Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sauniere's date links.

The 22 date link chain started when I was provided with a number of clues that led me to realise that the date the 22nd of October last year was going to be important. The clues were connected to a lady named Sam that I met in India and synchronicity that happened to her that pointed out to her that the number 22 is very personally connected to her.
When my family flew back from Delhi in July 2008 we arrived in London and went straight to Sam's house. The Single leaf calendar on her kitchen wall was on number 22.
Months later I discovered the fact that July 22nd is the Catholic feast day of St Mary Magdalene.
Just at the time that further synchronicity verified by the code connected Sam to the number 22 again shortly after the Magdalene date discovery I noticed a book called The Templar Revelation that I had not looked at for a long time on my bookshelf and felt the urge to pick it up.
I opened it on a page that stated that the Rennes Le Chateau priest Sauniere had a curious fascination with the number 22 and also with Mary Madalene. His chapel was dedicated to her.
In the architechture of the buildings he had constructed at his domaine the number 22 was heavily incorporated.
The timing of my seeing of that just at the time of the renewed connection to Sam and 22 made me realise that I was onto something important.

A few days ago at the time of the first Baldrick link (see blog) the chain of 22 dates that has been happening was further added to by a direct timed link to Sauniere supplied by a Tony Robinson TV documentary and the timing of an email I received seconds after I had put the first part of the blog post about it online. The sender of the email had not seen the post.

The clue that she sent me in that email was about a date that is very connected to the whole so called Sauniere mystery, January 17th, the date of Marie De Negre's death.
Sauniere himself fell fatally ill on January 17th 1917 and died five days later on the 22nd.

January 22nd is the next 22 date link but the amazing thing about this is that the timing of the TV documentary the night before I received that email was precisely done to put all the necessary clues in place just in time to provide me with the link to that date, the anniversary of Sauniere's death, and the links that were supplied to make that link are directly connected to Sauniere himself, the man who had been used by use of the TR book to put me onto the 22 date link sequence in the first place. Not only that but the man who's real secret was the discovery of the Ana code on his parchments and on the tombstone of Marie De Negre.

This means that Sauniere died on that date, timed as it was by time's coder to provide me with the link now.

It will be interesting to see the full reason why.

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