Monday, 14 March 2016

None so blind as.... continued.

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Paul Blecha *DING* Yeah, didn't seem like sarcasm. Well done.
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Ross Kelly Your Ding is a prompt for me to show you this, it might be just the ting!

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Ross Kelly I just saw what's on your wall this Pi day, that's another prompt -
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Ross Kelly If you look at the blog posts you will see the anagram code in my profile picture demonstrated, this is another perfect anagram of it -

PI DAY IN 2016 AD - I, R.K, SENT BLECHA 3.14159265.

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James A. Quick Numbers are NOT "out to get you"... relax....
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Ross Kelly This is another perfect anagram of the same thing -

BIAS TO No PI - 3.1415926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.

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James A. Quick Rise to vote, sir. Also an anagram. So what?
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James A. Quick So what?
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James A. Quick Speak to the palm.
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Ross Kelly You are one of the monkeys, that's what.
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James A. Quick We're all cousins of monkeys.
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Ross Kelly Cousins yes, offspring... well i'm beginning to think some of you are!
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James A. Quick Wait... cousins, yes? So you agree with that much?
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Ross Kelly Of course, in the sense that we are all created by the same God to live on the same planet together.
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Ross Kelly But only in her mind.
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Ross Kelly There is no physical planet Earth.
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Ross Kelly As all these peer reviewed scientists agree -

These people have got it right,
They just don't yet know that there is a code that proves it.

.By Deepak Chopra, MD, Menas Kafatos, PhD, Bernardo Kastrup, PhD, Rudolph Tanzi, PhD
Science concerns itself with reality, in the form of "real particles", "real organisms", and the "real universe". The tacit assumption is that science can answer the question of reality itself. If this wasn't the case, science would have a hard time explaining why it holds a special place as a human activity. So one must grant that science concerns itself with the reality of "objects". What this assumes, of course, is that objects exist independent of conscious experience. In the first two articles of this series, we've discussed the evidence that our universe is in fact fundamentally mental. What we call physical things and events, as it turns out, do not exist independently of subjective experience.
If they did, how would one even prove such existence? Conscious experience is the only way that reality can be known. The implications of this increasingly unavoidable conclusion--that the universe must be approached as fundamentally mental--are often misunderstood. For this reason, the vast majority of scientists cling to the belief in materialism, regarding anything else as metaphysics and not science. The goal of the present article is to address some of these misunderstandings.
To begin with, we aren't proposing that human mental activity is necessary for the world to exist, i.e., for it to be real. Or to put it another way, reality can be independent of the human mind, but not necessarily of mind or consciousness in general. When we say that the universe is mental, many people interpret this to mean that reality is in our heads. Precisely the opposite is the case: if all reality is mental, then our heads and bodies, as parts of reality, are in the mind. This may sound surprising at first, but it is entirely consistent with everyday experience. There is nothing to our bodies but our felt perceptions of them. A body is what a particular swirl in a transpersonal flow of experiences looks like, just like a whirlpool is what a particular swirl in a stream of water looks like.
Indeed, to say that the universe is mental does not mean that it exists only within the limited minds of humans. Instead, the universe is the expression of a universal mind that transcends personal awareness.

Until she contacts you in spectacular fashion, not hiding behind the time STORY.

As these esteemed physicists know

“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” – Nasseim Haramein, director of research for the Resonance Project

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” – Max Planck
, theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918

“It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.” Eugene Wigner, theoretical physicist and mathematician. He received a share of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963

Physicists admit the universe is immaterial mental and spiritual.

Linda George, Contributor
Waking Times

“The universe is indeed an enchantment placed upon us by the World-Mind. We are all enclosed within the scene set up by it but the scene itself is a thought-created one, the power which makes us feel its reality is a mental one and even the senses so bewitched are forms of consciousness. Hence the operation of the cosmic upon the individual mind is nothing short of magic!” –Paul Brunton.

From The mental universe.

We are living in a mental universe. Everything we see and experience in the world, as well as everything that passes through our awareness – is mental. It is an idea. It is a thought. Generated either by the World-Mind, (or whatever name you choose to call it – the Absolute, the Cosmic Mind, the Supreme Creator – God) or by your own Mind.

Quantum physicists have been telling us for some time now that the world we see as solid matter is far from solid; rather it is a moving sea of energy. And what is this energy? It seems they don’t quite know the answer to that. The hidden teachings tell us that energy will be found to be an ‘attribute of mind’…something possessed by Mind. That is Mind with a capital – the World-Mind.

