Thursday, 14 January 2010

Earthquake timer.

The Haiti quake happened on the 12th just at the time that the Grail letter message in Sauniere's parchment key appeared to have ended. The IRIS Monitor website is a site that shows seismic activity around the world on a daily basis. If you look at it now you will see that the Haiti quake dwarfs all the others. Sauniere's parchment code says this -


It was also pointed out to me that the Haiti quake happened at approximately 5pm local time and 10pm GMT, that's 17.00 hrs and 22.00 hrs Sauniere's numbers, see previous posts.

Some people are calling Haiti The big one. I think they will find that it is not.

Hillary Clinton is calling it a biblical event, she's right about that but it is not THE biblical event.

On the day Haiti happened Alastair Campbell, Tony Blairs press secretary and well known spin doctor gave evidence to the Chilcot inquiry and tried to bullshit his way out of the problem that they, he and Tony jointly have. Not very convincingly according to the Guardian reports.
These criminals are blatant liars that cost a million human beings their lives. Not to mention the suffering of the maimed and the families of the people their lies killed. They are the same people that hid the writing on the wall and the reason for the death of Campbell's ex lover Jill Dando, an innocent lady that I wrote to in May 1997 at the same time that I wrote to Diana Spencer and Mother Teresa who died five days after her close friend Diana. The code says this -


To rend means to tear apart.

RE Means both, with regard to and Religious Education.

The point being that the lies of these people who know the truth are going to continue to cause the catastrophe's that will end this world unless popular knowledge of the truth they hid prevents it.

Oh, I apologise, the British government saved the suffering people of Haiti with an incredible six million quid, what? are there no thieving bankers in Haiti?


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