Friday, 25 March 2016

Dick by name and Dick by nature...LOL.

What sort of a man is so foolish that he promotes the IDEA that there is no God in an attempt to convince the world that there is no God when clearly he doesn't know whether he is misleading people or not?

It's not a trifling matter is it


The first two pictures below are anagrams of Anna's O code.

(Anna is God.)
The third one, quite rightly, says LOL.

acting or done without careful consideration of the possible consequences; impetuous.
"it would be extremely rash to make such an assumption"
synonyms: reckless, impetuous, impulsive, hasty, overhasty, foolhardy, incautious.

dick - Dictionary Definition :

Dick is a vulgar slang word for a penis. It's also an insulting thing to call someone you don't like, especially a boy or man. Much like ass, this word for a below-the-belt body part is very commonly used as an insult meaning pretty much "jerk" or "idiot."

It is also the short form of Richard.

Yes! RASH DARWIN DICK is a perfect anagram of RICHARD DAWKINS..and he believes there is no God behind THE WORD.

Note. It is very difficult to find another anagram of that man's name that makes any sense about any subject, YET IT CONTAINS THAT ONE.

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  1. Lol... oh the synchronicity. The synchronosed aspect is a little rude to put on here but Ana does make me laugh at her humour and I'm wowed by her brilliance. I dont mind being ignored.. if that's how Ana wants it, then so be it. ๐Ÿ˜Š