We are not saying here that the world we see is illusory, that it does not, as the mystics tell us, really exist. It is not an illusion. The world is real. It is real because everything in it is part of the same real essence. Spirit and matter are one and the same. Ultimately, there is no duality, there is only one single stuff. And it is the Mind.

NATURE|Vol 436|7 July 2005 ESSAY
The mental Universe
The only reality is mind and observations, but observations are not of things. To see the Universe as it
really is, we must abandon our tendency to conceptualize observations as things.

This is the man who wrote that last one -

Richard Conn Henry is a Professor in the
Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics
and Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins
University, Baltimore, Maryland 21218, USA

There is evidence which strongly suggests that the material world does NOT exist!

A famous exponent of this view was Sir Arthur Eddington, the great astrophysicist, and a modern disciple of Eddington's is Richard Henry, Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Johns Hopkins. Both these gentlemen reached their conclusion from studying the scientific evidence, not from metaphysical wishful-thinking.

James A. Quick That's not what "cousin" means... it means we shared a common ancestor species.
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James A. Quick You remind me of an ancient map. Near the edge, the words: This way MADNESS lies.
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Ross Kelly The only common ancester we have is God and she's not dead.
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James A. Quick Words fail me... I'd have to record a long Pffffffffft sound....
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James A. Quick If there's no physical planet earth, you won't mind if I non-physically bash in your non-physical head with a non-physical baseball bat.
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Ross Kelly So those nobel winners and recognised experts in the field of physics are as mad as I am, is that what you are saying?
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Ross Kelly What have you EVER experienced that was not a purely mental experience?
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James A. Quick There is no reason to assume there was no physical reality to most analogous mental experiences.
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James A. Quick // So those nobel winners and recognised experts in the field of physics are as mad as I am, is that what you are saying?//

Not quite. Nobody is as mad as you are, best I can figure...

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Ross Kelly Why do you assume there is?

You certainly have never KNOWN it to be so, you just think it and that too is a purely MENTAL experience.

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James A. Quick Sauce for the goose.
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James A. Quick Why bother engaging me, if I'm not real?
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James A. Quick We are all trapped within the same causal network, real or not. We must work within those rules, until or unless a way out is found. Not imagined, but found.
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James A. Quick If you're asking me if I have a solution to the "hard solipsism" problem, nobody does. We work within a common frame of reference, or we don't work at all.
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Ross Kelly I didn't say that your MIND is not real I said that the idea that you have that you live in a physical world and that your thoughts are happening inside a physical head is not real, there is no inside and outside, it's all light.
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James A. Quick And you have no way to show that. It is not elegant, it does not stand to Occam's Razor.
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Ross Kelly Yes I have but all day long you have refused to look at it.
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James A. Quick Neurology would not continue to make sense, but it does.
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James A. Quick I only look at vetted material. Otherwise, I'd be awash in nonsense.
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Ross Kelly It does because the mind behind the STORY of the physical is very very cleverly and logically convincing, until she lets you in on her secrets.
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Ross Kelly So why are you reading these threads?
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Ross Kelly Why are you so afraid to look?
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Ross Kelly Don't you trust your own reasoning?
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James A. Quick There is a big difference between "fear" and "contempt".
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James A. Quick In fact, you're right. We're done, here.
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Ross Kelly A man who has contempt for something he's never seen is ?
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James A. Quick I told you, I'm not allowed to argue unless you've paid.
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Ross Kelly Today is Einstein's birthday -

Same code - This is...


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Ross Kelly I'm R.K.
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Ross Kelly This is a photo of exactly the same letter tiles that I have had on my profile picture since at least 2010 and in my possession since 2002.

Ross Kelly You know the one, the one that says this -

PI DAY IN 2016 AD - I, R.K, SENT BLECHA 3.14159265.

Ross Kelly and this -

BIAS TO No PI - 3.1415926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.

Ross Kelly So now perhaps you should look at that blog post.

Ross Kelly It's his 137th birthday to be precise -

Ross Kelly Peer review THAT you ignorant man

Ross Kelly You need to listen to the wood pigeon and stop being a Parrot.
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Ross Kelly Anna is currently using Atheists to help provide the proof that God is real, Richard Dawkins played his part in this by being given a very well timed stroke.

You can see this in this blog post -

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Ross Kelly Do you remember the first anagram I showed you on here James?

Desperation, anagram of A rope ends it.

Well she times these things you know and you just gave yourself enough rope mate.

Well Anna did actually.


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