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Kat and Tony's cognitive problem.

Maybe if I say it this way in this group an intelligent ' passer by' somebody who is smart enough not to involve themselves in the daily shit that goes on in this mentally fucked group will understand why I am posting this .
In all honesty I doubt that that is going to happen but I would love to be proved wrong.about that.
Are there any really smart mathematicians or statisticians among you?
I am going to try to explain a real life scenario that has both mathematical and philosophical connotations and what I am looking for is a well founded estimate as my answer to this question, I realise that total accuracy is virtually impossible to get to.
In terms of the likely odds against this happening what do you think?
I will not go in to details about how I found the 34 letter anagram code demonstrated in the picture below but synchronicity had everything to do with it.
OK, Here goes -
I was led by that synchronicity to complete the code formula in 2002.
The two non code line pictures below are two sides of a single little newspaper cutting from 2004.
I originally cut it out because it contained Cressida Dick's address at a time that I needed to find it in order to send her a letter that I was already compiling.
When I looked at the back of it I noticed that it was part of an article about Plato that included part of it's headline.
On the top of the Plato side you can see a distorted or contorted word NOTE in that headline made up from parts of other words,
My curiosity was aroused and I decided to look at the code and see if it connected in any way to it.
I found an amazing thing, the code links to both sides of it IN A SINGLE LINE
(See photo's below..The word WRY means contorted. or stretched)

Those are 3 screenshots that would not copy from the FB post, click to enlarge them See comment thread below. I can't remove the gap

There may appear to be some comments that are repeating a bit, that's because I replied to individuals and also put the same comments on the main thread.
Kat Waters A for effort!
Ross Kelly A for Anna (Number 1)
Ross Kelly This is not the number of possible combinations you can make out of 34 letters (most of which would be utter gibberish) this is the number of possible combinations of 34 letters starting with 34 A's, 34 b's etc.

There are 4354409081, that's 4 billion 354 Million, 409 thousand, and 81 possible different combinations of 34 letters of the Alphabet and the ONE combination that I was led to in 2002 is the only one that contains that code line.

Tony Perrella Dude you really need help for your OCD.
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Ross Kelly I suppose it would help if either of you actually understood why I posted the question, but sadly......
Tony Perrella Sadly no one knows but you inside your own head.

That's just being crazy dude. You need some psychiatric help. You need to get back on your meds.

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Ross Kelly At least you admit that you don't know, so if you don't know and you know that you don't know how on Earth do you think you can possibly comment other than to tell the truth and say "I don't know"

Anagram of ATHEIST - IT'S HATE.

Tony Perrella Seriously. I'm not joking. You need to get back on your meds.
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Kat Waters Ross, you know you and I have a weird semi friendship so I say this out of a place of love. Tony is right. Of course you cannot see that but you are really sick and this delusion is completely controlling your life. This makes me very sad for you. Please just consider the possibility that what people are saying to you is true and seek professional help.
Ross Kelly Awww, I must confess to having a bit of a soft spot for you too Kat, it's those deeply hurt looking eyes that did it.
Ross Kelly Anagram of God's O code -


Nuff said.

Ross Kelly Somethingthat happened to you blocked your mind Kat, you know what I mean, I am not going to ask what it was.
Ross Kelly Still, at least YOU can't blame God Kat.
Ross Kelly Neither can Tony.
Kat Waters There is no god to blame.
Ross Kelly So why do you spend so much time in denial of her?
Ross Kelly It's a very shallow pretense.
Ross Kelly Sometimes she has ways of bringing a specific person back to her, it involves feeling the thing you want to pretend you got over.
Kat Waters I deny the existence of all gods due to a lack of credible evidence. I know you believe your code is credible evidence but it is not.
Ross Kelly She's YOUR real psychiatrist and what was done was done for this reason, hard that may be to take on board, she had it figured out all along.
Kat Waters I know it is impossible to see a delusion from the inside, Ross. My heart genuinely breaks for you. This has taken over your life.
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Ross Kelly .

