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The Idiot's guide to enlightenment.

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This document was written in 1998, four years before the Iron Rod key was completed but it seems that it's day has come along with Brett Lothian in yet another ...guise. (dis)

The Idiots Guide to Enlightenment - By Ross Kelly

by Shirley Kobiela on Tuesday, 16 August 2011 at 00:50

This collection of notes is being written to help clarify a few important points for people who are looking for the answer but may be a bit confused or unsure of their conclusions so far.  If the title of this is offensive to you in any way, leave it until such time as it is not because unless you are prepared for the probability that your understanding is not complete, this writing may not be of any use to you. 

In most cases the finding of the truth will not be so much a question of learning as one of ‘unlearning’.  This is so because it is only our preconceived suppositions, our false understandings of what we see that stand in the way of our seeing it as it actually is.  If we want to see the truth, seeing what actually is, is the way to do it.

As this simple fact is obviously true then it can be seen that there is no point in looking for ‘what is’ if ones motivation for doing so is born of a desire to achieve something for ones self, something that would make ‘one’ feel more special than someone else for instance, because if we cannot accept the truth as it is or cannot accept ourselves as we are then we would not be actually looking for the truth, we would be looking for an improvement on the truth before we even know what that real truth actually is.  It should be obvious to anybody with the simple ability to reason that there can be no improvement on the truth no matter what it may turn out to be because if the truth really is the truth, be it good or evil desirable or undesirable there is simply nothing we can do about it.  It either is or it isn’t, and one thing that is plain for all to see is that it is, otherwise there would be no ‘we’ to see and there would be no question to ask in the first place.  If indeed it is possible for any person to make the discovery that will show them true understanding it can clearly be seen that the only ‘tool’ available to any of us can be used for this purpose is the tool of our own experience.  This is so because we do not have access to anything else.  Therefore if the truth is a knowable quantity quality or whatever then we cannot know it until we know that we have experienced it.  Now if this seems that all I am doing here is pointing out the obvious you can congratulate yourself because that is precisely what I am intending to do because if the answer is in no way obvious then it would be impossible to know it.  If the truth was or is a mystery then I would be wasting my time and yours.  Just like some other people do, generally people who got ‘rich’ out of it.

We have all been ‘experiencing’ for at least the whole of the thing that we understand to be our present lives.  Whether we are seeing, tasting, feeling, thinking, making love, or even murdering, all of it is ‘made of’ experience.
For most of us, seeing is the most stunningly obvious experience of all.  Most of the information that we have to call upon is received by us in that form, as visible light.
Seeing is itself the experience of visible light.
Even a blind man sees what he sees, be it blackness, redness, blueness or whatever, he cannot help but see it.  The light that a blind man sees is not the absence of light it is light in the form that is perceived by the blind man.

If we are seeking to see the truth we can only go by what we do see, not what we think we see but what we can know we see, not what we think that that is but only what we can see that it is.  We have to be able to start afresh and not apply our learned misconceptions to the experience.  We must see what the experience of seeing actually is with no added ideas about it.  For example, look around you.  What do you see? Your answer may at first be, well I see trees and grass and the sky, or it may be I see a table with cups and saucers on it or it may be I see the sheet of paper on which this writing is written.  All of these answers are dependent on the notion that these things have an existence of their own in some other way which is outside of seeing because the only possible real truthful answer to that question is this.  I see light.  I see light and it looks like it is a tree or a table or a piece of paper, but what I am actually seeing is light and can only ever be light.  No light, no sight.

