Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A conversation with a "Shaman"... Brett Lothian.

  • Ross Kelly
    By the way, Archimedes is the man who first worked out the Pi approximation as 22/7.

    The Greek letter π was first adopted for the number as an abbreviation of the Greek word for perimeter (περίμετρος), or as an abbreviation for "periphery/diameter", by William Jones in 1706. The constant is also known as Archimedes' Constant.

    The decimal representation of π truncated to 50 decimal places is:[20]
    π = 3.141592653589793238462643​38327950288419716939937510​...

    I'll remind you about the code line that you somehow, in your twisted fashion decided was me trying to claim that I am like Archimedes, just as you thought the lines that timed the London riots by the date of the link to you were saying that it was your fault. Were you on something?

    BIAS TO No PI - 3.1415926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.

    about an hour agoRoss Kelly
    The thing you see above is THE SAME thing as this -


    about an hour agoRoss Kelly
    A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.
    Albert Einstein

    58 minutes agoRoss Kelly

    34 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
    Can you provide any evidence for any of that? Sure as shit havn't yet!!

  • Note.

    I have often referred to him as Bratt because he is one and he often tells people to stay off the KOOL AID.

    • Continued ...

      57 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
      I've caught you admitting it's lies ross....
      In your own words..
      And I can prove that!
      Just remember ross, picking bits of what I say and distorting them wont work too well when i put the unedited version on my blog buddy lol, just proves my point lol! Man you make this easy...
      So, how close was I about mommy?
      Do you feel like a failure ross? Considering you have not succeeded one bit in this whole endeavor, I mean really man, no support from any real experts, no actual evidence, just a long winded delusion that you can't even sell.. You must feel like a failure.
      You can't even get a job man, how the fuck are you going to save the world?
      What's wrong ross? Forgot I caught you admitting it's lies? Bahahahahahahhahahahahahha​hahah!!!! Could you be any more stupid! Oh my...

      40 minutes agoRoss Kelly
      I never said it is lies because it isn't lies so I would never have reason to lie about it and say that. Show me.

      Do you realise that the code lines are all anagrams of the same letters? you even understand what an anagram is?

      25 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote (quoting me)
      ""go attack David Icke or something if you want to protect people from nutters, he thinks the moon is full of lizard people controlling us and he IS making a fortune out of it. Spot the difference."" The whole spot the difference comment you added to the end gives you away dude! Your own words. The only difference is Icke makes money, that's what you said. If the difference as you put it, between you and the crazy fucker Icke is only that he is making millions, then you also are a crazy fucker trying to sell lies, just badly.
      Gave yourself up dude.
      All over man.
      I've won.
      I got you to admit you are full of shit! All over now man, no hiding from that one. Ever, enshrined on my blog forever ;))
      Worst thing is atleast deep down, you know you are lying, you admitted it!! And continue to fuck with peoples lives for an ego trip, that ross, is fucking sick, dude..

      12 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
      I tried to tell you I didn't want to fight, didn't want the arguement. Was happy to let you guys go, do what you like. But you had to push it didn't you ross. Thsat pathetic ego of yours just couldn't handle your cult leader authority being challenged in the minds of your followers. Had to push it didn't you, monsignor ofthedeminishedmentalcapac​ity. I told you where fucking with the wrong dude, but you wouldn't listen ross. Now look where we are. Happy?

      10 minutes agoRoss Kelly
      Here's a message from Ana to you and Simon Elder -


      9 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
      I've won.

      I got you to admit you are full of shit! All over now man, no hiding from that one. Ever, enshrined on my blog forever ;))

      Worst thing is atleast deep down, you know you are lying, you admitted it!! And continue to fuck with peoples lives for an ego trip, that ross, is fucking sick, dude..

      8 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
      Happy now ross? You've gotten what we both know deep down you wanted, to be exposed. So the healing could begin. It's ok ross, I forgive you. You should have just asked for a healing ceremony, would have been much simpler.

      7 minutes agoRoss Kelly
      Very happy thanks DUDE, you are performing beyond my expectation.

      6 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
      The 1st step is admitting you have a problem, now you have done that, we can move forward.
      It's ok ross. People will love you without the lies.
      Probably a lot more, and more of them ;))

      3 minutes agoRoss Kelly
      Only one problem mate - I'm telling the truth and one day you are probably going to find out that I am. Then what are you going to put on your blog?

      3 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
      Just let it process ross. You've come along way in a short time. Doesn't it feel better now you've been honest with yourself and admitted it?
      Just honesty ross, that's all I ever put on my blog.

      You should try it, especially with yourself. It's very satisfying.

      about a minute ago · 

    •  Not sure what he was trying to say with that last line there!

      I sent Brett the divine plan article from my blog (see synchronicity wins - additional pages) and received this response -

      27 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
      But thankyou for admitting all of that, atleast now, when I put it on my blog people will know just how dangerous you, and your theories are. This is a typical suicide apocalypse cult. In all seriousness, do not drink the Kool Aid.
      "The time circle is created by a number of people being time shifted by God", you do mean dying right? By suicide because it is written in the code, by god, right ross?
      Transubstantiation of the soul to another realm, ie dying, right ross?
      That's your big pay off for following you? Death. I think i'll have to pass to be honest ross. Not into that kind of thing. I'm into growing things, not killing them.
      Obviously you hate yourself ross, and with very good reason from what I've seen. But that is no reason to take your anger and frustration out on another living soul. If you want to go so bad ross, just go. Be a man for once in your life and stop looking for people to hold your hand, even in death. You are a disgusting human being and the world would be far better off without you in my estimation. So go ahead ross, do it. Just don't take anyone with you.

      4 minutes agoObi Wan Peyote
      I'm done with you, you are the worst kind of human scum and I want no further contact with you what so ever. My blog will stand as a testament to your insanity, hatred, threats, abuse, and most importantly ross, it will be a reality check for you, and everyone else that ever googles your name. This man is dangerous, this is an obvious suicide apocalypse cult, and they both need to be stopped.

      Ross Kelly
      No I don't mean by dying. I mean by the same power that is time shifting YOU right now from second to second. You need to stop making up your own version of me and then attacking it.

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