In the code that she gave to me 14 years ago...


Ross Kelly Unless of course you actually WANT evil to possess your mind.
Kat Waters I will never share your delusion, Ross.
Ross Kelly That's true!
Ross Kelly Why are you so afraid to read my little book?
Kat Waters Don't be like that, bunny, you know fear isn't the issue.
Ross Kelly Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit.
Ross Kelly Insecurity certainly is.
Ross Kelly With a big touch of blindness added.
Ross Kelly Twinkletoes.
Tony Perrella I'm thinking OCD, with a little schizophrenia or possibly borderline mixed in. I couldn't be sure which one. I don't know how long the manic episodes last or if he's lucid at all.
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Tony Perrella He really needs help now, just In case he decides to act on his delusion.
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Ross Kelly You have such a wit Tony!
Tony Perrella I'm not making lite of this or joking. I'm dead serious.
LikeReply18 March at 22:19
Ross Kelly Iknow you are and that's why you are so funny.
Tony Perrella Believe what you want. I'm not fucking joking. I don't joke about this shit. I have people who are very close to me with metal Heath problems and don't joke about it. It's very fucking serious.
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Kat Waters Exactly!
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Ross Kelly

Write a reply...
Kat Waters I have borderline personality disorder and thankfully haven't had many issues with delusional thinking. The one time it ever happened to me I thankfully came through it and got help. It makes me so sad to watch this.
Tony Perrella I agree. Someone very close to me has borderline, it's very hard to tell them they have a problem. They think that they are ok and the way they think is normal. But it's a very self destructive thing especially when they are manic and decide to act on there impulses. Hopefully someone close to Ross will help him get the help he needs. Before it gets worse:
Tony Perrella Schizophrenia is even worse. Sometimes you are NEVER lucid. That coupled with OCD could be very BAD.
Ross Kelly Very close indeed Tony.
Kat Waters You're absolutely right Tony. I don't have serious delusions but my thinking and emotions are flawed and it is sometimes extremely difficult for me to see or be told that the way I think or approach things is wrong.

Mental illness is not something to joke about. I have been in the mental health system for twenty years with bipolar, borderline, OCD and a panic disorder. Thankfully I'm in really good shape these days and only need one medication for mood swings. A close friend of mine is schizophrenic and it breaks my heart.

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Ross Kelly my thinking and emotions are flawed and it is sometimes extremely difficult for me to see or be told that the way I think our approach things is wrong.

You can't make this shit up!

Ross Kelly Forget me Kat, you make a fine pair!
Kat Waters Making jokes at the expense of my honesty about my own conditions makes you a fucking dick, Ross.
Ross Kelly I'm a fucking match maker!
Ross Kelly It wasn't a joke Kat.
Kat Waters Explain it then.
Ross Kelly Figure it out yourself.
Kat Waters Yep, you're a dick. That's disappointing.
Ross Kelly Awww, you've forgotten the photo.
Tony Perrella Wow Ross pot calling the kettle black. She was just trying to share something to help you and you responded like an asshole. Wow! Just wow. Insult the only person who actually has stood up for you. Way to burn a bridge dude.
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Kat Waters Thanks, Tony!
LikeReply18 March at 22:41
Tony Perrella This Ross guy just maybe a little to far into his delusion. I hope for his sake he hasn't alienated all of his family and friends with his delusion and someone will reach out and get him the help he needs.
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Ross Kelly " my thinking and emotions are flawed and it is sometimes extremely difficult for me to see or be told that the way I think our approach things is wrong. "

Kat's own words.

Yet she thinks in my case she's getting it right.

You can't make this shit up.

