ogilvie fire murder case were the Tweed Byron police

.Four people were charged with Doug's son's murder, I knew nothing about the fires till yesterday.

I think it rather odd that on the day Byron and Waco (with it's big connection to the subject of fire) should come up again on the day I was sent that information, it was Tweed Byron police that dealt with it.

As I was telling Kellie in Australia about it today this happened -

As I was reading ur post Re: "Shhhh! M..." I received a phone call from Dave Eden. He said he had spoken to Max today. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor! ...

Elaine Ross Kelly 12 July at 12:25

I think, at some point we will see that what happened to poor old Doug and what's happening now, is the reason why I had to know him then.
These fires are important.

Elaine Ross Kelly 12 July at 12:31
Just realised something... we got to know Doug after meeting a lovely man called Canoe John in Varkala in 1997, he introduced us when we got to Australia. Canoe John lives at a place in Tomowin called the Garden of EDEN.

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