If for instance you are seeing a ‘tree’ as a message which the light you see is carrying or describing for you, why is it automatically assumed that that ‘tree’ has any more substance to it than the whole experience that you are having of ‘it’ at any given moment.  When I or you see a tree ‘twenty yards away’ we cannot feel the tree to know if it is also the experience that we call solid.  We can only experience that knowledge if we are actually living the moment of seeing and touching the tree and even then we can only know that the tiny part of the tree that we are touching feels hard.  We could not possibly know that the whole tree is hard unless we could feel all of it at once in which case we would have to ask, what is the feeling of hard actually made of?  In other words we can only know that reality is made of that which we actually experience and nothing else.  The rest is and can only be supposition or thought, which beggars the question what is thought made of?  Or another way of putting it is this.  If I assume that all of the tree is hard, what am I making that assumed hardness out of?  Another thing I should point out at this time is that the experience of the seeing of the tree cannot be twenty yards away can it?  We can only know it to be ‘here’.  If we can only know it to be ‘here’ how can we say that the tree is ‘there’.
So what then is place?  Where is here?

In all of this explanation so far there has been one very necessary ingredient which has been left out of it but which has been present all the time because without it there can be no experience.  That ‘missing’ ingredient is life itself.  Without life there can be no knowledge of any kind.  No experience of any kind no answer of any kind because there can be no question of any kind.  Can there be light of any kind if there is no life doing the seeing of it?

Now you may be tempted to think that there could be, but be very careful here because in order for you to think that there could be you have to be alive.  You could even picture some place where you imagine there is no life and you could picture it full of light, but of course you would be forgetting an obvious ‘thing’ your picture of that is only possible because you are alive to do it.  That ‘place’ is happening to you, life.
Yes, it really is that simple.  Light is real only because there is life.  Life ‘and’ light are totally one.  Which is simply another way of saying that light is life.
Real light is real life and there isn’t anything else.
There never has been and there never can be.  There is no other place for any other thing to be.
Intelligence is a quality that only belongs to life.  There is no intelligence that is somewhere else.

It can readily be seen that we. People, as we generally think ourselves to be are not organising all that we are seeing.  Demonstrate this to your own satisfaction by trying as hard as you like to make the person nearest to you do something.  Get them to stand on their head by use of you ‘will’.  It doesn’t work does it?  So the answer must be found to the question where is this light that shows us everything coming from?
Now if as previously pointed out, intelligence is a quality belonging to life and light and they are inseparable then it follows that light and intelligence are not separate either.  It would explain how it is that light is able to give us intelligible, understandable information.  How it is that what we see makes prefect sense to us.  How it is that the whole story of our lives follows logical reasonable meaningful patterns. And why it is that there is not an unknowable mystery that hides the truth from us.

From the information so far presented here it should be apparent that the ‘cause’ of all that we perceive is intelligence itself and that that intelligence is not unknowable because it is everything that we do know.  It is not hidden from us because it is the very cause of all that is visible to us.  We never see anything else because there simply is nothing else to see.  We are seeing and experiencing only pure intelligence.  There is no product of that intelligence that is not that intelligence because there is nothing but that intelligence.  It is totally real.
So why then is it bothering to do all of this?  Why is it being you and me and all the complex variety of experience that we are having given to us?

The answer to that is obvious too.  It is not for your reason or my reason but because it is absolutely necessary for its own reason, which is of course the only reason there ever has been, is now or ever could be.  Which is just as well for us because if there were no reason then there would have to be a state of universal unreason and that would be eternal unchangeable chaotic insane hell.
The purpose of reason therefore is that it is, in order to prevent such an insane state of affairs from ever being allowed to be.

It is precisely this struggle, this eternal balancing act that we are a part of and are a constant witness to.  It is the purpose of life itself.  Life is the mechanism through which the eternal sanity of God is maintained and it is our purpose as the children or products of God to play our part in that balance.  It is through the story of all of lifes expressions but of mankind in particular that the balance of sanity and insanity, of Good and Evil is played out.
At the current phase in that story we have reached a necessary turning point.  It is necessary because the insanity which man is expressing is ‘beginning’ to outweigh the sanity.  This is only so because we have lost sight of the truth for long enough to allow ignorance of that truth to formulate its own insane motivating self destructive purpose and to appear to have taken over.  If we are to rectify this situation then we must become aware of the real truth once again.  In order to do that we have to see it.