Kat Waters Having flawed emotions does not mean I can't see obvious delusional behavior, Ross. It is abundantly clear that I am not currently behaving in a delusional manner.
Ross Kelly Given what you said, how do you know that?
Kat Waters I don't have grand delusions, Ross, I have emotional and mood disorders. When I say my thoughts and emotions are flawed, what I mean is that my emotional reactions to certain situations can sometimes be inappropriately strong. I am very sensitive.

This does not make me incapable of seeing blatantly delusional thinking and behavior.

Ross Kelly Well look in a fucking mirror then.
Kat Waters Your behavior now speaks for itself. This is how people behave when their delusions are challenged. I am not being rude to you.
Ross Kelly
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Ross Kelly My wife of 35 years was with me for most of the time in Dublin and London in 1996 so thankfully she knows it really happened.

My children are all exceptionally bright and self contained, and you have no right to make such absurd and self degrading insinuations you moron.

Kat Waters Angrily defending delusions is not a good sign.
LikeReply18 March at 22:48
Tony Perrella Wow his wife must be a very patient and empathetic person to be with him for 35 years. Dealing with his delusion.
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Ross Kelly You have not got a clue about what happened in 1996 Tony, it's the reason I am still doing this 20 years later.

To try to help people to know about it despite your government's refusal to tell you.

They laugh at and love idiots like you.

Kat Waters Is 1996 when you clipped something from the newspaper that revealed the code?
Ross Kelly That just goes to show that you have not got a clue about what I have told you Kat.

You are ridiculously lacking focus.

Tony Perrella Did you get into some sort of accident? That would explain a lot.
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Kat Waters Stop being so combative.
Tony Perrella I knew someone who got into an accident and had a brain injury and they had serious metal issues because of it.
LikeReply18 March at 23:00
Ross Kelly I told you that I got the code IN 2002 many times, I told you that I cut out the newspaper cutting in 2004.

and you say as part of your stupid argument against me...

Is 1996 when you clipped something from the newspaper that revealed the code?

Ach, I'm out of here, are you all in the fucking looney bin?

Ross Kelly I told you again at the top of this post and you get it all so hopelessly wrong and then think you have something to say about it.

It's seriously 'mental'.

Ross Kelly Reminder from the OP -

I was led by that synchronicity to complete the code formula in 2002....See more

Ross Kelly Can you see your problem NOW?
Ross Kelly I bet Tony can't.
Kat Waters You have two people expressing genuine concern for your well-being but you're so sucked into this delusion that you're insulting them and treating them like shit.
Ross Kelly Goodnight Hunnyduh!
Kat Waters This is tragic.
Tony Perrella Wow. Hopefully someone will be straight with him and get him some help. But like I said he maybe a little to far gone.

I'm still wondering what happened in 1996. He didn't say.

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Ross Kelly I did, to Kat and I did to you, it's in the book.
Kat Waters People are being straight with him right now. Clearly it isn't helping.
Tony Perrella What book is he talking about? What happened in 1996?
Kat Waters I thought I had the link saved somewhere but I can't find it.
Tony Perrella I never saw or heard him talk about a book or 1996.

I wonder if he has ever seen a "beautiful mind". I mean he's spot on. Too many parallels to make. I've actually never talked to someone like this before.

LikeReply18 March at 23:49
Tony Perrella Wow just the beginning chapter of his book is a huge word salad that makes no sense. I don't see how anyone could make any sense of it. Conspiracy theory level 9000.
LikeReply18 March at 23:55
Tony Perrella Seems like he loves himself some Dan brown. He's obsessed with the the Da Vinci code.
LikeReply18 March at 23:58
Tony Perrella I mean he really believes that there is a da Vinci code.

He's turning a piece of fiction into his own reality. Wow! I didn't know his delusion had gone far enough to actually write a whole book about it. Damn. I guess where he lives they have a very lax way of handling mental health.

All I can say is WOW. It's like reading a serial killers diary. You really want to see how far the delusion goes. To see what's inside of a metally I'll person.

