Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Up against it!

I was having an interesting fb message conversation with a young lady from NORWAY today, she posts in this group , her real surname is made of the first 5 Pi numbers. Suddenly and inexplicably she took fright and blocked me before I could show her this - http://synchronicitywins.blogs​pot.com/2011/07/rose-link-to-p​i-day.html
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    • Ross Kelly She must have been having a bad hair day! I hope it proves to have been temporary.
      about an hour ago · 
    • Modell Brittanid you say everyones name has pi in it dont you lol
      about an hour ago · 
    • Elaine McGuckin No not everyones...only the ones that do.
      49 minutes ago · 
    • Elaine McGuckin Doesn't make them anymore special than the ones that don't.
      49 minutes ago · 
    • Elaine McGuckin All it needs is the time and the willingness to understand why it's important.
      47 minutes ago · 
    • Elaine McGuckin Apart from Mrs Mac and Ladner I can't say I can remember another.
      44 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly Her name is LANDA, =31541 = 31415. = Pi.

      What's your problem? Making up shit like Brett is your problem. If you are going to make nasty comments at least do yourself the favour of finding out what you are talking about before you join the making a tit of myself brigade!
      44 minutes ago · 
    • Elaine McGuckin We're you being humorous Modell in 'I bet you say that to all the girls' or facetious?
      42 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly Why not actually read the blog post?
      40 minutes ago · 
    • Modell Brittanid why are you so defensive wtf
      36 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly You said "you say everyones name has pi in it dont you lol"

      What was I supposed to glean from that?
      34 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly To anyone else reading it it would be thought to be a piss take and surely you must know that?
      32 minutes ago · 
    • Elaine McGuckin Ladner is a man and Helen Mac an older woman, so I don't get the implication either....
      30 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly Your profile pic is the photo that I commented on first to ms Landa, she posted the photo on her wall. Are you her?
      30 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly She posted your profile photo as a post that came up on my newsfeed and I noticed the Pi numbers in her name.
      28 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly This is the link but the comments have been removed unless I just can't see them.

      14 minutes ago ·  · 
    • Modell Brittanid She does my hair lol
      13 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly Did you know who this post was about?
      10 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly I mean THIS post?
      3 minutes ago · 
    • Ross Kelly Speaking of posts..now your pretty ass is up against the writing on the wall!


  1. I think the idea is that you figure that out for yourselves, there is certainly no lack of information here to answer your question.