Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Timely connections.

This morning I watched Charlie Veitch's first speech, on youtube -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1u6IF3OMK8 followed by a video made by Charlie and his friend Danny Shine.

Early in Charlie's speech he showed his interest in synchronicity and the fact that he understands the Feminine to be an expression of the positive polarity and Masculine, the negative.

I sent Charlie and Danny a message inviting them to find out more about the importance of understanding both subjects by watching Five Days in Varkala via the link on this blog.

As readers of recent blog posts will be aware, the code that is explained in that film has been consistently pointing out a particular date for quite some time now.

After sending the message I looked at that code again and found that it says this -


Their connected names linked in the code by me, Ross, isolate the same date. And what's more, it times that date link to today -


Just thought I'd better mention it. Not that I expect many people to see why.

As an interesting further observation, the letters that make up the two dates in that line say -


That's interesting too because I found something last night that fits very well with that but I'm not going to leak it.

While I am reminded -

Some years ago I applied to the Crown Estate for a seabed lease in Scotland. It was a site that had been formerly leased by BP as a Salmon farm site. I was initially refused the lease but when I objected citing the one law for BP and another for Kelly argument I made the point that if my name had been BP Kelly perhaps I would have been granted the lease.
A week or two later a letter arrived from the Crown Estate office addressed to B.P.Kelly granting me the lease. Many years later after obtaining the code I found that BP Kelly is one of my code names.
I have a feeling that I may soon be about to understand why.

Immediately after posting the first part of the above I was sent this article in a Google alert, I think I aught to mention that too -

Geologist forecasts undersea Northwest quake in 50 years

An Oregon marine geologist forecasts a 37 percent chance of a major earthquake in the next 50 years in an undersea area that stretches from Newport, Ore., to Northern California.
An Oregon marine geologist forecasts a 37 percent chance of a major earthquake in the next 50 years in an undersea area that stretches from Newport, Ore., to Northern California.
Chris Goldfinger, of Oregon State University, says in an analysis released Monday that a second area off the coast of Northern Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Island has about a 10 to 15 percent chance of producing a huge earthquake during the next half century.
"It's not a question of if a major earthquake will strike," Goldfinger said in a statement released Monday by Oregon State University. "It is a matter of when. And the 'when' is looking like it might not be that far in the future."
Goldfinger said the offshore fault area known as the Cascadia Subduction Zone has at least four segments, and that the probability of earthquake activity differs by segment.
The last major earthquake to hit the subduction zone occurred in January 1700. It triggered a 30-foot tsunami.
Studies of coastal estuaries and land formations show that temblor caused major changes to the Northwest coast, according to Goldfinger.
Goldfinger said a future Northwest earthquake could meet or exceed in magnitude the 8.8 quake that struck Chile earlier in February, tearing up highways, collapsing bridges and damaging or crumbling buildings.
Note that it mentions Oregon and Chile, just as my first post on this blog did before the Chile quake happened.

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