LikeReply1Yesterday at 00:03
Kat Waters Yeah, I read the beginning and word salad is a very good way to put it. The thing is, you can be this crazy anywhere without much trouble as long as you're not hurting anyone. Seeing the rabid defense of this delusion makes me wonder if someone could eventually get hurt behind it, though.
Ross Kelly I had the code before Dan Brown wrote his novel which was loosely based on something real that happened that really did involve another of the anagram keys.

The code I had before his book says


That's a perfect anagram of...


So go fuck yourselves.

Ross Kelly The reason why the Vatican were so upset about that book is that Dan, very cleverly indicated that the so called Sauniere mystery was all about anagram codes.


Ross Kelly And they most certainly do not want people to understand that or what happened in 1996.
Ross Kelly Or what they hid in 1917.
Kat Waters Holy shit, I've never met anyone this deeply committed to a delusion.
LikeReply1Yesterday at 00:26
Ross Kelly Why do you think it is delusional for me to point out the FACT that


i's a perfect anagram of...


Chack it out yourselves.

Kat Waters No one is arguing the fact that it's an anagram, Ross.
Ross Kelly Does it look like it could possibly be random to you?
Kat Waters It certainly isn't a message from God.
Ross Kelly It certainly is, that's why the Vatican wan't to hide it.

Sauniere was a Catholic priest and when he was also led to the code discovery aided by the tombstone inscriptions in his churchyard he went to see the Pope....See more

Kat Waters I don't even know what to say to you anymore. You are going to let this delusion take over the rest of your life, and insult and attack people who challenge it... much like any other religion.
Ross Kelly Well piss off then.
Ross Kelly Sauniere's first clue about the existence of Anna's code was on an old parchment that was discovered in his chapel, it highlighted the letters that say -


In English one of it's anagrams is -


I had been telling people about that since 1996 , I first saw that Sauniere code in 2003 when I found that line of it.

Kat Waters Ross, quit being a combative fuckbag because you're mad I won't join you in your *very obvious* delusion. If you're going to continue to publish my name and comments without permission at least treat me with some respect.
Ross Kelly Do you want to be famous or not?

You also need to read up on copyright law.

Kat Waters I am pretty indifferent to being Facebook famous. I think actual fame is probably a pain in the ass.
Ross Kelly So do I and that's why Anna is stretching it out, if I get famous world war 3 will rapidly escalate.
Ross Kelly At least 7 prominent people have already been murdered because they had contact with me.
Kat Waters Define prominent.
Ross Kelly People who had a high profile public platform who got to know about it.
Kat Waters I would like proof of the positions of these people, the circumstances of their deaths, and how they were caused because of a link with you.
Ross Kelly Read my book.
Kat Waters That isn't proof.
Ross Kelly How do you know? You haven't read it.
Ross Kelly Here's some of the names -

Diana, Mother Teresa, Jill Dando, Robin Cook and David Kelly.

Bishop DeCastle WOW - Kat, looks like you've made a friend... In a stalker kinda way.... Creepy...
Ross Kelly She's stalking me. This is my post, plonker.
Bishop DeCastle Un-huh.... I get the feeling she may need a restraining order
Ross Kelly Did you notice how this idiot appeared when I mentioned those names?
Kat Waters "She's stalking me."

Now you're just being ridiculous.

LikeReply1Yesterday at 01:47
Kat Waters Are you seriously trying to say Princess Di and Mother Teresa died because of their affiliation with you??
Ross Kelly No I'm not, I didn't invite you to be on this thread and you already admitted on another one that you love me.
Ross Kelly Kat Waters Yes SERIOUSLY.
Kat Waters You're fucking absurd.
LikeReply1Yesterday at 01:49
Ross Kelly They were close friends, I wrote to both of them to tell them about the 1996 events in May 1997, I also wrote to Jill dando and sent her a copy of the letters.

In August 1997 I was in Calcutta and via a Franciscan monk I sent her more hand delivered information.

