Saturday, 2 January 2010

Baldrick keeps disappearing.

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Who is hiding Baldrick's proof?

A few days ago I asked an important question that only appeared on my profile list and not on the public list. Then it was deleted from my profile list , then I was notified that it had been removed and then my appeal was granted and Yahoo promised to reinstate the question but it has not appeared in the public question list, is somebody other than Yahoo hiding the question? I know there are people in so called high places who have a reason to so I have to wonder, is it them or is it a glitch with Yahoo's system. As it is not the first time this has occurred when I tried to ask sensitive questions like the one I put on half an hour ago that has also not appeared I thought I'd ask what you think.
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The other question that did not appear is this one - Do you know about the code that proves that time is preplanned?
1 hour ago
I checked back through all the lists and it wasn't there, try it yourself. The question is - How could Baldrick enlighten the world, and the answer is on my blog.
1 hour ago
In response to a request my blog address is -
1 hour ago
So now I just got another email from Yahoo apologising and stating that they have restored the content, I have not yet checked to see if they actually have and again I have to wonder, is it because of this?
21 minutes ago
I just looked. It was not there.
11 minutes ago
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  • can I ask what "Baldrick's proof?" is? I'm a bit confused... google is no help.

    • 1 hour ago
  • Never forget Ross,

    Just because we're paranoid does not mean that they aren't out to get us.

    Love and blessings Don
    • 1 hour ago
    • 1 hour ago
  • When yahoo reinstates a question they falsely deleted, they reinstate it with the same time stamp you originally posted it with. Which means there is an unanswered question buried under two days of posts. No one will ever find it except by going to your profile page.

    Its not a "glitch". That word makes it sound accidental. In truth, Yahoo has been "working on it" ever since YA started five years ago. Nothing has ever changed. Not the policies or practices, and they havent fixed a single bug. They dont give a ratts asss about any patrons. They rely on your addiction to the boards. Treating you and everyone else disrespectfully is okay by them, because you will keep coming back anyway.

    YA is corrupted, you are right. I give fairly good odds that this answer of mine will be deleted. Why? Because it speaks truthfully but negatively about yahoo. I cant tell you how many times I have posted about flaws and failings, both Q and A, just to get deleted or suspended. They have the power to delete any post at any time, and thus silence you and destroy all evidence as to why.
    • 1 hour ago
  • I blame Tony Blair.
    • 1 hour ago

    I awarded best answer to the last one because he's right. Tony Blair may not be directly responsible for this particular case but Blair has been hiding the thing that supplied Baldrick's proof for a long time now and it is possible that YA is ultimately censored by the same people that helped him to do it.

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  1. I too tried to ask this question it is not posted.01082010