Tuesday, 18 May 2010

All joking aside.


Before you read this I want to make it clear that all the humour in my emails to Helen is just that, humour.

She is a lady that I hold in very high regard... at a safe distance!

Please read this very carefully with due attention to detail.


A sequence of humerous emails to and from Helen Kogan that started when I made this B.Ryan synchronicity related joke (below) about Elaine turning in to a main road reached an absolutely brilliant mind bogglingly thought worthy conclusion this evening, one that shows that nothing at all is random and even the things that you think you may be doing in absurd jest can turn out to be precisely the opposite - seriously clever proof that God plans everything..

Helen had previously told me that she was going to a shamanic gathering.

R.K to H.K-

Elaine just came back and told me that when she turned into the main road she found herself following a bus with BRYANS written on the back of it in big letters, then she went to Tesco and when she left ended up behind another one.

The amazing thing about that being, of course, that I have a woman who can turn into a main road!

Show me a Shaman that can do that!

(The point I was making by adding that joke is that the relevance of the timing of the BRYAN bus synchronicity at the time of the major connection to the three B.Ryans and the Texan town of Bryan (see the Brett Ryan dialogue and Waco Eloise Bryan) is probably not fully grasped by most people who read about it.
Neither was the joke about Elaine's impossible shape shifting abilities but it turned out to be very relevant and extremely important too because of the thing it led to)

When Helen finally got the joke (a few days later after several further hints) she said that she was not impressed but would have been if Elaine could manage to turn into a motorway.

I then responded by saying that I was lying about the main road and that the best Elaine had managed so far was a B road and that I could see why Helen was not impressed because she is a B road too. (She's in Australia, ABROAD and of course in America a broad is a woman)

At this time Helen informed me that Brett Ryan had gone away Woofing and it had me, in humour, picturing him leaving her while barking like a dog. (woof woof)

This became the next theme in my playful ribbing of Helen, I took full advantage of the pun and joyfully insinuated that it was due to the effect that being too long in her company (something I have steadfastly avoided) has on unfortunate men. As anticipated (tediously) in her usual transparent way Helen denied that Brett was suffering from an overdose of H.K.


I suppose you are just an innocent abroad!! Ha, poor joke! Innocent!!! Is Brett still out recovering?

H.K -
Totally innocent!!
And he isn't recovering - he has instead been rejuvinated by my company.
R.K -
That just confirms it then, TOTALLY innocent.

H.K -

R.K -
Naive even.

Then I decided to look at the code to see what the broad thing was really about and I found this line. Helen has for a long time referred to me as Teach.


The code had proven the intentional B road BROAD link by demonstrating the dual Ross identity that is personal to Helen.
I sent it to her as a way of pointing out that even the jokes have a reason for their being that can be demonstrated. The key words that come up in the jokes are already linked to the code as a demonstration of where it's ALL coming from.

At this point I was given a mental link to Basil Brush, the fox puppet because I 'erroneously' (there are no accidents) connected 'Woof Woof' to Basil when the actual catchphrase is 'Boom Boom', it was a very necessary error because as Basil begins with B and the Woofing was connected to Brett Ryan I did a search for Basil Ryan, found this, and emailed it to Helen for a bit of fun, or so I thought -

I'm Basil I love to take pictures of pretty people. Filipino - Junior - Carlsbad -
Taken I'm actually a really big nerd :
heybasil.tumblr.com/post/ 223912020/ryan - Cached

Notice that the Basil Ryan in the link I sent Helen calls himself a nerd.

Then I found that my point about the purpose of the jokes is further proven by the code as it connects both subjects (Twin Ross's and Basil Ryan) and it does it specifically as a message to Helen clearly demonstrating that it was all preplanned, not just that but preplanned to link to the same date that has been mentioned in my blog posts for a long time now Pi Day this year, 22.7.10. -

R.K -

Here's something to take your mind off your losses - (in reference to my further nasty insinuations that she has a 'keeping men for very long' problem) I am only showing some of the emails between us here in order to keep it simple. Helen and I engage in jocular oneupmanship regularly, well, to be more precise , she does.
Here the O code links three recent subjects AND SHOWS THAT THEY DID NOT OCCUR RANDOMLY.



Remember, I found these lines AFTER the twin Ross broad line and the joke about Basil Ryan.

It just goes to show that even the most absurd things, like your replies for example, happen for a reason, I wasn't trying to give you the brush off (unlike some)

Then I found that the code links Helen's YIP reply in order to show her that the Joking is all part of God's continuous proving and warning work.


Now it starts to get really interesting -

H.K -

Funny that I have been wanting to cook with Basil for days - keep thinking I can smell it in the fridge but can't find any.

R.K -

A tad delusional then eh?

Then I searched Yahoo for Olfactory delusions to see if it is a recognised condition and to my great delight found this and emailed it to Helen under the subject 'Help'-

olfactory delusions - medical resources available from Patient UK
www.patient.co.uk/leaflets/olfactory_delusions.htm - 63k - Cached

Then I discovered that there is a name for the condition and made a little change to this next Wikipedia link by adding the word Basil for Helen's benefit (and my own cruel amusement) -

R.K -

Phantosmia, or olfactory hallucinations, involves smelling odors that are not
derived from any physical stimulus. These phantom odors can range
from rotting flesh to Basil,though most cases report unpleasant...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Phantosmia - Cached

Then I came upon this incredible clincher of a code line -


Please pause for a while and think about that.

When as an afterthought I sent Helen this note -

Another point that has great relevance is that Basil Brush, the Fox,
did not say Woof Woof, he said Boom Boom.

But as you may know by now, there are no errors.

This was her reply -

Holy Macaroni.
I don't think even you know how relevant what you just sent me is.
Thank you.

Then I found this further code line -


Please take some time to REALLY CONSIDER the above.

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