Within two weeks of that both of them were dead.

Ross Kelly Jill Dando was shot in the head a couple of years later.
Ross Kelly Teresa was killed five days after Diana.
Ross Kelly We are governed by evil men who know all about this and fear that they are going to be exposed by it, it's a very long story.
Ross Kelly They are watching this thread, or at least their intelligence services are, they were also there in 1996.
Ross Kelly That's why dick head above appeared, then fucked off when he exposed himself.
Ross Kelly They won't be worried about you because they know you can't do anything about it.
Ross Kelly I think that when the monk gave Teresa the information she contacted the vatican to ask them if it was true and they asked her if she had spoken to anybody else about it.

Diana and Teresa spent a week together in New York in June 1997 after I had sent them both the letters.

Ross Kelly When Diana's Butler Paul Burrel was taken to court accused of stealing possessions that belonged to Diana, the list of items that he was accused of stealing included the letters that Mother Teresa had sent to Diana, they wanted them.

The case was suddenly dropped supposedly on orders from the Queen but the truth is that Burrel has copies of my letter to Diana and Teresa's letters and if those bastards try to kill him his lawyers will release them.

Ross Kelly He made a deal to keep silent if they spared his life.
Kat Waters You are utterly insane.
LikeReply1Yesterday at 02:27
Ross Kelly Shortly after I sent Diana the letter she wrote her final note to him, it said, what a secret Paul, the tide is changing, In my letter to her I told her that the tide is turning.
Bishop DeCastle So "they" threatened to kill people, and you have no problem talking about it on facebook........ LOL'
Ross Kelly No I don't, they know what happens when they try to kill me. My employer is God.
Bishop DeCastle Oh of course... How did I not see THAT coming....
Ross Kelly They didn't THREATEN to kill people they actually DID kill those people.
Bishop DeCastle and here you are, talking about it on FB
Ross Kelly Because you are either stpid or you are even more stupid than stupid.
Ross Kelly You should read my book mate, they were warned in 1996 that if they attempted to harm myself or my family there would be GRAVE consequences, and if you get to see how that message was delivered you will understand why they take it seriously.
Ross Kelly And if you read what happened in Agnes Water in Australia in 2000, you'll get the point, maybe, unless you are as thick as Kat and Tony.
Ross Kelly Anybody who is reading this thread should also read THIS one -


Ross Kelly to Atheist and Theist Free Speech Discussions - But Be Polite!
Maybe if I say it this way in this group an intelligent ' passer by' somebody who is smart enough not to involve themselves in the daily shit that goes on in th...
See more
Ross Kelly Because reading it twice might be better for you.
Ross Kelly

Write a reply...
Ross Kelly I am treating you with great respect, you are one of God's helpers, albeit inadvertantly.... maybe.
Kat Waters You know you haven't been totally respectful of me this evening, Ross.
Ross Kelly Oh right, like you have been with me hunneybun.
Kat Waters I just don't respect your delusion and won't indulge in it. That isn't rude.
Tony Perrella Wow. The rabbit has gone farther down the hole not sure if he's gonna make it back.

Don't forget to say high to the mad hatter and the Cheshire Cat for me.

Wow just wow!

LikeReply1Yesterday at 03:01
Tony Perrella Saw the mad hatter pic Ahh I get it now. He's an alcoholic. I wonder what other drugs he does that's contributed to his delusion. Maybe mushrooms, a little LSD? The more you share Ross the more the picture becomes clear where your delusion comes from.

Now if we could only look in his past and find out what sort of abuse he had as a child. Then we might be able to get a more clear picture of exactly what he suffers from.