If light is visible and light is both life and intelligence then intelligence must be visible too.  If light is born of intelligence then where would be the best place to look to find and to meet with that intelligence?
We must obviously look to the source of the real visible light which is as far as we are concerned the thing that we call the sun.  We must look from the point of view of life which is all that really is.
If life is all that really is what then is the active power that we can see shining in the sun.
Could it be the love of God?
Could it really be anything other than the love of God?
If the simple information given here is clearly understood it is plain to see that there is no place that is more holy than any other place because the only place that is is life itself and all life is one.  No person therefore is greater or more holy than any other because we all share the same life.  We all share God.
So why do we need churches?  What do they really represent?  They represent the folly and ignorance of man, a denial of the freedom that is the love of God.
They represent a false idea of God and the fostering of ignorance.  They represent the mystery that doesn’t exist.

Regards Ross Kelly the idiot
(I’m not getting paid for this!) 


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    • Bob Young ‎"Unlearning" is key!
      13 hours ago ·  ·  5 people

    • Shirley Kobiela Sounds daft Bob, but yeah that really is the key, unlearn all the years of shit and backage we carry about and start again at Ana's school of enlightenment - :)
      13 hours ago ·  ·  4 people

    • Bob Young I've been doing this for sometime Shirley. It's like a detox of the body, only this time it's the mind, clearing out all of the BS and crap that it's been fed for years.
      13 hours ago ·  ·  5 people

    • Shirley Kobiela That's the one Bob a detox for the mind...I like that
      13 hours ago ·  ·  3 people

    • Bob Young One sign that it, (the detox), is working, (and I'm sure you probably already know this), is that everything "they" present to us is inane, laughable, BS that is the antithesis of reason. They have no reason, other than to subjugate us to serve their purpose.
      13 hours ago ·  ·  4 people

    • Shirley Kobiela 
      That is the truth Bob, but sadly not many see or want to face that, that's the real problem, because if everyone was totally honest about it, they wouldn't be allowed to get away with it, evil has its day whilst good men do nothing - I'm go...See more

      13 hours ago ·  ·  3 people

    • Shirley Kobiela Gonna post this film here, The Devils Requiem, it's an introduction to Five Days in Varkala that may help some -

      The Devil's Requiem There is something that has been hidden for eleven years by...See more

      12 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Bob Young Facebook does not want me to post this comment!!!!!

      Re: your friends note: No beating around the bush here, - Wow!

      Living life vicariously is like accepting a personal
      label, - it's always a step in the wrong direction.

      12 hours ago · 

    • Shirley Kobiela no mate and I agree whole heartedly with the note it's time people woke up to themselves and help put an end to the madness instead of still being a part of it. In the words of William Wallace - FREEEDOM
      12 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Shirley Kobiela FB doesn't like a lot of things at the moment Bob,,,we must be doing something right...lol
      12 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Elaine McGuckin They celebrate William Wallace on the 23rd of August, that was the day he was hung drawn and quartered...23
      5 hours ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet and Ross keeps getting sychronicity with that letter....
      5 hours ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin W W William Wallace....
      5 hours ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin Also Cate's Birthday.
      5 hours ago · 

    • Shirley Kobiela oh wow, that I didn't know - better post this here, although it was put on my wall, wouldn't want anyone to miss things - http://synchronicitywins.b​logspot.com/2011/08/apt-nu​mbers.html -


      5 hours ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin Shirley you should explain that the Idiot's Guide was written by Ross in 1998 or199 before we discovered the code.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin ‎1999 even as I'm not exactly sure but I know it was awhile before Agnus Water.
      3 hours ago · 

