Monday, 19 July 2010

Why God used Leonardo to paint The Mona Lisa.

      PI. 3.14259265.

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  1. I watched the video a while back, I know a bit about numerology, what we didn't see and this is what I'd like to know is that it was claimed that Ross had written the same message on the board as was written by Francisco (who didn't know how to write) and the same message that was written by another human.

    My question is in the videos I haev seen on this, what is the message as it was written on that wall.

    We've never seen what exactly was written.

    This is more significant than some of the numerological information.

    Could we have the exact text that was meant to have been written that was claimed that Lady Diana and Mother Theresa knew about.

    I would like to see the whole message.

    And why wasn't it included in the video? I don't have any view on Fatima, but I am Portuguese, and I think that if you have something and would like to convince people that this is true, then we need to see what exactly was written at least then we have facts to go on.

    Please tell us what exactly Ana wrote and then tell us about the other stuff, one without the other makes no sense.

    I'm curious about it.

    I know about synchronicity thats nothing new, but I want to see the message that was written by Franciscos hand that was actually Ross.

    That is the evidence, until this is provided theres not much else to question.

    there may be a code, I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but the claims about the message can only be proven if the message is provided. But it was never provided as it was written in the video.

    Give us the message then you have more chance of more beings taking this serious.

  2. I don't have a copy of it. It was written on a wall in a London hospital. It was not a prophesy it was a perfect enlarged copy of a very private love letter that I wrote 33 years earlier that no other person ever saw. It was reproduced in my childhood handwriting.
    It was not the content that was the important thing it was the fact of it.

    The original letter had the added words O Maria in the margin of the page. That was written on the wall too just as it was on the page. It was that that made me realise that I was looking at my own long forgotten childhood note.
    The people who took me to see it knew what it was. They wanted to see my reaction to seeing it as their final verification.

    The reason I have the code that you are not fully grasping, is so that you can see that I must be telling the truth about the fact that god used that letter to show MI6 the writing on the wall and that she did it as an ID proof that gave absolute authority to the message they told me that they had received from the Dublin guest house.

    It doesn't make any difference to the fact of it whether you take it seriously or not. It happened. .

    If it was not true I would have fabricated a copy of the writing.

  3. Ok, I'm just trying to establish the facts which might help your cause in the long run.

    who were the people that took you to see writing and how did they locate you, and why did they choose you? (what gave them authority to take you there and how did they know that they were looking for you and under whos supervision did they take you to see this wall, how do they know who you were)

    and even if it were a personal love letter, what would be the significance of this and why not put it all out there so people know what was written on that wall.

    I think it was also stated that the writing of the child franciscos was yours in those videos, surely you know or remeber what it might have said and would have an impact on those that may have been lied to regarding the Fatima appearance.

    correct me if i'm wrong it was a while since i saw the videos you made.

    thanks for responding.don't be so defensive the code is everywhere anyway, and there are many codes.

    What is the connection between the information in the video and Lady Diana and Mother Theresa, how did they receive the information about Fatima, it isn't clear how they are connected in this way or how they came to know about this information.

    In the video it skips straight to the code but doesn't explain or provide information on how they were connected or facts on how they received the information. who gave it to them what their connection to yourself was in this respect. It would be good if that information was in the videos and if you could respond to this comment regarding this information.

    I'm interested.

  4. You should watch the film again and pay more attention and if you want more detail, read Little Book Big Secret.That's why It was written, so that I don't have to keep on going over and over it with people. I am not being defensive. I have nothing to defend.
    I am telling people about something that happened that matters.Please take your time to think about the details in the book.