Ross Kelly The only thing I suffer from dear Tony, is having to face the fact that nost of humanity are as retarded as you.
Ross Kelly As a very very wise man once said to my wife (in 1996 just before he died, "Ross has a problem with people" she knows why he said it now.
Tony Perrella So how many times have you read the DSM?
LikeReply1Yesterday at 03:17Edited
Ross Kelly He, like Anna, had a great sense of ironic humour.
Tony Perrella And what version do you own?
LikeReply1Yesterday at 03:18
Ross Kelly aH, you're American, that explains it.
Tony Perrella Sounds like you haven't read it. You must not understand clinical psychology.
LikeReply1Yesterday at 03:21
Tony Perrella I guess I'm just a retard that knows a little more about your own condition than you do.
LikeReply1Yesterday at 03:22
Ross Kelly Everyone outside America knows how thick Americans are, I get it now.
Ross Kelly Kat's American too.
Tony Perrella Funny how you talk shit about Americans and yet your favorite book that you have based your delusion on is from America. HA HA!
LikeReply1Yesterday at 03:24
Tony Perrella Wow Ross I would think that your now slowly inching your way towards being a perfect example of the dunning Kruger effect.
LikeReply1Yesterday at 03:28
Tony Perrella The delusion is strong with this one.
LikeReply1Yesterday at 03:29
Ross Kelly As I pointed out before, the Da Vinci code was not published until after It all happened and after I was led to the code, you are just as lax in your attention department as she is.
Tony Perrella You never told me that. You May have told her. Plus you still haven't explained 96 to me.
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Ross Kelly I told you this before too - It's in the book.
LikeReply1 hr
Tony Perrella I also asked if you have done psychedelics. Can you answer that question?
LikeReply1 hr
Ross Kelly None of your business.
LikeReply59 mins
Tony Perrella Why can't you answer the question?
LikeReply54 mins
Ross Kelly I did answer the question.
LikeReply53 mins
Ross Kelly his is in this thread just a few comments up from your statement that I never told you that, don't you even follow the thread Tony?

I had the code before Dan Brown wrote his novel which was loosely based on something real that happened that really did involve another of the anagram keys.

The code I had before his book says


That's a perfect anagram of...


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Ross Kelly Attention span deficit.
LikeReply44 mins
Ross Kelly Tony Perrella Wow. Hopefully someone will be straight with him and get him some help. But like I said he maybe a little to far gone.

I'm still wondering what happened in 1996. He didn't say.
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Ross Kelly I did, to Kat and I did to you, it's in the book.
Like · Reply · 7 mins

Kat Waters People are being straight with him right now. Clearly it isn't helping.
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Tony Perrella What book is he talking about? What happened in 1996?
Like · Reply · 3 mins

Kat Waters I thought I had the link saved somewhere but I can't find it.
Like · Reply · 2 mins

Ross Kelly http://littlebookbigsecret-part1.blogspot.co.uk/.../welco...

Welcome to Little Book Big Secret - Part 1 | Little Book Big Secret - Part 1

Ross Kelly And YOU think I have a mental problem, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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1 hr
Ross Kelly O code line -


Ross Kelly ..



Dob - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DOB or Dob may refer to: Date of birth

Anna made you thick for a reason, I bet you can't figure out why!


127 mins
Brendan Toole ...why is Anna talking to you about Tony's thickness?
LikeReply126 mins
Richard Darnall She's dropping hints at his inadequacies.
UnlikeReply227 minsEdited

Tony Perrella I guess Ana knows what type of cock I have.
LikeReply11 hr
Kat Waters Well I mean, god would, I guess.
LikeReply1 hr
Tony Perrella Gods a pervert.
LikeReply11 hr
Ross Kelly Kat Waters


Reply26 mins
Kat Waters Yeah. I saw. This was amusing, then disturbing, and now I'm just bored with it.
LikeReply25 mins
Tony Perrella Kinda funny how Ana always seems to agree with Ross and what Ross is doing. Huh.......I smell bullshit.

Ross Kelly She designed it all in advance idiot.

The code was designed for my use DUH!

Ross Kelly Code anagram -


Hitler was right when he said "How fortunate it is for the leaders that the people can not think"


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