    • Freeto Thinkandhope Do not dare yell FREEDOM, when your cult proffesses to be the only true religeon, of the only true god, that we must adopt to save us from asteroids. That is not offering freedom, it's offering fear based mind control. If you truly value freedom, this will not be censored ~
      about an hour ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine McGuckin ‎...is that you with yet another ID Brett?. You really are an idiot....lol
      about an hour ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin We are the free thinkers mate your head is totally fried on something that has prevented your ability to not only see reason but apply it to everyday life.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin Paranoia is a terrible thing to live with Brett go and get some medical or psychiatric help....♥
      about an hour ago · 

    • Shirley Kobiela Sorry about that Elaine i just automatically assume that people following this know that it started for us in 1996 long before the code, but just to be clear on The Idiots Guide to Enlightenment it was written by Ross in 1998 and then typed up at the library in Cobram, it was the following year, put onto the Athens Agora website by our friend Nick, whilst we were fruit/veg picking in Bowen...
      45 minutes ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin 
      Anyone wishing to understand fully the whole story should watch this film and read the book Little Book Big Secret to get the real version of events. Two things Brett has never done. Brett has a problem with applying reason he thinks that w...See more

      This film reveals a big secret and proves the Reality Of God.

      43 minutes ago · 

    • Shirley Kobiela 
      Freeto Thinkandhope - if only you could think Brett - it is blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes what an utter idiot you are - now why don't you just go away and actually learn something worthwhile, your mind is full of hatred and deep fea...See more

      Brett Of-the Lothian What the fuck is wrong with you??? "polarity physics"? Fuck...See more

      42 minutes ago · 

    • Elaine McGuckin http://littlebookbigsecret​-part1.blogspot.com/

      The 'Letter of the Law' was written using masculine gender. It was before the ti...See more

      42 minutes ago · 

    • Freeto Thinkandhope I have no reason to argue with you guys, I've said my piece, as is my free right, as it your free right to do whatever it is you are doing. Enjoy ♥
      33 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Shirley Kobiela You're twisted...
      33 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly He's on the look at me everybody I'm the good guy ploy...Too late mate.
      32 minutes ago · 

    • Shirley Kobiela Just go away Brett - you make me sick - but thanks for helping Ana, you did a great job.
      30 minutes ago · 

    • Freeto Thinkandhope 
      You can change the world,
      If you believe you can,
      You can be the change,
      In how this world is ran,
      The peace we want outside,
      Must come from within,
      In each and every one of us,
      Today we can begin,
      You are just another me,
      And I another you,
      Together as one family,
      We’ll change the world it’s true,
      We owe each other happiness,
      Freedom, love and care,
      That should our motivation,
      If the world is to be fair,
      Surely that’s agreed upon,
      By each and every one,
      So let’s make that our goal,
      A one world peace mission.

      30 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Ross Kelly Like the one you are trying to destroy?
      28 minutes ago · 

    • Freeto Thinkandhope I love the world ross, I hold it sacred infact. I wrote that poem but it has no copyright, not in it for the money, so it's free use ♥
      27 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly Your peace mission is clear for everyone to see in Kellie's conversation .
      27 minutes ago · 

    • Freeto Thinkandhope Goodbye ross. I hope that one day you find the joy, beauty and love in the world. Peace ♥
      26 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly Words come cheap mate, any lying politician knows that. But in the end truth is what matters and in the end it was seen that those words coming from you were a lie. You wrote them but you don't live them and in the last few days you have potentially shown the truth of that to the whole world. Your last statement is a lie too. You are a phony.
      21 minutes ago · 

    • Ross Kelly Trying to re-invent yourself won't work. It's just your way of avoiding the fear that the last few days have made you feel. The fear of your own true self, the same fear that started you off on your insane mission. The same fear that will not let you rest until you have faced it with honesty and felt the shame for your behaviour that that honesty will let you feel. Then you can start to mean it. Then you will be sane.
      12 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Ross Kelly You have the heart of a deceiver Brett but the only one it is deceiving is yourself. The day you reach the truth with honesty, because nothing else will reach it, is the day that you will see what you have done.


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